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The two held the child and talked for a while.

Suddenly, they saw the little guy wake up.

He rubbed his head against their arms, squirming his little mouth.

Compared to Mu Xi Yao who has just become mother, Zhong Zheng Lin had a morning’s time to adapt.

He reckoned his son must be hungry.

He indicated Mu Xi Yao to give him the child.

“He’s probably hungry.

Let wet nurse feed him milk.” Seeing Mu Xi Yao’s muddle-headed and reluctant appearance, Zhong Zheng Lin reached out his hand, about to take the baby.

“Breast-feeding” His words awoke Mu Xi Yao.

She planned to personally feed bun.

The breast-milk was so nourishing.

How could it go to waste

She wondered if Great Wei had a custom which prohibited noblewomen from breastfeeding If she let wet-nurse do everything, she would lose some of the joy in raising the little bun.

She looked up at the man’s side profile.

Mu Xi Yao planned to give it a try.

After all, Zhong Zheng Lin would always consult with her over the trivial matters.

Perhaps, this man could understand her motive behind breastfeeding the child.

“Your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao softly pulled at his lapel.

“Qie has read in the book that a mother’s milk is beneficial to a child.

It can help him grow sturdier.”

Her beautiful eyes fluttered, looking at him with a vivid gaze, “May qie personally feed him” Her eyes were filled with expectation and longing.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows creased slightly.

The thing was, he has never heard the case of a noblewoman personally breastfeeding child before.

Even the imperial princes were handed to wet nurse immediately after being born, being brought up by them until reaching the age of three.

However, Mu Xi Yao shouldn’t be making up things in this regard.

As a mother, she was unlikely to disregard the child’s welfare.

The way she stared at their son with eyes brimming with happiness, she clearly loved him deeply.

Zhong Zheng Lin thought, those poverty-stricken families also had women to breastfeed.

They had no wet-nurses.

Even so, weren’t their children still properly raised to adulthood

“Do you truly want to breastfeed” His big hand slowly caressed her long hair.

Seeing Zhong Zheng Lin’s attitude loosen, Mu Xi Yao quickly lifted her head.

Her eyes were filled with resolution.

It was so rare to see the little woman so stubborn.

He called Zhao momo to inquire about this matter.

After confirming that it won’t posses harm to the mother’s health, he nodded to this matter.

Mu Xi Yao’s face immediately brightened up.

Disregarding Zhao momo’s presence, she raised her head and gave a peck to Zhong Zheng Lin’s chin, making a very loud smacking sound in the process.

Her sudden intimate move made the sixth Highness dazed for a moment.

Amused, he pinched the tip of her nose and tapped her forehead, teasing her, “Jiao Jiao curries favor in such a blunt way.”

Mu Xi Yao didn’t feel even the slightest bit embarrassed for toadying boss.

Exultant, she said self-confidently, “What’s wrong with flattering qie’s husband” Her words were filled with ostentatious proudness.

 Zhong Zheng Lin laughed heartily.

Sure enough, he was delighted.

Seeing the little woman wink at him, very witty, he hugged the person and started to gnaw on her.

Zhao momo, having enough of the two masters open flirting, silently retreated, leaving behind the family to enjoy themselves.

The little bun in the bundle has waited for a long time, yet no one was paying him heed.

He wouldn’t have that.

As a result, he started to weep rigorously, which startled his parents who immediately separated from each other and simultaneously looked over at him.

They saw the little guy open and close his little mouth, crying very hardly.

Mu Xi Yao hastily pulled down the front piece garment, about to breastfeed.

Only when she was left with just the last layer of chemise did she discover something was not right.

How come this man sat beside her with such a straight face, with no intention to leave

“Your Highness,” Mu Xi Yao called softly.

She signaled him with her eyes that he may go out temporary, to avoid the awkwardness.

Who would have known that as soon as she raised her head, she would look into deep phoenix eyes of the man.

Zhong Zheng Lin leaned against the bedhead.

Both of his eyes were scorching, shining with light.

He stared at the woman’s chest which became more and more ample and round.

His phoenix eyes shined with a demonical glint.

Eyebrows raising, he indicated her to remove the last cover.

“Your Highness~~” Mu Xi Yao protested coquettishly.

Seeing the man’s conduct, she knew there was no hope of driving him out.

She could only, with a little red face, turn aside awkwardly to block the view of his demonical gaze.

She still didn’t forget to cast him a delicate glare.

Zhong Zheng Lin has been celibate for months.

Her careless glance roused his interest.

He towered condescendly above Mu Xi Yao, watching her remove the last cover and expose one full and fair plumpness.

The light in Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes shined even more brilliantly.

Even though Mu Xi Yao was facing him sideways, she still could feel the scorching sight behind her.

Her face was crimson red.

She muttered to herself that the sixth prince had no moral principle, going as far as becoming a voyeur.

In the end, her son was more important.

Mu Xi Yao cupped the fullness on one side and held it to the little guy’s mouth.

The little bun swayed his head, his little mouth made smacking sounds and then he latched on the peak.

His cheeks puffed as he suckled.

However, after few mouth of suckling, his face reddened.

Subsequently, he pouted his lips as if to cry.

