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Everyone knelt down to welcome his imperial Majesty.

Yuancheng Emperor was in a great mood.

He told people to rise and then went to the main hall to take a seat.

He sized up Zhong Zheng Lin’s ceremonial robe; very appropriate.

After, he looked at the one in his arms.

Aiyo, truly eye-catching little one, so delectable.

He quickly told Zhong Zheng Lin to bring him over so he could take a look at him.

Consort Shu has deliberately asked for grace today so that she could go to her son’s estate to see her grandson.

She didn’t expect she would see an extremely adorable little chubby boy as soon as she arrived.

She immediately moved closer to examine him carefully, unable to tear her gaze from her grandson.

After taking a closer look, she discovered that her grandson not only was good-looking, furthermore, he was raised well.

She instantly praised Mu Xi Yao repeatedly.

Subsequently, brimming with smiles, she played with him a little together with Yuancheng Emperor.

Yuancheng Emperor looked at the child’s facial features which resembled greatly Zhong Zheng Lin’s, then he looked at his attire that displayed an originality.

Following after, he cast a side glance at his sixth imperial son’s stiff face.

He laughed heartily, declaring that the child was good-looking.

Just as he was sizing up teasingly Zhong Zheng Lin’s awkward expression, he found the little chubby in his arms twist a little, opening slightly his eyelids and revealing eyes that were like black grapes.

He even grinned and gave him a toothless smile.

Afterward, he blowed bubbles, playing with himself.

Consort Shu immediately took him over, rejoiced.

She removed her nail guard.

Her finger gently touched the little chubby’s cheek, cannot put her hand off of him.

All the ladies below looked over at them without blinking their eyes, praising that the child was lovable.

They all wished they could go up and hold the baby a little.

More so, they’ve also heard that the unusual eye-catching baby cloth was the new product line launched by Jia Yi workshop.

They hearts began to stir restless.

The more Yuancheng Emperor looked at the little bit the more he felt he was delectable.

Then, he recalled the smile just now.

How could his worrisome sons compare to him

He felt that he has hit it right off with this grandson of his.

Inside the heart, he crossed out all the names he had thought of earlier as he wasn’t satisfied with them now.

He held the tea and watched consort Shu play with the child.

Inwardly, he went over several times before finally settling on the one he was satisfied with.

Yuancheng Emperor called Zhong Zheng Lin to go forward, letting out the imposigness of the emperor. 

“Without virtue there’s no noble character.

The virtue of the common people.

He shall be bestowed name Zhong Zheng De1.

Thus, you must carefully groom him so that he would be worthy of character De and will live up to zhen’s expectations.” 

Everyone was shocked.

His imperial Majesty bestowed a name in front of everyone This child has just recently turned three months.

He wasn’t even one hundred days old.

How come he has suddenly gained Yuancheng Emperor’s favor Moreover, he was only shu son, yet he could have a ‘de’ in his name.

Could it be there was a deeper meaning behind this

The crown prince and the first prince were both astonished.

Just a mere shu son, yet he enjoyed such a benevolent grace.

Even in the case of their di sons, the treatment they had enjoyed was also nothing more than this.

The old man’s actions became increasingly indecipherable.

In what way was this child more special Or was this a sign that the sixth was going to be trusted with important tasks 

The first prince was on the guard inside.

Some time ago, Zhong Zheng Lin has already got involved in Ministry of war.

Nowadays, he was in charge of matters related to patrol over Shengjin and its area.

Zhong Zheng Lin belonged clearly to the crown prince’s faction.

If he was put into an important position, his side would be again oppressed.

He must find a way to put a spoke in his wheel2.

Otherwise, even a prince who was ranked sixth would be able to climb up.

It would make him, the eldest brother, seem too good-for-nothing. 

Not only didn’t the crown prince rejoice, but he also harbored a great resent due to jealousy that was hard to quench.

This sixth repeatedly gained the old man’s recognition, taking up all the limelight.

Anyone could tell he wasn’t the law-abiding one.

On the surface, they were on the same boat but behind his back, who knew what did he secretly conspired Inwardly, he contemplated how to suppress him a little so that he wouldn’t lose the propriety and forgot about the distinction of seniority that stemmed from ancient times. 

Zhong Zheng Yun’s brows knitted as he saw his little brother got yet another benefit.

He only felt that recently Zhong Zheng Lin received too much attention.

He will probably draw troubles. 

Zhong Zheng Ming, on the other side, was mocking him inwardly.

Nowadays, the crown prince increasingly disliked the sixth.

The first prince even more so couldn’t tolerate him.

What a good thing. 

How could their thoughts be hid from Yuancheng Emperor’s eyes He held the teacup and took a small sip of it.

This time, the reason he bestowed Zhong Zheng Lin’s eldest son name was firstly due to fondness and secondly to sound them out. 

