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Mu Xi Yao and her group returned back to the residence.

She went first to the main house to pay lady Yu respect.

Currently, Xi Yao’s attitude could be only called as extremely well-behaved.

She stuck closely to lady Yu in a little daughter manner, chattering about what she has seen and heard on streets, which maidens had their hair combed beautifully or which maidens’ fragrance couldn’t compare with the “Ting Zhi” she used.

She talked only about subjects girls her age would converse about.

After a while, as if recalling something, Mu Xi Yao mentioned that on the way home she met a pair of mother-daughter.

Hui Lan, who stood behind her, was already very accustomed to the fact that once her master entered the main house she would smile sweetly and, as soon as she saw sir Mu and lady Yu, would turn into a well-behaved and delicate daughter.

Listening for quite a while, Hui Lan didn’t hear her master talk about any of the incidents that had happened.

Although she was puzzled, she didn’t interrupt her master as she had always behaved with the utmost propriety.

When her master has finally mentioned that pair of mother-daughter, for once showing a reliability, how come the more she heard the fishier it turned out to be

According to Hui Lan, it was obviously that debauched man who had offended her miss and her miss ought to feel aggrieved.

She was supposed to look for lady Yu to complain and speak about her grievances.

But how come when she listened to her miss’s words, the whole matter changed to her talking about how she had saved both big and small beauty, driven away immoral rakes, kindly provided them her favorite cloak and assigned them two additional guards to escort them home.

That was all

Mu Xi Yao naturally won’t mention that she was also involved.

Otherwise, if she wanted to go out to take a stroll in the future, lady Yu won’t let her.

Besides, today she has already made a huge effort to get permission to go to Fahua temple in the pretense of making a wish.

She would be an idiot to make things difficult for herself.

If lady Yu learnt about the filthy words those rakeshells had spoken, it will only bristle her with rage.

How will she go out the next time Even though Mu Xi Yao blurred and alleviated the key points to divert her attention, lady Yu still felt panic for her.

Things were settled only after lady Yu has ensured Xi Yao’s well-being and urged her to take more guards next time.

When Mu Xi Yao came out of the main house, she immediately told Hui Lan that what she has just said was exactly what had happened today.

She was forbidden to mention anything else.

Mu Xi Yao also ordered people to tell Zhao Qing to properly seal off others’ mouth.

Convicted that she didn’t leave out anything, she returned to Yingshui pavilion to take a comfortable bath and change herself into the indoor robe.

If her predictions were right, it was unlikely for Di Wu Yi Zhao to make a visit tonight.

She wasn’t like Zhong Zheng Ming.

He was the prince of Great Wei, a royalty, while she was only a mere womenfolk from Qingzhou prefect’s residence.

There was no such rule that dictated one to rush late in the evening to express thanks to a maiden.

Therefore, it was most probable that he would come tomorrow.

As expected.

On the next day, Di Wu Yi Zhao first sent sir Mu the visiting card and then picked up time when Mu Jing Zhen would still be at the residence to take along his wife and daughter to pay them a visit.

This was Mu Xi Yao’s first time seeing Di Wu Yi Zhao in person.

In the previous life, she had only heard about his name.

She was surprised that Di Wu Yi Zhao was of an average height.

He was just an ordinary man who looked very young.

Di Wu Yi Zhao didn’t have a beard, his skin was very fair.

His expression was serene, didn’t display any aloof nor arrogant attitude.

He actually seemed to be well-mannered and accomplished.

Mu Xi Yao was somewhat amazed.

This person was actually Di Wu Yi Zhao, a person who had in the previous life almost wiped out both crown prince and prince of An[1] Alright, one shouldn’t blame her for judging people by their appearance.

Her imagination of this renown strategist had been always stuck on ‘the handsomeness of Guo Jia[2]’ and ‘appearance of Zhuge Liang[3]’.

When she saw a man with ordinary appearance, it was kind of hard for her to digest.

She soon came to herself and saw Di Wu Yi Zhao expressing his thanks to Mu Jing Zhen.

He then turned toward Mu Xi Yao and respectfully bowed to her to express his genuine thanks.

Mu Xi Yao quickly went to stop him, stating that she didn’t deserve such an honor.

Afterward, women went to the west-side room to drink tea and chatter while Mu Jing Zhen invited Di Wu Yi Zhao to his study talking about some matters.

Di Wu Yu Ying was very friendly with Mu Xi Yao.

Lady Wen also repeatedly praised Mu Xi Yao for possessing a noble bearing, sweet temperament, and virtue.

Hearing other people praising her daughter, lady Yu was inwardly very happy.

Of course, on the outside, she also had to return few praises for Di Wu Yu Ying.

As it continued, lady Yu grew closer to lady Wen as both of them have found more common topics to talk about.

Mu Xi Yao intended to make friends with Di Wu Yu Ying, hence she picked mostly the subjects Di Wu Yu Ying was interested about to chat, coaxing her till she started to call her big sister Mu all the time.

The two soon afterward became close and even started to whisper in each other’s ear secrecies of young maidens.

When it was time to depart, Di Wu Yu Ying was so reluctant she actually began to pout.

Lady Wen laughed and tapped the tip of her nose.

She promised that in the future they can invite miss Mu and her family to visit them and also the two can write letters to each other.

Di Wu Yu Ying, somewhat satisfied with such arrangements, let lady Wen take her to the front yard to look for Di Wu Yi Zhao so that they would return home together.

Mu Xi Yao wasn’t the slightest bit interested in what sir Mu and Di Wu Yi Zhao talked about in the study.

She understood well that her father didn’t have the capabilities to subdue Di Wu Yi Zhao.