Mu Xi Yao, seeing her son’s little strength which even after exerting all his efforts he hasn’t suckled out a bit of milk, felt anxious.

Just as she was going to call Zhao momo in, her whole body was, unexpectedly, turned by Zhong Zheng Lin.  Her bared upper body directly faced him.

Instantly, her complexion was flushed with a deep red.

Just as she was about to speak out, she saw that man lean over to her and comfort her in a very serious manner, “Don’t worry.

Bendian will help our son to get the the milk out.”

As soon as his words fell down, he leaned down to latch on the the red dot.

He licked and teased the tip for a while before starting to softly suck.

Mu Xi Yao was embarrassed and infuriated by Zhong Zheng Lin’s extremely shameless countermeasure.

This was the solemn and upright sixth prince who wasn’t into the women’s charms that the whole court praised They must have blinded their dog eyes1.

This man was obviously a reincarnation of a starved wolf.

What’s more, he was such a black-belly.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt a slightly sweet mother’s milk suddenly enter his mouth.

It was warm and silky, extremely tasty.

He has unconsciously sucked two more times which has invoked Mu Xi Yao wriggling her body in protest.

She kept angrily calling, “Your Highness!”

This man not only ate her tofu but also fought with their son over the milk.

The older he became the worse he turned to be.

Zhong Zheng Lin reluctantly parted with that place.

He watched his son take his place, sweetly savouring he milk soundly while making loud noises.

Once the little guy placed his tiny fist on Mu Xi  Yao’s chest, Zhong Zheng Lin’s complexion instantly sunk.

He softly pushed aside his little hand, placing it to the side.

The little guy humped dissatisfiedly two times and then continued sucking the milk.

Mu Xi Yao disdainfully rolled eyes at him.

This man was just too stingy.

What’s up with your son touching her a bit Going as far as to even haggle with a child

Zhong Zheng Lin has been aroused already.

Mu Xi Yao’s bewitching gaze and the sight of their son suckling her fullness caused him to completely ignore Mu Xi Yao’s glance.

He directly changed places, bowed his head while holding the other available roundness to latch on it. 

“Ah~~” Zhong Zheng Lin’s sudden attack made Mu Xi Yao’s body go soft.

That man’s action carried a clear and meaningful suggestion.

He kept on biting and sucking.

His big hand even cupped the fulness and started to rub and knead it. 

Since Mu Xi Yao was holding her son, she didn’t know what to do with him.

She had no other choice as to endure and let him play tricks on her.

She looked down at little bun suckling the milk.

With Zhong Zheng Lin it was another matter altogether.

Such a warm breastfeeding filled with love, this man has completely spoilt it. 

Mu Xi Yao was angered out of embarassement.

She hugged her son with one hand, and used the other vacant little hand to pull at the man’s hair.

However, the man was determined to not give in.

More so, he fiercely bit on her softness, as if to take revenge on her.

It has infuriated Mu Xi Yao into pinching his ear.   

Zhong Zheng Lin’s big hand took hold of her little hand.

He patted her ample derrière, indicating that if she kept fussing, he will immediately fix her. 

Mu Xi Yao admitted her defeat.

She helplessly watched the big and small two heads loudly sucking milk while squeezed in front of her chest.

Her face burned badly. 

If others learnt how preposterous she and the dignified sixth Highness were, how would she then face other people outside 

When the little guy was full, Zhong Zheng Lin pulled over the sheet to cover Mu Xi Yao’s body.

Subsequently, he called Zhao momo to come in while carrying his son outside to look for wet nurse.

Afterward, he returned and looked at Mu Xi Yao with narrowed eyes. 

Just now, this little woman has pulled and pinched him with delight.

Now that their son wasn’t here anymore, it was just appropriate to fix her unruliness. 

Looking at Zhong Zheng Lin’s appearance, Mu Xi Yao instantly knew this fellow harbored evil intentions.

Her eyes turned2.

She enchantingly shot a glance at his bulge underneath, “Your Highness, qie is still unable to serve you.” Her voice was drenched with seduction.

Her half-opened half-closed eyelids contained a rejoice in other person’s misfortune.

It was filled with provocation.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at her arrogance and unruliness.

He laughed, “Jiao Jiao only need to be considerate.

Bendian has missed you for a long time.” After he finished, he removed the gown and pulled open the belt in front of Mu Xi Yao. 

Seeing that the circumstances were not too encouraging for her, she cried out in alarm and wanted to dodge but was taken to Zhong Zheng Lin’s embrace who grabbed her little hand and pressed it against his scorching flesh, not allowing her to pull away. 

Zhong Zheng Lin lowered his head to kiss her rosy lips.

His big hand took hers to play restlessly with his flesh. 

“Play with it.

This few months bendian went into a great length to bear restrain yourself.”  Zhong Zheng Lin’s head slowly moved down, from the side of the neck to the chest, engraving  numerous wet kisses. 

Mu Xi Yao gasped, angry.

The sixth Highness won’t even let go of a woman in a postpartum recovery.


Translation notes: 

[1] They must have blinded their dog eyes is a Chinese phrase used to scold people for misjudging people 

[2] Eyes turning is a phrase meaning contemplating, getting an idea 


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