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Taking along Hui Lan, this afternoon Mu Xi Yao went to the study in a lissome and gracious manner, seeking an audience with Zhong Zheng Lin. 

Wei Zhen looked at this mistress like looking at a ghost.

What a rare sight it was.

Beside that one time when his Highness has personally brought this one here, she has not even once come in during this long time.

Even when sending a meal she had him go to fetch it from Danruo courtyard.

How come she came this time 

When Zhong Zheng Lin received the news he was also a little bit surprised.

He let the person in, only to see Mu Xi Yao in a claret-colored dress that made her body look shapely.

Due to the pregnancy, the position of her waist tie was higher, which just made the fullness of her breasts become even more prominent.

He immediately felt somewhat uncomfortable and changed his sitting posture.

Subsequently, he asked her, “Did you have an afternoon nap” 

Mu Xi Yao replied yes with a charming smile.

She went over and placed her hands on Zhong Zheng Lin’s shoulders.

Lowering her head, she softly inquired, “Does your Highness have time now” Her eyes looked very expectant. 

“What is it” Zhong Zheng Lin thought about those not too urgent matters.

It was not impossible to postpone them.  

As soon as Mu Xi Yao saw his expression, she knew he did have time.

With a face beaming with a smile, she handed him the book in her hand, “Read a book to the baby.” The soft and pliable voice of hers made Zhong Zheng Lin’s body to go soft. 

Zhong Zheng Lin was moved by Mu Xi Yao’s attentiveness.

He thought of her more and more affable temper.

She was, indeed, a soon-to-be mother.

She had an aura of a softness that emitted around her body. 

Zhong Zheng Lin nodded as a sign of consent.

He opened the book as per Mu Xi Yao’s instructions.

While holding her in his arms, they leaned against the couch-bed.

His one hand caressed her lower abdomen, while the other flipped through the book.

His voice was low and leisure as he read. 

Zhong Zheng Lin read very seriously.

His expression was mild.

The big hand he used to caress her abdomen carried a warmth. 

Mu Xi Yao raised her head to look at the handsome side profile of this man.

Listening to his rich and relaxed voice, she thought that this man could be counted as a good father.

His love for the child could be seen through his face.

When she thought about raising a child with this kind of man, her heart didn’t feel repelled by the thought. 

Zhong Zheng Lin has read for a quarter an hour.

Just as he was about to take a sip of tea, he saw the woman in his arms look at him with an expression that overflew with tenderness.

The heart string inside him instantly taunted.

Watching the woman’s eyes that bared such a tenderness, Zhong Zheng Lin’s heart turned into an utter soft mess.

He only felt his heart that was beating out of control. 

Mu Xi Yao felt the handsome face in front of her getting closer and closer.

Soon after, her lips were captured and lightly lapped on.

She closed both of her lids.

Her tongue slowly started to respond to him.

In exchange, she received more of the man’s intrusion. 

Zhong Zheng Lin released Mu Xi Yao.

Looking at the little woman leaning against his chest, he chuckled.

Subsequently, he nipped at her little red ear, sweeping it in his mouth and sucking it. 

“Your Highness, ticklish.” Mu Xi Yao raised her head.

She glanced at him displeased.

Her springful gaze was filled with a sensual charm. 

What she did not know was that this kind of appearance was a pure entice in Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

He hasn’t been intimate with fair sex for several months, having a hard time enduring.

That day, Tang shi’s kneading evoked a heat inside him, but he had forcefully suppressed it and didn’t vent it out.

Now, before him was the woman he had feelings for, whom he was satisfied with from head to the toe.

When confronted by such a temptation, how could Zhong Zheng Lin resist 

Since he was worried about her expecting body, he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Henceforth, he only hugged the person and softly brushed against her to relieve a little bit of his desire. 

Watching his movements, how could Mu Xi Yao not know what was going on When she recalled that this man didn’t go to grace anyone during her pregnancy and also had completely rejected the meat that had sent itself before his doorstep, it wasn’t like she wasn’t touched. 

Her little hand slowly climbed up his chest, sliding into his inner garment.

She lightly stroked and kneaded the inside.

When her hand swept across the peaks, she purposely used her fingernails to rub and scrape it over and over again. 

Zhong Zheng Lin already had a difficult time to endure.

After being teased by her, his desire immediately flared up.

Unable to stand it, he pulled her little hand and trailed it down. 

Mu Xi Yao obediently slid her hand inside.

As soon as she grasped his hotness, it sent the man into a tremor.

Her little hand run up and down over his length.

She also didn’t forget to tease the globes underneath, massaging it with her thumb. 

Mu Xi Yao’s enticement made Zhong Zheng Lin pant lowly.

Even though he was this aroused, there was still no other movements from his side.

He kept himself under a tight rein.

