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Chapter 52


Mu Xi Yao let out a sigh of relief when she learnt that Zhong Zheng Lin has again gone elsewhere.

That was exactly the right thing to do; what this man was supposed to do.

That hint has been given for a few days.

If Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t make a move soon, she would start to suspect she has misjudged.

Now it seems that everything was under the control.

The conclusion she has previously arrived to was still quite reliable.

She needed only to patiently manage their relationship. 

Mu Xi Yao was very satisfied that Zhong Zheng Lin went to lady Zhang’s place.

At least, this lady Zhang was very respectful to her as she would send her some needleworks from time to time.

In the eyes of other people, what she did was depend on her.

This time, Zhong Zheng Lin graced the inner yard and chose lady Zhang for the first time.

The others would only think of this as his acknowledgment and intimidation.

Mu Xi Yao’s prestige won’t be affected. 

Mu Xi Yao’s face was all relaxed.

Pleased with herself, she went to refresh and then sleep.

She looked somewhat even more relaxed than usual.

Seeing her like this, Zhao momo and the lot who were serving her frowned.

Mistress didn’t have a lot of symptoms after the pregnancy.

Could it be that the most severe one, muddle-headeness, actually came in the end They anxiously went out while looking at each other in dismay, helpless with the current situation. 

The news of Danruo courtyard putting out the lights passed to the ears of Zhong Zheng Lin who was waiting for Mu Xi Yao’s reaction.

The man instantly burst into anger.

He grabbed lady Zhang and threw her onto the bed.

Yanking the blanket, he pulled it over his body.

Only one cold word came out of him, “Settle.”  Afterward, there was no noise. 

Zhong Zheng Lin forcefully reined himself in check.

He repeatedly contemplated.

Was that woman truly heartless, or were her mentality and upbringing just so well that it even put him into a shame 

In the middle of the night, Zhong Zheng Lin suddenly turned over and rose to a sitting position.

Two dots of flame lit in his eyes.

Lady Zhang stuck closely to the wall out of fear, not daring to move an inch. 

This night, Wei Zhen was very busy.

He was preoccupied with guessing his Highness’s thoughts and purposes. 

Originally, he thought His Highness would the same as when he was gracing lady Kong, that after finishing he would return to the front yard to use bath and then rest.

However, to his surprise, he stood outside till fourth geng1.

Yet, he still didn’t see the person come out.

He was muttering inside the heart whether his Highness has suddenly changed his preferences and took a fancy to lady Zhang.

Amidst his pondering, he saw his Highness with the outer robe draped over his shoulder abruptly push the door and come out.

Without even arranging his lapels, surrounded by an icy cold aura, he made a detour and headed to Danruo courtyard. 

Mu Xi Yao was sleeping soundly.

Half-conscious, she was suddenly picked up by someone.

Her little head was being forcefully lifted up while her arms were ruthlessly kneaded for several times. 

With difficulty, she opened her eyes.

She saw Zhong Zheng Lin’s magnified face.

His eyes were so deep it caused Mu Xi Yao to break into a tremble from the scare.

She sobered a little. 

Did this man want to play midnight ghost2 in the depth of the night Mu Xi Yao’s heart still beat unsteadily.

If it weren’t for her still remembering that he was the boss, she would have already handily gave him a slap. 

“Your Highness” Her voice was a little hoarse from the drowsiness. 

Zhong Zheng Lin paid no heed to the soft voice of the woman he hasn’t heard for quite a while.

He asked her menacingly, “Don’t you know that bendian has already settled in Zhang shi’s chamber” 

When Mu Xi Yao heard the man’s dissatisfied words, she blanked for a moment.

What was the situation After a little of contemplating, her expression immediately changed.

Shortly after, the rim of her eyes reddened.

She looked very wronged. 

“Your Highness, qie absolutely has no intention to disturb you from resting.

The servants of Danruo courtyard also don’t have guts to disobey their mistress’s orders.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s brain worked very fast.

There were actually people who dared to plot against her in such a way.

