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Pin xiuyi was lying on the bed, looking at Yuancheng Emperor and Zhong Zheng Chun with a pale face.

Her lips trembled and tears could not stop falling from her eyes.

“Chenqie1 failed to live up to your Majesty’s expectations.

Chenqie won’t be able to attend to your Majesty anymore.” The woman sobbed.

Her sorrowful voice bore its way into Yuancheng Emperor’s ears.

Yuancheng Emperor stroked the back of Pin xiuyi’s hand that had blue veins protruding on the skin surface.

His eyes couldn’t bear to see this scene.

He wasn’t very fond of this woman.

However, she has been accompanying him for nearly two decades.

And now, she was going to leave.

In the end, he was still saddened.

“The imperial physician has said you need to set your mind at rest, recuperate and properly take medicine.

You’ll get well.

Zhen will find time to come to see you often.

Be sure not to think too much.” Yuancheng Emperor looked at the woman on the bed who was as thin as a match.

Nevertheless, his heart has somewhat tugged a little.

Pin xiuyi turned her head to look at Zhong Zheng Han who was standing at the bedside with red eyes.

Her gaze was filled with deep worry.

“Your Majesty, chenqie has never asked for anything.

Before chenqie goes, chenqie hopes your Majesty can assent to one matter, on behalf of attending to your Majesty for all these years.” She slowly looked up at Yuancheng Emperor’s chin.

Pin xiuyi’s eyes were blurry, tears gushed from them, “Chenqie only asks your Majesty to watch over chenqie’s only son a little so that he would be safe and healthy, surrounded by his offsprings who would run around his knees.

Chenqie will then have no regrets.”

Zhong Zheng Han sobbed quietly.

After a moment of silence, Yuancheng Emperor held her hand, “Alright.

Zhen promises you.”

Pin xiuyi smiled softly.

She slightly closed her eyes as she recalled the secret letter sent by her clan.

In the next life, she only wished to never again be born into a prominent and noble family.

She only hoped for a family that would love her dearly and a husband who would grow old together with her.

On the thirteenth year of Zhanghe, seventeenth day of the first month, the eighth prince’s birth mother Pin xiuyi passed away.

The emperor was grief-stricken.

He conferred upon Pin xiuyi a posthumous title consort Wan of a standard class second rank.

She shall be buried with a ceremony equal to a first rank imperial consort and be subsequently interred in an imperial mausoleum.

The seventh day after consort Wan’s death, Yuancheng Emperor assigned the crown prince to take charge of the Ministry of Justice and shifted the eighth prince to the Ministry of Revenue.

Once this assignment came out, the whole court was in an uproar.

The crown prince stayed in the Ministry of Revenue for two years.

His foundation there was firm.

Then, he was suddenly being transferred to the Ministry of Justice.

Was this because Yuancheng Emperor wanted to toughen the crown prince or because he was dissatisfied with the crown prince’s performance in recent months and thus has made the eighth prince to take charge

In the past the eighth prince was young.

He was inexperienced in the court matters.

To everyone’s surprise, at this time he has entered the Ministry of Revenue and wielded actual power.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at the crown prince’s stiff figure and then turned to look at the first prince’s eyes that were reflecting a rejoice in other people’s misfortune.

He shook his head inwardly.

The seniority was wasted on these two elder brothers of his.

They couldn’t even see through Yuanchen Emperor’s intention behind assisting Zhong Zheng Han and still competed over the present gains and losses.

Even the fifth prince Zhong Zheng Ming knew to draw in his horns.

Yet, the two of them were constantly preoccupied with how to oppress the other one.

Mu Xi Yao carried her adorable rabbits and headed toward the front yard.

Since yesterday, the rabbits appeared sickly.

Even when Mu Xi Yao fed them, they paid her no heed.

She had to find the chief steward so he will call people to take a look at them.

Gui momo followed her at the back while holding Cheng Qing.

The little bun’s eyes stared at rabbits.

His eyes turned as he babbled happily.

Usually, Mu Xi Yao forbid Cheng Qing from getting close to rabbits.

Pets weren’t good for little children.

She only let him look at them from afar.

As a result, Cheng Qing became increasingly curious of them.

When the group of people entered the front yard, they happened to meet Di Wu Yi Zhao who was coming out of the study.

After greeting each other, Mu Xi Yao wanted to leave as usual.

However, she suddenly stopped and for the first time called Di Wu Yi Zhao in the prince’s estate.

She let Mo Lan take the rabbits and find Tian Fu Shan.

Gui momo tactfully followed her, leaving only Hui Lan who kept a watch at the distant.

“Mister is exceptionally knowledgeable.

Qie has a puzzlement.

Is it possible for qie to ask for mister’s guidance” Mu Xi Yao’s expression appeared earnest.

Di Wu Yi Zhao was slightly surprised.

This was the first time during all these years of a mutual acquaintance that Mu Xi Yao has called him for that she had a matter to discuss with him.

“Please speak, cefei.” Di Wu Yi Zhao looked at Mu cefei whom his daughter has spoken highly of.

He was somewhat curious.

