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Gradually, Tang Hui Ru stifled her tears.

Supported by a servant girl’s hand, she got up and sat upright before the dressing table, grooming herself in front of the mirror. 

When she looked at the woman’s beautiful face in the mirror, she suddenly remembered how she was sitting on a swing and looking at the alley outside where the rain beat the spoilt flowers.

That was when she found out how ridiculously laughable she was.

Unexpectedly, she had also withered and became mud on the ground that no one asked about. 

She softly stroked the hair on her temple.

Since she, Tang Hui Ru, was doomed to forever lose her hope and fall into mud.

In that case, how can that di sister of hers, who sent her to an ice-cold purgatory, enjoy a quiet spring and smile brightly like a flower all by herself  

Tang Hui Ru packed up and gave a last glance at the little courtyard that has accompanied her when she had waited lonely through countless of nights.

Subsequently, taking the servant girls, she left without turning her back. 

By the time they’ve arrived at the gate to the estate, Tang Hui Ru has finally turned around and curtsied, “Chief steward, qie knows qie is slow-witted by nature and disliked by his Highness.

Now, qie has only one thing to ask for.

Qie begs steward to comply to this matter.” 

She took out a letter from the bundle and passed it to him, “Qie will have to bother chief steward to pass on this letter to cefei on qie’s behalf.

Qie will take leave.” After finishing, she slightly bent her knees and then climbed onto the carriage. 

Tian Fu Shan looked at the letter in his hands and recalled the dead water like quietness in little lady Tang’s eyes.

He shook his head and sighed. 

At this time, Shuhui courtyard was also in a busy and chaotic mess. 

“Mistress, Hong Xia has passed on a message.

Yesterday, she was knocked out by little lady Tang.

She woke up just this morning.” 

“Useless person!” Tang Yi Ru waved her hand and smashed the dangling hairpin in her hand, consumed by the anger. 

That Hong Xiu was the second rank servant girl in Tang Hui Ru’s courtyard.

She used a large amount of money to buy her.

From time to time, she would send some information over to her.

As soon as she heard that woman /urgently asked to see cefei yesterday, she immediately knew that things were far from good.

Fortunately, she had taken it into consideration beforehand and didn’t let her see cefei.

Otherwise, it would be hard to tell who would be the one with ill-luck now. 

She has exploited even such an arrangement.

Originally, she had left Hong Xiu for the safeguard purpose.

So that in case she made any slight movements, she would be able to remedy it as early as possible.

However, what she didn’t expect was that woman actually had some skills, after all.  Not only did she pull out her informant but she even managed to leave behind a snake in the grass. 

What did Tang Hui Ru do last night 

Tang shufei couldn’t rest or eat in peace.

She sent Hong Xiu back to carefully check the house.

However, she didn’t find any spider’s thread and horse track1.

Tang Yi Ru felt uneasy inside, yet she couldn’t find the source behind this uneasiness. 

“Mistress, there’s no need to worry.

There’s no person of use by little lady Tang’s side.

Everything ought to be absolutely safe.” Seeing her mistress’s brows crease, Shu Mei knew she was worried inside the heart. 

Tang Yi Ru gently fiddled with her fingers.

She bit her lips and contemplated for a moment.


I must have overlooked something.

Otherwise, why would that wench deliberately knock out Hong Xiu Are there truly no people of use in her courtyard” 

Shu Mei’s confident shake of the head has somewhat eased Tang Yi Ru’s mind.

It was just Tang shufei’s mind calmed down too soon.

A letter has been placed in between the documents that were presented to Zhong Zheng Lin every day and it was currently being delivered to the villa. 

“Did father agree to arrange the manpower” She sent her off merely in order to conveniently deal with her. 

“The house has sent news.

At first, sir was very hesitant.

Until later, when he was told merits and drawbacks, he finally made a decision.” 

“Good then.

Finally, there would be a resolution.” If she had known about Tang Hui Ru’s thoughts earlier, she would have got rid of her during her boudoir time2.

Unfortunately, she was in the palace later on.

In addition, father was soft-hearted which, in the end, had delayed lots of time.

It was inevitable that things would change.

In the evening.

Mu Xi Yao was surprised that she has received a letter from little lady Tang.

She opened the letter and began to read it attentively.  She has finally found the answer to the matter that had perpleyed her for two years. 

As it turns out, the reason Tang Yi Ru was repeatedly yielding to little lady Tang was actually due to this.

Indeed, heaven at last repays a crime and the guilty will not escape. 

Just as she was pondering, she saw Zhong Zheng Lin come in with a frosty expression. 

“Your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao got up and went to attend to him. 

Zhong Zheng Lin looked down at little woman’s head.

He pulled the person to sit on the low stool.

“Little Tang shi’s carriage encountered bandits.

Her personal maidservants were killed and the manservants of the prince’s estate were seriously injured.

They were already carried back to give medical treatment.

Little Tang shi, on the other side, was rescued by a wandering swordsman who passed by.

Her whereabout is unknown.” 

Mu Xi Yao was shocked.

