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Chapter 51


Today everyone gathered in one place to have a drink.

Zhong Zheng Yun lifted his brow and smiled as he looked at the first prince Zhong Zheng Chun, “Eldest brother, today I, the fourth brother, have heard that your estate has taken in a beautiful concubine.” His eyes indicated his neck, “It seems that eldest brother is very satisfied with her.” Only when he finished did everyone discover the two scratches on the side of the first prince’s neck.

They immediately understood what those scratches implied.

They couldn’t help but jokingly make fun of him.

Zhong Zheng Chun swayed his big hand, “Cefei in the estate was jealous.

She fussed a bit.”

“You favored that beautiful concubine too much and hence have invoked the beauty’s furry” The fifth Prince Zhong Zheng Ming has also used the opportunity to poke fun at him.

The crown prince asked him frankly, “Have you secretly taken this beautiful concubine without prior notice”

Zhong Zheng Chun’s face was full of disdain, “What’s this nonsense Man needs a woman to nod her head before taking a concubine who is just a plaything”

“Just based on that scratch, it’s apparent that eldest brother’s cefei is too narrow-minded, unlike the generosity of the little sixth’s cefei.” Zhong Zheng Yun patted Zhong Zheng Lin’s shoulder and winked at him, his expression mischievous.

“Fourth brother, you’re not well acquainted with this matter.

Clearly, it’s your eldest brother who governs the women in the inner yard well, making them completely devoted to him.

Otherwise, why would cefei be so enraged because of a little concubine” The crown prince acted as if they were kindred spirits.

His words were clear and logical.

However, the gaze he sent Zhong Zheng Lin seemed to carry some meaning.

Zhong Zheng Lin sitting among them completely ignored the crown prince’s mockeries.

His cefei not only was generous, even when taking a concubine she constantly thought about consummating the marriage.

Whenever Zhong Zheng Lin recalled the incident, anger would engulf him.

The fingertips that held the wine cup exerted a bit more of a strength.

That night, the little woman half-humorously flirted with him.

He acted as if he didn’t know and complied to her without getting into the depth of the matter.

However, for the past month, though the two appeared to be harmonious, they lacked the previous mutual congeniality.

Zhong Zheng Lin hasn’t yet found the source of the problem, as a result, he let her pretend that everything was going well so that she would be at ease.

Once he finds the head and tail of the matter, there would be plenty of time to slowly settle the score with her.

The last time the little woman showed off her cleverness was when she softly said, “Qie loathes to part with your Highness.”

Zhong Zheng Lin raised his head to drink up the beverage in the cup.

He thought about sounding her out as soon as he came back, to see how begrudged she was.

Zhong Zheng Lin made up his mind, to return.

However, unlike his usual self, he didn’t go to Danruo courtyard.

Instead, he made a detour and headed to Shuhui courtyard to listen to the zither play.

When Tang Yi Ru abruptly saw his Highness grace her with his presence, she was so excited both of her hands covered under the long sleeves trembled.

This was the first time his Highness has come.

Did it mean she weighed a bit in his Highness’s heart

Tang Yi Ru held back the happiness that arose from her soul.

She gave him an appropriate greeting and then offered him the finest quality fur tip of Mt Gentleman1.

Reportedly his Highness loved to drink this tea at cefei’s place. 

“Tang shi,” Zhong Zheng Lin opened his mouth, “Do you know to play the zither”

Tang Yi Ru was delighted.

Carrying a bit of shyness, she said, “If your Highness won’t mind, qie will naturally provide zither play for your Highness’s entertainment.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin lay on the couch-bed.

A clear and pleasant tune rang in his ears.

This woman finally had at least one thing that didn’t disgrace her aristocratic upbringing. 

Looking at lady Tang’s dignified and gentle, virtuous and elegant appearance, Zhong Zheng Lin remembered that strong slap on that night.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt that the women in the inner yard were indeed creatures who were skilled at being duplicitous.

Each and every one of them acted docile in front of him.

He reckoned when Mu Xi Yao would arrive to Shuhui courtyard after hearing the news.

However, he suddenly paused.

A realization flashed through his mind.

Being docile

Zhong Zheng Lin immediately thought of the woman in Danruo courtyard.

Wasn’t she nowadays also quite docile

Finally, he has found some clues.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows slightly knitted.

Afterward, he simply closed eyes to contemplate, softly tapping his finger on the surface of the couch-bed.

At this time, Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t care less about his original reason for coming to Shuhui courtyard.

His mind was wholeheartedly occupied by that woman’s before and after change.

Tang Yi Ru, looking at Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression turning increasingly ugly, thought her zither technique wasn’t skillful enough and was displeasing to his Highness’s ears..

Her heart grew anxious and she has for several times in a row played a wrong note.

Her forehead already broke out into tiny drops of sweat. 

Just as Zhong Zheng Lin was preoccupied with sorting the clues, he became disturbed by Tang Yi Ru’s messy zither playing.

Instantly, an impatience appeared on his face.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw the woman looking at him with a face full of fear and anxiety.

There was admiration, fear, and uneasiness in her eyes.

His phoenix eyes slightly narrowed.

Zhong Zheng Lin slowly rose up, the color of his pupils were deep black, difficult to understand.

He has finally found out what was the problem. 