“Qie has heard that there was a kind of beast which was very smart and docile in its childhood.” Mu Xi Yao’s words piqued Di Wu Yi Zhao’s interest as soon as they were spoken.

“He will make people take pity on it by relying on its lovable outward appearance and small build, continuing concealing until it reached maturity.” Mu Xi Yao’s gaze seemed to relive the memory.

She slowly spoke, “The strength in the blood of this kind of cub is oftentimes overlooked by people due to its young age and weak body.

However, despite its smallness, it still possesses the instinct to attack.

Especially when it’s concealing itself.

This beast is extremely good at observing and pretense.”

Mu Xi Yao looked at Di Wu Yi Zhao with a tiny smile, “Does mister know what will happen when it grows up”

At first, Di Wu Yi Zhao listened with abundant interest.

However, later on, he detected cefei seemed to be pointing at something.

“Is it very skilled at hunting” Di Wu Yi Zhao sounded her out.

Mu Xi Yao shook her head and chuckled.

Zhong Zheng Han’s methods were more than “skilled”.

That person’s personality was extreme.

In the previous life when Pin xiuyi was still alive, he had already manifested his sinister side.

The death of Ping xiuyi in this lifetime will probably only aggravate the cruelty in his heart.

This was a man who was even more dangerous than the crown prince and the first prince.

“Hunting is a beast’s instinct.

Yet, it picks people to devour.” Mu Xi Yao looked at contemplating Di Wu Yi Zhao.

She already gave an early warning.

What followed after had nothing to do with a woman.

Taking Hui Lan, she went to pick little bun.

Mu Xi Yao, lissome and graceful, walked few steps and left in distance.

Di Wu Xi Zhao remained in the same place for a while.

He increasingly felt that there were many hints in cefei’s few words.

If he had understood correctly, she was insinuating the eighth prince Zhong Zheng Han When everyone was paying attention to Yuancheng Emperor’s transferring arrangements, cefei has pointed out at the innate character of the eighth prince

If his Highness’s guesses on that day were right, then he mustn’t ignore cefei’s words.

Di Wu Yi Zhao thought for a moment.

He didn’t hurry to leave the palace.

Instead, he returned to the study, staying there for two hours.

In the evening.

On the bed, Zhong Zheng Lin caressed the little woman’s long hair, contemplating with his closed eyes.

Mu Xi Yao’s words during the daytime were to prepare against the unexpected or deliberate

“If Jiao Jiao has a puzzlement, why Jiao Jiao won’t ask bendian”

Mu Xi Yao chuckled and bit the protruding tip on his chest.

The man let out a muffled groan while his palm roamed over her body and stroke her skin.

“Your Highness, qie’s puzzlement is nothing else but a womenfolk’s trivial matter that’s not worth mentioning.

Moreover, qie is thick-headed and probably won’t understand too complicated explanations.” Mu Xi Yao licked his Adam’s apple.

Her little hand stroke back and forth the man’s abs.

Zhong Zheng Lin was amused by Mu Xi Yao’s open playing of the fool.

His big hand kneaded and pinched her smooth and soft ample derrière, “Since Jiao Jiao is so dense, bendian truly needs to teach you……” He leaned over to whisper at her ear.

He bit it while whispering her wanton words.

Mu Xi Yao was abashed.

The sixth Highness was really enthusiastic about the bedroom intimacies.

No matter how noble was his identity, at this moment, he was nothing more but a man controlled by his desire.

Mu Xi Yao delicately propped against his chest to climb up.

She swept a seductive glance at the man and then sucked into the mouth the man’s peak.

Subsequently, she heard Zhong Zheng Lin’s unstable breathing.

He said with an enchanted voice, “Jiao Jiao, continue.”

Her little head traced from his chest down.

The tip of her tongue licked the firm abdomen.

Zhong Zheng Lin was so excited his breathing came out heavily.

He softly pulled at her hair.

Being prompted by the man, Mu Xi Yao’s fingertip lightly touched and played with the man’s scorching tip.

Then, she blew out air at the big flesh that stood straight.


You honestly need fixing.” After saying that, he caught her round mound and exerted a force as he kneaded it.

“Ah ~” Mu Xi Yao let out a tiny moan as her sensitive flesh was grabbed by the man.

“Do not tease.

Bendian thirsted for you for too long.” Zhong Zheng Lin let out a stifled roar and pressed Mu Xi Yao’s head down, already impatient.

Mu Xi Yao cast him a sultry sidelong glance.

While watching the man’s red eyes, her head slowly descended down.

“Oh,” Zhong Zheng Lin instantly groaned deeply.

His chin was held high.

Beads of sweat fell from him.

“Jiao Jiao’s body is gorgeous.

There’s no spot that’s not perfect.”

Mu Xi Yao was choked by Zhong Zheng Lin.

She inwardly cursed the man for being shameless.

Where was the sixth prince’s usual elegance During the bedroom intimacies, he did as he pleased and was full of wanton words.

Translation notes: 

[1] Chenqie – “This subject and consort” is the first person pronoun employed by the empress and consorts before the emperor


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