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Chapter 133: Matchmaker


“Your Highness, this maid stole something from her Mistress and pawned it for silver, so this servant was just escorting her to the front courtyard to seek her punishment.” Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, the Momo hurried to make things clear.


Zong Zheng Lin ignored her, only narrowing his phoenix eyes to take a good look at Chun Yu Yao.


“Do you have the evidence to tie people up” Zong Zheng Ming closed the jade bone fan in his hand with a snap, his long and narrow eyes looking sharp.


The woman’s eyes were clear and pure.

Seeing such a familiar face, Zong Zheng Ming really couldn’t let go of the matter.


“If there is a dispute, better go to the official government yamen for investigation.” Zong Zheng Lin was not as gentle as Zong Zheng Ming.

Taking her out of his sight was enough for him.


“This-this… It’s just that this servant saw her coming out of Third Lady’s courtyard that day, and later it was reported that something was stolen, so this servant guessed...” The person behind the Momo was so scared that she hurried to spill the truth.


“What did you say What do you mean you guessed it Didn’t you just pat your chest and said to me that you saw her sneak out of the house carrying something” The Momo in charge was shocked. 


She stared wide-eyed at the little maid who dared to trick her as a layer of cold sweat dampened her back.


“Steward, this little matter, do you still need Bendian to bother and help you sort it out” Zong Zheng Lin was already displeased.


This Chun Yu Yao was very similar to Mu Xi Yao, but she was kneeling on the ground looking extremely humble, and he could feel his anger rising up.


Zong Zheng Lin had a bad temper, and because he was used to taking care of Mu Xi Yao, his protection was overbearing.

Although he knew that the woman in front of him was not the one he was thinking about, he could not tolerate others offending this face that was so similar to hers.


“Yes, yes, this slave will let people investigate the matter clearly, really clearly.” 


The steward kept wiping his sweat.

What is this He glared at the Momo who did not even ask for clarification before taking action and ended up ridiculing the entirety of Zhizhou Mansion in front of the Royal Highnesses.

Wasn’t this short of telling them that the house’s rules were sloppy


As for that servant girl, don’t know what kind of a blessing she has collected in her past lifetimes to have caught the two Highness’s eyes so inexplicably


“Get up.” Zong Zheng Lin’s eyes were frigid, and he spoke coldly to the weak-looking woman under his feet.


Chun Yu Yao was frightened by his icy air.

How could a girl who had never seen the world bear his momentum Her body could not help shrinking.

She was cringing with her head lowered to avoid the sharp glare of his Highness, but then she was patted twice on his shoulder.


“Ah!” She let out a cry of surprise. 


From the top of the head came the gentle comfort of a man: “Don't panic.

Get up first.” Zong Zheng Ming removed the folding fan from her shoulder and examined the woman attentively.


At a closer look, the facial features were alike but not as delicate as Mu Xi Yao.

Both looks and names were similar, was there such a coincidence in the world 


When Zong Zheng Lin saw his gentle attitude towards this woman, where he did not know the reason for it.

With a hint of coldness in his eyes, he stared at him.

Zong Zheng Ming had repeatedly shown concern toward Mu Xi Yao, don’t think he hadn’t noticed.


“The two Highnesses, this slave has summoned people to bring these slaves who do not have eyes to rectify them back.

Only, this little girl…”.

The steward saw that the two Highnesses had a different attitude toward Chun Yu Yao, and didn’t know if he should take the girl for punishment or not.





The translator has something to say: I've always wanted to try a cliffhanger.


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