Tang Yi Ru was indeed vicious and merciless.

She even wanted to cut clean the last means of her sister’s survival.

What she didn’t know was that this action of hers justified what little lady Tang’s letter said.

Mu Xi Yao snorted.

This kind of woman has already fallen into madness.

She cannot be left. 

She can strive for favor and climb up the ladder in the prince’s estate.

However, fondness of bravery and fighting3 absolutely musn’t be tolerated.  She can deal with the womenfolk’s tricks.

But, once it ascended to an open spear and open stab4, she better hand this matter over to Zhong Zheng Lin.

Mu Xi Yao picked the letter that was placed on the table and passed it on to Zhong Zheng Lin who was looking at her with a puzzled expression.    

Zhong Zheng Lin took and looked at it.

It was totally unfamiliar handwriting, a woman’s.

He read the content.

His expression got more and more heavy.

After reading the whole letter, he laughed grimly. 

“Venomous woman!” Now, when he recalled little Tang shi’s circumstance, everything was clear. 

“Your Highness, the struggle in the inner yard has always been ruthless.

However, those were all tricks that were better kept under the table5.

As long as there were not life or dead animosity, they would still retain themselves.

However, Tang shufei’s actions were tantamount to hiring an assassin and bury a man.

This is too serious.” Mu Xi Yao didn’t hide the slightest bit her disdain for Tang Yi Ru.

If this woman was not eliminated, the inner yard will hardly become peaceful. 

“Furthermore, the incident with the little Tang shi’s sudden illness last time.

It wasn’t the improper use of food.

The abrupt outburst of her old illness was caused by stimulation.

Qie didn’t mention about it due to lack of evidence. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows creased when he heard about the inside story.

He thought it was coincidental, too.

After this matter, he had no more doubts. 

“If there was no Mo Lan to rescue her at the time, would she die” 

Mu Xi Yao recalled the circumstances on that day.

She was very sure, “It wouldn’t  take long before she died.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin fiercely narrowed his phoenix eyes.

His expression was unreadable. 

“Rest assured, Jiao Jiao.

Bendian’s inner yard won’t condone a crazed woman. 

When this kind of woman went insane, he certainly couldn’t bear to see a mishap happen to Mu Xi Yao and their son. 

Mu Xi Yao’s heart relaxed once she got Zhong Zheng Lin’s promise.

That woman had seriously fallen into disarray.

She hasn’t made a move yet, but she was already busy on her end.

It was all thanks to little lady Tang who has hindered her actions.

Otherwise, how could she live so well in Danruo courtyard  

Mu Xi Yao felt deeply comforted inwardly.

She had taken in a good concubine.

Not only did she took a woman that Zhong Zheng Lin would never touch, but she could also share worries and difficulties with her and help her solve problems.

Unfortunately, big boss wasn’t happy with it.

This kind of benefit will be hard to enjoy in the future.

It was truly not easy to goof off. 

The two were using a meal in the main hall.

Cheng Qing was fed the milk, He was currently being carried by Gui Momo who was aiding him with digestion at the side.

The little guy, seeing that both of his parents were present, cheerfully babbled as he watched the two. 

Mu Xi Yao picked food for Zhong Zheng Lin while looking at the little bun’s lucky mascot6 appearance.

She smiled sweetly. 

“Concentrate on eating.” The sixth Highness, seeing that little woman was distracted by other things, his expression turned displeased. 

Mu Xi Yao pouted.

There was a new addition to stinky man’s bad habits.

Whenever she attended to him, she had to be wholeheartedly concentrated on him.

Otherwise, this great lord will begin to give you a an attitude. 

Her eyes turned.

Mu Xi Yao switched the dishes that were disliked by Zhong Zheng Lin to the front.

She picked the celery and bamboo shoot slices and put them to his bowl. 

When the sixth Highness saw the extra celery in the bowl, his expression was quite severe. 

“Your Highness, Cheng Qing is looking.

Your Highness cannot give him a bad example.” Mu cefei’s expression was earnest.

She sternly requested the sixth Highness to make a good example. 

The corner of Zhong Zheng Lin’s mouth twitched.

When he looked up, he saw his son’s big and black eyes staring at him.

He lowered his head and hesitated for a moment.

Then, in an elegant manner, he slowly ate the food in his bowl, finishing them all off. 

Looking at the man’s tense side profile, Mu Xi Yao laughed inwardly.

No matter how well you disguised yourself on outside or how invulnerable you are, after returning home, you actually dare to be picky about food Humph! If sis can’t fix you, sis will have your son to fix you.

Translation notes: 

[1] Spider’s thread and horse track is a Chinese phrase meaning clues, hints 

[2] Boudoir time means during her time as maiden/unmarried time

[3] Fondness of bravery and fighting is a Chinese idiom meaning someone aggressive, combative and belligerent

[4] Open spear and open stab derived from a Chinese idiom easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies) 

[5] Better kept under the table is a Chinese idiom meaning to not be disclosed, too inferior to show in public, not presentable 

[6] Lucky mascot was an official 2008 Olympic mascots 


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