They were indeed looking for death! Intercepting a person in the middle of the night was a great taboo in the inner yard.

Want to frame her so she would be spurned by Zhong Zheng Lin They truly schemed well.

For a moment, her gaze turned sinister. 

Zhong Zheng Lin watched the changes on Mu Xi Yao’s face.

He only felt the anger that has been burning in his body lost its energy. 

Can this woman’s mind get more crooked She wasn’t afraid of losing favor, instead, she took the groundless “intercepting person” matter to the heart and fumed with rage between gritted teeth due to that.

This matter couldn’t be blamed on Mu Xi Yao.

The target of this woman’s mental association was a certain fourth’s favored concubine, the little glutinous rice, who was accustomed to this kind of trick3.

It was written so in the novels.

As a result, Mu Xi Yao reacted instinctively, thinking that she has been schemed by someone and brought upon herself Zhong Zheng Lin’s enmity.

Otherwise, why would this man come over in the depth of the night surrounded by an icy cold aura and start questioning her 

Zhong Zheng Lin lifted her chin.

His phoenix eyes looked directly into hers. 

“So you know about such thing as intercepting” 

Mu Xi Yao felt ten thousands of grievances.

Yet, she still nodded. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s fingertips used force as he pinched her small and exquisite jaw.

His voice was mellow and leisure. 

“You’re well aware that bendian has slept with another woman, yet you calmly went to sleep” His tone revealed a danger. 

Mu Xi Yao watched Zhong Zheng Lin with a stupefied look.

How come these words sounded so awkward Could it be that she had to display herself to be in a heart-wrenching pain after learning that he went to sleep with another woman So, did it mean he disliked the fact that she was too quiet 

The sixth Highness stared at her for a long time.

After not getting her response, he smiled and then made a snort, “What Thoughts of interception have never crossed your mind” The vicious and penetrating gaze he cast Mu Xi Yao caused her to shiver. 

“But,……” The woman whose chin was lifted up hesitated for a bit.

However, she still tried to probe.

Could it possibly be that she had misjudged

“Didn’t your Highness hint that the deadline of that “as you wish, for the time being” has already come”

Zhong Zheng Lin thought for a long time before he understood this woman’s meaning.

Very well, indeed.

A woman who took indicative to avoid favor.

He, Zhong Zheng Lin, has got such one in his inner yard. 

In the past, he focused on making the women of the inner yard law-abiding, now that he has met one even more well-behaved and dutiful than what he has envisaged, moreover she was the woman he was concerned about, Zhong Zheng Lin thought it was a great irony.

“Jiao Jiao, when have you become so thoughtful” After his words fell, he gently caressed her cheeks.

His gaze scanned her little face for a while.

Then, he finally let her go and removed the outer robe from himself. 

Seeing Zhong Zheng Lin joining her in the bed, before Mu Xi Yao could pull herself together the man has already grabbed her into his arms and embraced her tightly. 

“Jiao Jiao, feel free to do things backward.

Bendian is very patient.

Regarding the matter of taking in a concubine, Bendian will settle the score with you in the future.”

After finishing speaking, he closed his eyes, his breathing gradually slowed down. 

Mu Xi Yao’s wasn’t fully awake yet, her brain still quite slow in reaction.

Being asked messy questions by Zhong Zheng Lin, she absolutely hasn’t caught main points.

After not seeing this man for few days, his skills advanced so much that dealing with the man started to feel strenuous.

She wanted to continue contemplating, however, her brain was drowsy.

She couldn’t even remember their conversation from before.

Can’t be helped since pregnant women were prone to sleepiness.

In a daze, she closed her eyes.

As soon as Mu Xi Yao fell asleep, Zhong Zheng Lin suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the woman’s head.

Her usual scent lingered at his nose.

The brilliant light in his eyes disappeared and he once again hugged the person, tightly pressing her against his chest.

There was no exception.

What he, Zhong Zheng Lin wanted, Mu Xi Yao ought to give up thoughts of escape.

Since this woman’s head was not good, there was no need for him to waste time with her.

