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Mo Lan helped Mu Xi Yao use the nourishing medicine and afterward softly attended her to lie down.

Looking at the woman’s chin that had become sharp, she felt very distressed.

“Miss” She has hesitated for a good while.

However, she still couldn’t help herself, “His Highness, he…..”

“What’s the matter You needn’t hesitate.

Be straightforward.” Mu Xi Yao only felt fatigue.

So many days of consecutive all nighters and the irregular meal time, even the body that had consumed spiritual pills couldn’t take it on.

“Since that day, his Highness has never again asked about miss.

Today he once more went out “


I know.

” As soon as her words fell she was already asleep.

Seeing her master falling asleep, Mo Lan could only quietly stand nearby.

Since her master entered the estate its already been 2 months.

During this time his Highness has always doted on her and protected her.

The other women in the inner yard, his Highness has never visited them.

The kind of treatment that was lavished to master, not to mention by his Highness, was even among the husbands of commoners very rare.

Mo Lan vaguely felt that toward his Highness, her master seemed to……..she was unable to think deeply.

She was afraid that if she comprehended too quickly, she would feel fear in advance. 

Another two days have passed.

Mu Xi Yao no longer felt weak.

Even her vitality has recovered.

Except for being a little thin, she was in a good health.

After two laps in the courtyard, Mu Xi Yao turned her head to ask Mo Lan, “Where is the thing I made Did you collect it properly”

Mo Lan nodded, “When we came back to the estate, I gave it to Hui Lan to take good care of it.

Does miss want to see it now”


Call Ye Kai for me.”

When Ye Kai received the summon he came reporting with a long face to the inner yard.

After taking the paper handed by Mu Xi Yao that was filled densely with a bunch of items, he had no other option than to go run his errand with a great struggle.


These past few days Zhong Zheng Lin deliberately went out early and returned late as he wanted to neglect that increasingly impudent woman for few days.

She was simply too willful.

Not only did she went out and resided outside without permission, but she also made herself faint due to poor health.

Before, he was too indulgent toward her, making her not know to curb the slightest bit.

Nowadays she ought to reflect upon herself.

Looking at her daily life recorded by a secret guard, that woman was actually very behaving during her recuperating.

Just, it seems that she didn’t have an intent to come and make an apology to him.

Zhong Zheng Lin narrowed his phoenix eyes.

Who spoilt her to such stubbornness In the end, he was worried about her.

So, he planned to look at her in the evening while she was sleeping.


Mu Xi Yao’s eyes were hazy.

Her little hand was pulling at the man’s sleeve.

Taking the advantage of the candlelight she looked at the back that has halted at the bedside.

She spoke with a hoarse voice, “Your Highness.”

Zhong Zheng Lin has inspected Mu Xi Yao.

Seeing there was already a color on her face, he was about to leave but unexpectedly his sleeve was pulled at.

His body stiffened.

He didn’t turn his body nor give a reply.

“Your Highness.” The woman called again, her voice a bit clearer.

His robe was pulled at a few times.

Zhong Zheng Lin slowly turned around, seizing up her expression.

Her vitality ought to have returned.

The man’s phoenix eyes were deep, his expression cold and solemn.

He stood there silently, uttering no words.

“Your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao slowly rose to a sitting position while watching his handsome face.

She wasn’t scared by the imposing aura that surrounded his body.

She reached her hands to hug Zhong Zheng Lin’s waist, whilst her head rubbed intimately against his body.

Her voice came out stuffily, “Qie misses your Highness.”

Zhong Zheng Lin stood there for a moment immersed in thoughts before he sat down slowly.

He let her hold his waist.

His voice was unprecedentedly harsh, “When you dwelled outside without permission, this is how you took care of yourself To make yourself look like a ghost”

Mu Xi Yao knew that this time he was angered greatly.

She immediately raised her head timidly, her eyes containing tears, her voice choked with sobs, “Qie just wanted to finish as soon as possible.

For a moment Qie got so busy that Qie forgot about it.” She continued to bore into Zhong Zheng Lin’s embrace.

Her words were laced with a strong grievance and even her little body kept trembling.

Zhong Zheng Lin stayed silent for a moment.

His one hand lifted her little face.

With serene and deep eyes, he warned her solemnly, “There’s no next time.” His tone was menacing and his attitude unyielding.

“Yes.” Mu Xi Yao complied with a tiny voice.

She mustered up the courage and cast him several glances.

Only seeing that his expression has eased did she again barged into the man’s embrace, hugging him.

In a place where Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t see her, she kept cursing.

Stinking man who puts on airs, so narrow-minded.

But currently, she still had to please him.

It was so cowardly of her.

After Mu Xi Yao adjusted her attitude, her black eyes flashed with a bright light.

Something seemed to have come into her mind.

She leaned sideways.