These adult sons of his were already fully grown, their minds became complicated as the result. 

The ministers below flocked together and ganged up into groups, exchanging glances with each other in private.

Yuancheng Emperor was very dissatisfied with it. 

The crown prince was even more disappointing.

He became more and more narrow-minded.

How can he rule a country and bring peace and stability to nation with such a small mind 

After sizing up the expressions of all the present people, Yuancheng Emperor waited until the little chubby’s bathing ceremony completed before returning back to the palace together with consort Shu. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was engaging in social niceties with his brothers and courtiers in the front yard while Mu Xi Yao was chatting harmoniously with princess consorts in the inner yard. 

Especially the fourth princess consort.

Since she was the wife of Zhong Zheng Lin’s full brother and would often meet Mu Xi Yao at consort Shu’s place, the two were particularly close with each other. 

At the moment, she has snatched the little bun, unwilling to let him go as she was very fond of him.

The fourth princess consort thought it was empty under her knees3.

She had neither son nor daughter.

The fourth princess consort was actually very envious of Mu Xi Yao’s good fate.

The first princess consort was a prickly person who was used to getting things her way.

She couldn’t bear to see Mu Xi Yao have both favor and son.

Just a mere cefei, why should she live better than her, everything going as she wished

Her face was brimming with smiles, but her tone was sarcastic, “Mu cefei has nowadays born a son and even had his imperial Majesty bestow name.

I just wonder whether the sixth-sister-in-law would feel like having her good fortune snatched and feel uncomfortable inside when she enters the estate.” After saying that she cast Mu Xi Yao a quite meaningful glance. 

Mu Xi Yao has never saw someone so stupid, daring to utter such words as soon as the emperor has gone away.

No wonder the first prince disliked her.

Mu Xi Yao sneered inside.

However, on surface, she responded her well-behavedly. 

“The person who can be assigned as his sixth Highness princess consort is presumably someone with excellent looks and bearing.” The meaning behind her words were: having only this little bearing, the title of the principal consort is wasted on you. 

The rest of them, seeing the two crossing the swords, didn’t meddle in.

They minded their own businesses, drinking tea and playing with the child. 

Although this cefei was delicate and young, she wasn’t someone easy to handle.

All her words and actions were reasonable.

Even her reply contained a hidden ridicule.

Evidently, she wasn’t someone to be provoked. 

No wonder she could monopolize grace and have a son in a year. 

The fourth princess consort, seeing the first-sister-in-law’s expression turn ugly after being talked back to, knew that if she let her continue the provocation, Mu Xi Yao might bully her ruthlessly.

As a result, she quickly changed the subject which has alleviated a little of the awkwardness. 

In the afternoon, everyone took their leave.

Mu Xi Yao sent people to see them off properly.

When it was peaceful again, she took the little bun to feed him breast milk. 

Zhong Zheng De Can be regarded as a good name.

However, who would follow the rule and call their child with this name Moreover, this character De wasn’t suitable for nicknames.  

When she returns, she will have Zhong Zheng Lin think of a courtesy name.

Otherwise, Mu Xi Yao will recommend the little bun which was even better for her.

In the evening, when Zhong Zheng Lin came back, as soon as Mu Xi Yao mentioned their son’s courtesy name, his spirit immediately raised up.

He didn’t even go freshen himself up, only dropping his lids for a while, writing something on the table.

Ultimately, he settled on“Cheng Qing” these two characters4.

Mu Xi Yao chanted the name for several time.

She didn’t find any problems with the name.

She could only, with resent, give up on the intention of self volunteering.

She nodded in comply.

 Zhong Zheng Lin found a little comfort in giving his son a courtesy name.

Hugging Mu Xi Yao and the little guy, the family of three were enclosed in warm atmosphere.

“Today, was the first princess consort giving you a hard time” Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t conceal the fact that he has placed people in Danruo courtyard and has thus received the news.

Mu Xi Yao was also too lazy to ask him who was the informant.

She turned her head and made an extremely disdained snort, indicating she was a great person with a great forgiving spirit and won’t lower herself to that woman’s level.

Seeing the little woman hold her head high, he knew that she hasn’t put the first-sister-in-law’s provocative words into the heart.

Zhong Zheng Lin kept stroking her head over and over again.

Inwardly, he thought he will have to probably trouble mother-consort to pick him a quite virtuous future principal consort.

Otherwise, the little woman might dismantle this inner yard.

Translation notes: 

[1] De means morality, virtue, kindness

[2] To put a spoke in sb.’s wheel means to make it difficult for someone to achieve something they had planned to do

[3] Empty under one’s knees means having no offspring 

[4] Cheng Qing – Cheng – honest, sincere; Qing – to celebrate


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