On the second day, lady Zhang went to Danruo courtyard to pay respect with a pale face.

However, she discovered that Mu cefei’s complexion was similar to hers.

She weakly leaned against couch-bed, now and then making a graceful yawn. 

Looking at weak lady Zhang with wobbling legs who was supported by a servant girl, Mu Xi Yao slightly nodded at her. 

Last night, Zhong Zheng Lin was sure beast-like enough.

First, he graced lady Zhang and then suddenly went to give her a surprise attack in the middle of the night which caused her to tire so much she could barely cope with him. 

Seeing terror and uneasiness in lady Zhang’s eyes, Mu Xi Yao inwardly speculated, could it be Zhong Zheng Lin was that weird for the whole night last night No wonder then that lady Zhang was so absent-minded now.

Even she thought that man made people terrified, let alone the concubine who hardly knew Zhong Zheng Lin. 

The rest of the women sitting underneath weren’t as idle as Mu Xi Yao who had time to let her imagination roam.

Watching lady Zhang’s weak state, everyone was so jealous their eyes reddened, each of them secretly twisted tightly the silk handkerchieves in their hands.

Inside the heart, they all wished to give her two slaps.

Such a lowly servant.

Who knew how she secretly seduced his Highness, even making him stay at her place overnight! 

These women all thought that his Highness has spent the night at lady Zhang’s place.

Yet, they had not even the slightest idea that the man left in the midway and made a detour to Danruo courtyard. 

Tang Yi Ru’s face was especially pale.

Even as she was sitting she couldn’t stop shaking.

She was simply incapable to face the fact that Zhong Zheng Lin has actually bypassed her and chose lady Zhang instead. 

Mu Xi Yao lazily dozed off.

As she inadvertently glanced underneath, in an instant, she discovered Tang shufei’s strangeness.

Her eyes revealed a vivid and noticeable anguish that couldn’t be covered by any means.

It was inch by inch exposed outside.

That heartbroken expression of hers made Mu Xi Yao’s face twitch.  

Tang Yi Ru of this lifetime actually has feeling for Zhong Zheng Lin! No matter how well she hid it, once she confronted the fact that Zhong Zheng Lin regarded her as nobody, this kind of blow would instantly make her powerless to cover her emotions and make them come to light.

Mu Xi Yao thought it was such an absurdity.

In the previous life, Tang Yi Ru was so tough and tenacious.

Not to mention lady Zhang, even when facing the consorts and beauties in the inner palace, Tang Yi Ru was still composed and could handle everything with ease, keeping her thoughts hidden deeply and showing nothing on the outside.  Was it still the same person 

Looking at Tang Yi Ru being supported by people and taken back to Shuhui courtyard, Mu Xi Yao’s brows furrowed.

She silently stared for a long time. 

This woman’s train of thoughts was totally taken off the course by Tang Yi Ru.

She was wholeheartedly immersed in studying Tang shufei’s past and present lifetime. 

On the contrary, she has completely forgot the last sentence the sixth Highness has said last night. 

Mo Lan watching her master stare at Tang shufei’s back with rapt attention, only felt sky was murky and earth was dark. 

What time was now Can’t master’s mind focus on proper affairs His Highness has bedded lady Zhang, yet master showed not even a tiny bit of unusualness.

How could that be Suddenly, she recalled the guesses that had repeatedly popped in her mind before.

Mo Lan was shocked.

Her heart became panic-stricken. 

Since that day, Zhong Zheng Lin has again resumed staying overnight in Danruo courtyard on a daily basis.

Not only the people that were attending him were unable to make any sense of the matter, even Mu Xi Yao was baffled. 

Did he took back “the hint” Did it mean “for the time being” continues 


[1] The fourth gang is the fourth of the five night watch periods: 01:00-03:00

[2] Midnight ghost is a Chinese horror movie 

[3] The certain fourth in this context is Yongzheng Emperor who was said to have a famous favored concubine lady Nian who liked to snatch him away from other concubines while he was visiting them 


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