Her little hands started to fumble around the pillow.

Subsequently, she took out an exquisite purple-brown carved cedar box and handed it to Zhong Zheng Lin.

Looking at Mu Xi Yao’s expression that carried a tiny shyness, Zhong Zheng Lin first took the wooden box and then looked more closely at her handwriting and fine brushwork on it following which he slowly opened the lid.

On the apricot white colored satin bottom lied a black gold ring strung on the necklace of the same texture.

The ring was made out of a black gold cast Zhicao flower petals.

All the flower veins on it were very distinct, majestic like a vivid lifelike flower.

The necklace was shaped into an appearance of Zhicao flower vine.

It was exquisitely refined.

Every detail on it was like heaven-made.

“Qie has cast a layer of black gold on the Zhicao’s petals and vines.

Thus, completely sealing their vividness without deliberately modifying them even a bit.” Mu Xi Yao explained in detail, her sweet and delicate voice rang in Zhong Zheng Lin’s ears.

“This way ‘Xiyao’s Zhicao’ will never wither.

Does your Highness like it” Mu Xi Yao looked nervously at Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

Undercurrent was simmering inside Zhong Zheng Lin’s dark phoenix eyes, yet his expression remained the same.

Unclasping the necklace, Zhong Zheng Lin peeled aside his collar and pulled over Mu Xi Yao’s little hand, indicating her to put the necklace on him.

Mu Xi Yao took the necklace.

Her hands trembled a little.

Under Zhong Zheng Lin’s scorching eyes, she leaned over, her hands connecting at the back of his neck.

Her face was in close proximity to the skin on his neck.

All of her warm breath sprayed on it.

Even their bodies were propped closely against each other.

Zhong Zheng Lin used one hand to slid in from underneath the hem of her undergarment, gently caressing her smooth and exquisite back while the other one pressed on her head and he dropped dense kisses on her close plastered neck. 

Mu Xi Yao’s whole body broke in a shiver.

As soon as she clasped the necklace she hurriedly retreated.

Unexpectedly, just as she left, her lips were immediately captured.

What followed was a lingering kiss that went on over and over again as if they were unwilling to separate with each other. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s big hand has already reached Mu Xi Yao’s chest.

He captured the roundness he had missed for so long and kept squeezing it for a while.

A satisfied sigh broke through his throat.

Mu Xi Yao knew that he was aroused.

Her body went limp and she collapsed into the man’s arms, panting heavily.

She let him have the reins. 

Zhong Zheng Lin hasn’t made love to her for half a month.

Hence, the lust surged all the more violently, making it hard for him to resist.

In near a rough manner, he stripped their clothes.

A fervent body then covered the woman’s softness.

The two immediately trembled. 

Mu Xi Yao couldn’t help herself and moaned.

Her face was flushed, eyes filled with a mist and her aphrodisiac body scent permeated the whole place in a flash. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s big hand arrived to the beautiful place he had thought about day and night only to discover that the place was drenched with morning dew and overflowed with spring water.

How could he bear it He instantly broke into a low roar and raised Mu Xi Yao’s legs to his shoulders.

With eyes red he entered inside her, immediately being drowned out of reason.

He stared tenaciously at the two’s private parts, moving frantically back and forth. 

On this night, Zhong Zheng Lin pressed her against the soft chair, the table, the vanity, furiously slamming inside her.

At last, the loneliness of solitary nights and violent anger of the past few days have been dispelled.

He hugged tightly this woman, satiating each other again and again.

Zhong Zheng Lin slaked all of his desire inside her body, refusing to withdraw even a little bit.

Holding tightly onto each other, a night has passed. 

The next morning, his sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin was absent from his morning exercise for the second time, leaving Wei Zhen lonely in the courtyard sighing that mistress Yao could grasp his Highness so accurately.

However, he was elated inside as the hard days have finally passed.

He didn’t have to look at his Highness’s gloomy handsome face anymore.

It was just too unsightly. 

Few days later, Di Wu Yi Zhao sent a letter from Qianshan that he’ll stay in Huizhou for a month, asking his Highness to leave first.

Zhong Zheng Lin gave his assent.

Using the remaining time, he took Mu Xi Yao and together they have toured all the foreign gardens, flower houses and they have even visited several private greenhouses.

Mu Xi Yao was very excited.

Every day, her face was filled with a satisfied smile.

Her little face was increasingly radiant and beautiful. 

During the daytime, the sixth Highness accompanied the beauty sightseeing, on the evenings he naturally has enjoyed himself.

The two made love every evening with Zhong Zheng Lin always coming up with new positions.

He loathed that he was unable to shatter Mu Xi Yao into pieces so that she would never again dare to behave unscrupulously when he was absent. 

On the last day of the tenth month, everyone packed baggage and set out to return to the capital. 


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