“Your Highness~~” Mu Xi Yao looked up at him.

Her eyes were misty and little face tinged with red.

This man had a noble status and the power to control the world in the future, yet he was this considerate, not daring to act recklessly with her now that she was pregnant. 

“If your Highness is uncomfortable, qie will help you.” Mu Xi Yao breathed hot air against his ear. 

Her words made Zhong Zheng Lin’s desire burn.

His panting became heavier.

As the woman’s hand movements quickened, Zhong Zheng Lin’s abdomen stretched even more tautly.

His big hand lightly grasped Mu Xi Yao’s fullness.

As soon as he touched that roundness a groan escaped his throat. 

Watching him being subjected to the erotic teasing, she wickedly sucked into the mouth the protruded tip on the man’s chest, lightly biting it.

Zhong Zheng Lin kept calling her vixen with a chaotic breath, his hands went to pinch her peaks, lightly squeezing and twirling them. 

Mu Xi Yao’s hands didn’t cease its action.

Her head slowly moved down and traced her lips to the firm muscles on his lower abdomen, keeping circling over there.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s body couldn’t refrain from shuddering.

His hand that was caressing her black hair used a bit of more force.

As he was feeling lightsome, Mu Xi Yao abruptly loosened her little hands and gazed at him with sensual eyes that carried ripples. 

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at her dissatisfied.

However, he then saw the woman lick clean each of the fingers that had grasped his firmness.

That seductive appearance of hers made Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes burn with heat.

His fists clenched.

He wished to eat her alive.

Finally, that woman stretched out her tongue and swept his finger into her mouth before his eyes and started to slowly suck on it.  

This sight of her caused Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest to raise up and down.

Impatient, he wanted to pull her hands again but was pushed aside by Mu Xi Yao.

She threw him a sultry glance and then took off his underpants. 

Watching the woman seizing up his firm length, Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t stand the visual stimulation and caught her fullness in one hand, while the other went to grasp his hotness, beginning to relieve himself in front of Mu Xi Yao.

He looked at her evilly with his phoenix eyes. 

Mu Xi Yao cast him a displeased look with a reddish face.

She made herself lie on the side, and leaned her body to snuggle close against his lower abdomen.

His eyes that have been watching her immediately reddened, as if understanding her meaning. 

He saw the woman slightly open her mouth and stretch out the tip of her tongue.

She licked the tip first and then raised her head to look at him, her eyes covered by the sensual haze. 

Zhong Zheng Lin only felt the string inside his head snap with a “pop”.

His body burnt badly.

He looked at her with an extremely aroused gaze.

His deep and hoarse voice carried a plead, “Jiao Jiao.”

Mu Xi Yao hesitated no more.

She bowed her head and suck in his fiery hotness.

She curled her mouth around it, drawing it in and out of her mouth.

Zhong Zheng Lin only felt that he has entered into a place so beautiful it couldn’t be described by mere words.

Looking down at the woman who was moving up and down his body, her little mouth wantonly taking his hotness in and out, producing wet sounds. 

The woman’s little face was tinted red.

Her gaze was lovely, breasts hung down and the plump bottom was raised high.

This scene undid Zhong Zheng Lin.

He kept calling “Jiao Jiao”.

He held onto Mu Xi Yao’s head and started to move at a frantic pace.

Seeing him about to reach the limit, her one hand reached underneath his length to tease his globes while her teeth purposely brushed against the tip.

Sure enough.

With a low groan, Zhong Zheng Lin plunged deep into her throat and erupted. 

This was lovemaking that made one enjoy to the full.

Zhong Zheng Lin has discovered that a woman also had other places that were likewise incredible.

When he recalled the ecstasy that made his scalp numb, the wolf look that shone in his eyes when looking at her cause Mu Xi Yao to shiver with fear. 

That afternoon, Zhong Zheng Lin pushed Mu Xi Yao down and tormented her off and on for two hours, releasing thoroughly the heat he had in store for two months. 

Wei Zhen was guarding outside.

His face was distended into purple.

His Highness actually couldn’t help himself and started to make out with pregnant mistress Yao inside the study.

He was obviously shocked by Zhong Zheng Lin’s loss of control.

The study was an important place, after all.

His Highness has never had any misconducted behavior.  Even with the blatant seduction of Tang shufei last time, his Highness didn’t have the slightest bit of action.

Yet, now…….ai, this mistress Yao. 

That day, when Zhong Zheng Lin took Mu Xi Yao’s hand and walked out of the study, his expression revealed no change at all.

It was upright and solemn as usual.

Just his eyes, that were watching Mu Xi Yao, were very gentle.

Mu Xi Yao has sighed innumerable times inside the heart that a man mustn’t be provoked as the one sustaining the injuries would still be her.

Especially when it came to the beast like Zhong Zheng Lin. 



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