From the start, the Bo Le[4] she picked for Di Wu Yi Zhao was just one person, the sixth imperial son Zhong Zheng Lin.

She didn’t make all these plans because she was going to marry him.

Instead, she did it to make Zhong Zheng Lin climb up the ladder faster so that she could show off and thrive in Great Wei.

She was so sure that she would be able to handle those few people from the inner yard, who she had put on her blacklist, that she didn’t give them much thoughts.

She has even started to scheme how to enjoy the beautiful life once she fulfilled the previous incarnation’s wish…….

A month has passed since Di Wu Yi Zhao visited them.

These days, Mu Xi Yao paid them (Di Wu Yi Zhao and family) a visit once as etiquette dictated.

She had also regularly exchanged letters with Di Wu Yu Ying as the two now became close friends.

The small abacus in Mu Xi Yao’s mind[5] was making a pitter-patter sound: Wooing Di Wu Yi Zhao’s wife and daughter and adding herself extra points.

It won’t be bad to occasionally receive his help after she entered the sixth prince’s residence.

In addition to the big boss, it was another thick leg.

She ought to hug it tightly[6].

Mu Xi Yao was also waiting for Zhao Qing’s news.

According to the time, that person should have already received news.

As the result, he will personally make this trip after New Year.

Zhao Qing has recently become even more respectful to Mu Xi Yao.

He heard from his brother Zhao Yun that sir Mu held Di Wu Yi Zhao in high esteem.

Sir Mu praised Di Wu Yi Zhao for his extraordinary wisdom and outstanding talent as strategist! Combined together with Mu Xi Yao’s secret order that followed, a vague clue has floated up to the surface.

If he was not wrong, his miss was conspiring something considerably big which actually involved two princes! How terrifying, considering that she was just a mere maiden!

Under the lamp, Zhong Zheng Lin was examining the note in his hand.

The paper was ordinary and rough, easily found anywhere on the street.

The note was the size of palm with only four words written on it.

The handwriting didn’t possess any style nor it could be described as neat.

It seemed like every stroke was scribbled and pieced together to deliberately conceal the writer.

Even the remnant scent of ink was very common.

No wonder his secret agents couldn’t find any trace of the note’s owner.

Subsequently, he picked up a seven-paged document from the table.

The information inside took Zhong Zheng Lin’s elite subordinates half a month to gather.

Zhong Zheng Lin rose and left the study.

He stood in the center of the courtyard slowly rubbing the note, he was clenching in his hand till it turned to ashes.

The person who sent him the note…..good.

Very good!

This person had only one aim.


He firstly eliminated the possibility of a chess piece.

From the actions of this person, one could see that he had executed his plans on his own without notifying Di Wu Yi Zhao.

It was impossible for someone like Di Wu Yi Zhao to do such a thing.

Clearly, this person was extremely intelligent as he could clearly recognize Di Wu Yi Zhao’s talent and also scheme against him behind his back.

In that case someone this clever wouldn’t possibly plant a chess piece around him.

Furthermore, since this person had chosen him then it meant that he could somehow see through him.

Those who could see through Zhong Zheng Lin were naturally clear about his capabilities.

Hence, there was no use of planting a chess piece around him.

This person was apparently aware that Zhong Zheng Lin had discerned his purpose.

Yet, even though Zhong Zheng Lin knew about it, he still had to willingly carry out that person’s objective.

He was clearly also a part of his scheme!

First, it was Di Wu Yi Zhao and then it was the imperial prince.

This person had indeed big guts!

Zhong Zheng Lin repeatedly contemplated.

To be able to get in touch with both Di Wu Yi Zhao and himself and furthermore have such a courage and boldness….

The result was there was no such person at all.

Nowadays, Zhong Zheng Lin regarded Di Wu Yi Zhao with exceptional respect.

But there was another person who held even greater appeal to him! Unfortunately, this person was too mysterious as no traces about him could be found.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt relieved that this person had no ill-intentions against him, otherwise it will be troublesome.

Zhong Zheng Lin sighed and looked into the distance.

After turning seven years old this was the first time he dealt with such a handful person.

What a rare occurrence it was.

Wei Zhen stood on the passage, his facial expression astonished.

His highness actually sighed! This has never happened before.

He recalled the note that went through his hands, the name written on it and information secret agents have reported.

Could it be that this Di Wu Yi Zhao person was so capable and outstanding that he made his highness sigh for him

Unfortunately, both master and servant misunderstood.

Wei Zhen was right that someone made Zhong Zheng Lin sight, but he was wrong about the target.

Zhong Zheng Lin guessed right that someone made him feel resigned, but he was absolutely wrong with that rare occurrence proclamation.

It wasn’t anything uncommon at all.

More of these resigned feelings were awaiting him in the future.



[1] Prince of An was the first prince’s title in previous life.

(This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!!!!! May ill omen (like stepping every day on dog poo, losing a wallet every time one goes out, choking by mere water and forever staying as a lonely dog) befall those content stealing jerks.

Amen and Peace!)

[2] Guo Jia was an adviser, who served under warlord Car Cao during The Three Kingdoms period.

He aided Can Cao greatly with his brilliance and foresight, and his strategies were instrumental to Cao Cao’s triumph over his rival warlords

[3] Zhuge Liang lived during the era of The Three Kingdoms.

He was recognized as the most accomplished strategist of his era

[4] Bo Le was a name given to a man called Sun Yang who was expert at evaluating the horses.

He invented Quine physiognomy (judging a horse’s qualities from appearance).

Bo Le is often used as a metaphor for people who are good at discovering talents

[5] Small abacus in one’s mind means fig.

a selfish calculation

[6] When one hugged a thick leg it means one found a protection from powerful influence or power


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