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Time flies quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the thirteenth year of Zhanghe.

The fact that her son, Cheng Qing, was already four months old gave Mu Xi Yao great headaches these days.

Little bun made babble sounds and created quite a fuss.

Perhaps it was because his foundation was too good.

Turning over was already an easy drive on a familiar path1 to the little bun.

When one looked at his attitude, it was full of ambition.

He could be frequently seen lying on his stomach like a toad.

Maybe after a short period of time, even crawling and sitting up would become a cinch for her little bun.

Moreover, the little bun was spoilt rotten by his daddy.

Every day, he had to “fly” once, otherwise, he would stare at Mu Xi Yao with those black pupils of his and keep babbling to himself.

And if she were to ignore him, he would be immediately displeased and start an earth-shaking weep.

At first, Mu Xi Yao didn’t know way around.

She thought Cheng Qing has fallen sick.

She was even going to order people to ask for the imperial physician.

However, who knew that when Zhong Zheng took him over, bun stopped crying pitifully and even began to play happily with his daddy.

Mu Xi Yao was infuriated.

This brat has become a witty devil.

He was only four months old, yet he already knew to threaten her.

She then quickly called people to send off the imperial physician who has rushed over and even bestowed him gifts for inconveniencing him.

Thus, she had dealt properly the trouble little bun had caused.

Mu Xi Yao returned to the house menacingly to complain to Zhong Zheng Lin that her son was being spoilt by his own dad.

What’s more, people had to yield to him.

He was so small, yet already knew to throw tantrum.

If they don’t lecture him now, it would be difficult to discipline him in the future.

The sixth Highness complied.

However, whenever he turned his head, he would immediately put it out of his mind.

As long as bun saw him, he would instantly throw himself at him and the sixth Highness would then certainly follow Cheng Qing’s desire, lift him highly and play with him a game of flying.

The father and son’s incorrigible behavior infuriated Mu Xi Yao so much that she had to pout her grievances to her Ladyship consort Shu.

Who would have imagined her Ladyship consort Shu would display a benevolent expression and praise Mu Xi Yao that she has brought up Cheng Qing well, raising him into a very bright child.

There was no word of criticism.

In addition, she kept bragging before the attendants around about how outstanding was her grandson since being a child, that a promising future will surely await him in the future.

Mu Xi Yao’s intention to seek an alliance was shattered.

She could only sternly educate her son while Zhong Zheng Lin wasn’t in the estate.

She had to harden her heart in order to correct the bun’s little temper she disapproved of.

Ultimately, she made bun understand one principle: the method “a child who cries get sweets2” doesn’t work in front of his mom.

Zhong Zheng Lin read the report sent by the secret guard.

The way how Mu cefei educated his son, regardless of its importance, was all recorded on it.

The sixth Highness was amused when he thought of how his rabbit pulled a long face at a baby.

In any case, Cheng Qing was only a little over four months old.

In what way was he so mischievous like she believed

However, the little woman was, to his surprise, unusually strict when it came to disciplining a child.

She didn’t spoil or coddle child like other womenfolk did.

On the contrary, she was even a bit sterner than him the father.

Having such a mother to bring him up, Zhong Zheng Lin had great expectations from Cheng Qing.

The sixth Highness and Mu cefei raised up a baby and enjoyed themselves in Danruo courtyard.

The rest of the women in the inner yard also had never stopped having ideas.

Little lady Tang has been convalescing for half a month.

As soon as she could get out of bed, she took her people and went to lady Qi’s place to pay her a visit.

At first, the two have exchanged some pleasantry words between themselves, but later on, they’ve got into an argument for some reason, going as far as to part on bad terms.

Even Mu Xi Yao has received the news of it.

Tang shufei made some discreet inquiries.

At last, she had found the right opportunity.

She chose a time when Zhong Zheng Lin was present to go over to Danruo courtyard and make a visit.

For several times, it appeared like she wanted to say something but kept quiet due to some difficulty.

Mu Xi Yao couldn’t bear to see her “act” so strenuously, thus she complied her wish and inquired her about it.

As soon as Tang shufei opened her mouth, she revealed little lady Tang’s health condition and made a big deal of her illness.

She took advantage of this opportunity to apply eye medicine3 for her shu sister in front of the six Highness.

Mu Xi Yao who was listening to her at side kept rolling her eyes.

After all the hassles, she had it was all just for this one intention

According to Tang Yi Ru’s words, little lady Tang’s illness was too unpredictable.

No one knew when it will flare up.

If her illness flared up some day and she accidentally frightened little master, it would be extremely inappropriate.

On the surface, Tang Yi Ru looked like being caught between a rock and a hard place; as if she felt deeply distressed for making up her mind and offering a word of advice.

Mu Xi Yao was curious inside.

If Tang Yi Ru knew that there was someone more black-hearted sitting behind her, would she be scared to death

Although Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t care about the inner yard, he had heard to some extent about rumors of the vileness that went between Tang sisters, however.

Nowadays, watching how this di sister wanted to send shu sister of hers to a villa by every possible means, he could actually see originality and resolution in her approach.

Inwardly, he held Tang Yi Ru in contempt.

However, he did have a mind to fulfill her proposal.

Tang Hui Ru had only one label in Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes – a concubine that was personally taken in by Mu Xi Yao.

This alone made Zhong Zheng Lin feel sick at the sight of her.