Her eyes! Her eyes deliberately reined in the emotions, isolating inside them the real Mu Xi Yao so that her outward self would fit even better to the sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin.

The current her was merely the estate’s cefei, not Mu Xi Yao. 

Her obedient behavior in the recent months was nothing more than a meticulous fawning meant to please him. 

That woman was actually that resolute.

Not only did she killed her self, but she has also distanced from him. 

This was her ‘qie understands’ after she has been reprimanded by him This was that damned ‘understands’ 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s face was shadowed by dark clouds.

Recalling Mu Xi Yao who has captured his heart, who killed the horse in the middle of the street, who behaved naughtily in public and acted shameless in his presence, his heart was filled with ambivalent emotions.

It felt so suffocating it was unbearable. 

Particularly when he thought of their recent interactions.

Zhong Zheng Lin became increasingly angry. 

On that side, Tang Yi Ru has finally managed to calm down and play smoothly.

However, she saw his Highness abruptly gaze at her, his eyes filled with cold ice. 

Once Zhong Zheng Lin’s temper rose, he couldn’t stand listening to those cheerful tones.

Under the anger, he coldly snorted and left with a slam of the door. 

Tang Yi Ru was so scared she was rooted on to the spot.

Her body shook with coldness.

She absolutely had no idea how she has angered his Highness, making him break into such fury. 

After Zhong Zheng Lin left the inner yard, he went directly to the study.

Gently opening the book, he looked at that bookmark with veins pattern of a leaf and then touched the ring on his chest he always carried with him.

He felt like hundreds of emotions were being gathered inside it.  

The past was that happy and beautiful, yet she could still cut it off so cleanly.

Has she ever thought of his feelings toward her and his care

Zhong Zheng Lin was such a prideful man.

He absolutely won’t allow himself to fall in love yet unable to get the response.

Let alone the half-heartedness and deceit that were even more hateful than the disability to obtain her response. 

Thinking back on the two’s interaction, Zhong Zheng Lin felt he doted on her too much to the extent everything went as expected and was taken as a matter of fact.

If one’s affection was too easily attained, how would Mu Xi Yao wholeheartedly cherish it For the time being, he should put the matter down.

Once Zhong Zheng Lin made up his mind, on that same evening he didn’t return back.

Instead, he rested alone in the study. 

Inside Danruo courtyard.

Since Mu Xi Yao has heard the report from Chun Lan, she was determined to stay steady.

At least, she has to wait until the unborn child in her belly was born.

She would plan the things that would follow afterward later.

This way, though the two haven’t informed each other about their plans, it was like the two have discussed over the matter.

Both of them have simultaneously quietened down.

The meal that ought to be sent over, Mu Xi Yao didn’t even once forget to send.

It was only she never showed up.

Zhong Zheng Lin also came up with excuses of being busy with official matters and has not set foot to the inner yard.

 Like this, another month has passed. Mo Lan and Hui Lan couldn’t stand it anymore.

What was going on His Highness has never been so cold toward master.

Not to mention their master was now heavy with child and needed people to take care of her.  It was already more than a month.

His Highness would only sent people to ask but has never again appeared.

Could it be that master has again provoked his Highness and made him displeased 

Mu Xi Yao who had such a bad record in the past immediately became suspected by her chief maidservants.

“Master, his Highness hasn’t come for a month.  Have you unconsciously angered his Highness” Mo Lan reminded her very hesitantly.

What she meant was, if you’ve stirred up a problem quickly go fix it.

It was just too worrisome.

Mu Xi Yao diverted her attention from the book.

She looked at Mo Lan in a very puzzled sort of a way, “His Highness is busy with official matters.

Why is it me who provoked him”

Recently, that man acted oddly.

In addition, through his actions, he secretly hinted her that “for the time being” has already passed.

She was very tactful and didn’t make a fuss.

How come it becomes her provoking him instead 

“Besides, his Highness didn’t go to rest to anybody else’s chamber.

It’s not like there aren’t cases of getting so busy that one loses track of time.

You needn’t to overthink.” Mu Xi Yao pacified Mo Lan.

Some things were not appropriate for Mu Xi Yao to explain.

Particularly, this past year, Yuancheng Emperor’s intention toward Mobei was evident to everyone.

The imperial prince’s secret strives became very frequent.

These days Zhong Zheng Lin left early and returned late.

He had to make a lot of arrangements so it was only natural he would be busy. 

Mu Xi Yao set her mind at ease and then immersed herself into reading book.

Zhao momo and the lot were helplessly looking at cefei at the side.

This was the woman who was favored by his Highness Wasn’t it said that women will turn crazy when it comes to affairs between man and woman How come looking at master’s appearance, it doesn’t seem to be the case”

Inside the study, Zhong Zheng Lin has received the secret agent’s report.

For a moment, the corners of his mouth were stretched taut.

He patiently waited for her to come to realize, yet she came with such a conclusion What was wrong with that woman’s mind Or could it be he wasn’t harsh enough and made her feel she had a leeway

This evening, Zhong Zheng Lin has once again set foot into the inner yard.

He went to the Zhuyin Hall, lady Zhang’s chamber.


Author’s notice: Hi guys! This week I’m going on four-days holiday to Taiwan so there won’t be an update on Friday.

Thank you for understanding ^^  


[1] Fur tip of Mt Gentleman a variety of Yellow tea


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