Since there was a woman who infuriated the sixth Highness greatly, he was prepared to act willfully from time to time.

Just as Mu Xi Yao was thinking of delaying this matter for two days so that she could secretly release the information to let Tang Hui Ru know and watch the two women expose mutual faults, to her surprise, Zhong Zheng Lin went ahead and nodded first.

That being the case, it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to mention this issue again.

After all, Mu Xi Yao has received a profound lesson on little lady Tang’s matter and dared not to repeat the misdeed.

Mu Xi Yao quivered.

She better not stroke the tiger’s whiskers4.

When Tang Yi Ru got the approval, she went to flaunt her prowess before Tang Hui Ru in an all relaxed manner.

“Does little sister’s body feel better Big sister just returned from cefei’s place.

On the way back, I conveniently came here to see you.”

Tang Hui Ru had to stifle her anger when she watched how this woman rode a roughshod over her.

Grinning from ear to ear, she replied to her, “Thanks for big sister’s concern.

The reason why little sister was able to get better so quickly was also due to big sister’s proper care.”

The two were well aware of the meaning behind those words.

“Since little sister has freed yourself of the worrying thoughts, little sister will naturally get well.

However, as a big sister, I should advise you a little.

You ought not to consume your mind with too much thoughts.

Otherwise, you’re bound to change the direction of your good fortune.“

Sure enough.

She has become aware of it.

It seems that Qi woman betrayed her and sided with this wench.

Tang Hui Ru was so angry her liver was in pain.

Even so, the resolution in her eyes became even more clear.

“Little sister ought to thank big sister for your concern.

In the future, little sister will take big sister as a model and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to Buddha, as well as honor cefei.”

Ever since Tang Yi Ru had suffered the blow, she took the opportunity of copying the sutras to calm her mind and take a breath.

It was merely a temporary dormancy that waited for action after having saved up the strength to start out.

Unexpectedly, Tang Hui Ru has hit her where it hurt the most.

Then, she recalled this scourge would be sent away tomorrow.

As for what might happen afterward, it was unpredictable.

She restrained the fury that raged inside her heart.

Tang Yi Ru gave her a tiny smile, took her people and left.

Looking at the glint of victory in the eyes of that woman, Tang Hui Ru felt inexplicably disturbed inside the heart.

Could it be she got up a new trick up her sleeve She immediately took her servant girls and went to Danruo courtyard to seek Mu Xi Yao’s audience.

However, she was being told that his Highness had taken cefei and her son to stay at villa for a few days.

Half a quarter of an hour prior, they’ve left the palace.

Tang Hui Ru’s complexion completely changed.

Her hand that held onto the servant girl’s slightly trembled.

So, it’s like this.

She knew that woman won’t, all of a sudden, tolerate her provocation.

She was to blame for being momentarily careless and not firm enough.

Now, she had lost the opportunity and what’s more, she didn’t know what kind of wicked scheme would that woman use on her.

After Tang Hui Ru went back, she felt restless.

Deep inside, she had a premonition of imminent bad omen.

She sat in front of the writing desk, lost in thoughts.

Until at the hour of Zi5, she made up her mind.

She took up a pen and began to scribble rapidly.

On the next day, as Tang Hui Ru looked at the chief steward and two manservants in front of her, she couldn’t simply believe her ears.

His Highness has actually agreed to send her away How can it be She was the imperial prince’s concubine.

She hasn’t heard of a precedent where such person was sent away.

In the imperial family, if a woman from the inner yard made a mistake, the most serious punishment was to have her caned to death.

Then, it was to send her to a family temple or lifetime confinement.

There was no reason to send the one in question away.

“Chief steward, is there a…..a mistake How can be the imperial prince’s concubine sent away so easily Even If the person committed an unforgivable sin, she is sent to the family temple and cultivate her spiritual virtues!” Tang Hui Ru’s heart burnt with anxiety.

Terrified, she grabbed Tian Fu Shan’s cuff.

Her heart felt ice-cold.

Tian Fu Shan watched the woman before him.

He only felt she was both tragic and lamentable.

She took great pains to think through a scheme to enter the estate.

Unfortunate for her, she has violated his Highness’s taboo by seeking help from cefei.

Now, such an ending awaited her.

Not only hasn’t she ever gained nor enjoyed the grace and wealth, but even her prime youth of sixteen was going to wither and fall.

How foolish of her.

“His Highness has personally ordered it in the presence of cefei and shufei.

How can there be a mistake Little mistress better pack up, take servant girls and go.” Tian Fu Shan pulled out his sleeve from her grasp and slightly waved his hand.

Tang Hui Ru limped to the ground.

She broke into mad laughter.

Her tears dripped onto her skirt.

Disregarding the servant girls’ advices, she wept with despair.

This was the marriage match she has schemed with her heart and soul.

This was the pipedream she had staked all on one throw.

An idea that becomes empty.

An idea that becomes empty.

Translation notes: 

[1] Easy drive on a familiar path is a Chinese idiom meaning experience makes progress easy; a task that is so familiar one can do it with one’s hand tied behind one’s back

[2] A child who cries get sweets is a phrase that should be similar to the squeaky wheel gets the grease

[3] To apply eye medicine means to tell tales or speak ill of others

[4] Stroke the tiger’s whiskers is a Chinese idiom meaning to do sth very daring

[5] Hour of Zi means 11 pm-1 am


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