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Chapter 129: Letter



Opening the letter on hand, Zong Zheng Lin’s writing appeared, vigorous and overbearing.


“Seeing Jiao Jiao’s words made Bendian remember you.

Arriving at the riverbank of the Lishui River, I suddenly recalled Jiao Jiao’s words: The silverfish here are the best in the world.

So Bendian made the local fishermen salvage a little, feeding them along the way, to send back to Shengjing for Jiao Jiao to taste fresh.”


Mu Xiyao’s eyes were bright, and the curvature of her lips was getting bigger and bigger.

Boss is so polite, he still remembers to spoil her from afar.

However, wasn’t it too extravagant for a few silverfish to be specially sent here with this kind of care Mu Xiyao drew some numbers in her mind, estimating the cost.

This woman was amazing, she benefited, yet she still felt dissatisfied about the spent silver.


“Jiao Jiao’s letter is very comforting.

If it can be more detailed, it will be even better.

In addition, it’s all right to be coquettish and outspoken.

Bendian will be waiting for Jiao Jiao.”


Mu Xiyao looked at his shameless letter, thinking, this is really like Boss style.

To be more clear, if the meaning of this letter was translated, she rather feels like she’s been given an assignment: Write a letter to the boss, the central idea must be centered on “after leaving, do not dare to forget”, the language should be sincere, the feelings rich.

The number of words should not be less than one thousand words with no punctuation.


Right Boss is asking her to write emotional prose and hand it to him like homework, diligently, because this Lord Boss is waiting for it.


Emotional composition seems to be a bit difficult… Mu Xiyao clasped her hands and pondered over the letter.

How about adding one or two deep emotional sighs at the end of every letter, does that count


Well, I can only blame the boss’s favoritism.

Otherwise, how could she be able to send two letters in three days This frequency… Boss, you’d better go to Shuzhong as soon as possible.

I'm very busy.  I have to do housework, take care of the children, prepare for production, and still have to write a letter to you every day… How can I get through this kind of day


Mu Xiyao took her maidservants to the study and seriously wrote back to the boss.

She found that the most difficult thing to write was the annoying proposition essay.

Her brain was simply not enough…


In the end, she got an idea and called Gui Momo to bring Cheng Qing to her.


“Cheng Qing is the best.

Do you miss daddy” Mu Xiyao was like the Wolf tricking the innocent grandma.


As soon as Zhao Momo heard this, she immediately raised her vigilance.

“Mistress, his six Highness is far away.

You don't intend to take the little master to find him, do you This can’t be done! Even if Mistress is comfortable going, but the little master can’t stand the heat and air tightness in the carriage, what is he suffocates, and if he gets a rash, he will suffer...”


Mu Xiyao still hasn’t said a word, yet the people around her already started to persuade her.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Even if she stays at home to take care of the children, do people around her think she can’t sit still


“Hey, what are you talking about That’s a lot of assumptions.

I just want to let Cheng Qing leave an ink mark in the letter for his daddy to see.” After all, this emotion was absolutely rich of feelings and sincere enough.

The little bun was pure-hearted, how could his six Highness be disgusted


Everyone saw numbly from the sidelines how Lady Mu persisted in painting the little master’s hands and feet black with ink, and in the middle of a good rice paper, how she stamp them.

The imprint was really black and bright against the clear paper.

In addition, a caption was written on the sides of the mark: “Cheng Qing little hand” and “Cheng Qing little feet”.


As Mo Lan looked at her Mistress playing tricks, she felt her face was hot.

Before leaving, His Royal Highness told Mistress to communicate frequently.

Now Mistress had handed her the letter.

Only one page was a personal letter, and the handwriting was barely half a page.

The other two pages were the footprints of the little master.


Mistress, you are so lazy, are you not afraid of His Sixth Highness’s coming back to fix you


Cheng Qing was having a good time being played by Mu Xiyao.

He was busy printing a stack of paper, and while playing, one of his ink-covered hands rubbed his face, and suddenly he became a black-stained doll.


Mu Xiyao was feeling very cheerful at first but she suddenly found that all the people around her looked at her with worry and resentment.

That look was clearly complaining that she does not cherish the little bun, and she does not have a mother’s appearance.


Hurrying to straighten up her back, Mu Xiyao waved her hand, and said, “Quickly, take this naughty boy out and give him a wash.

This brat, once absorbed in playing, forgets that he is a Prince of the House.” With that, she made Zhao Momo and others take the bun out and go, leaving only her two maidservants to accompany her.


Mistress is so bad! She has to push the fault to the little master! The little master has not yet reached the age of one year, but he has to bear the blame for his mother! If his Highness knows that Mistress is bullying his son, don’t know what he would say.


“Hui Lan, put these papers together.

Every time I send a letter to your Highness, I'll put two in it.” This way, the sixth Highness can always have different contact with his son in an alternative way, and fully realize the fun of child-rearing.

She doesn’t have to rack her brains to make up the number of words.

This idea is really wonderful.


Mu Xiyao was proud of solving this difficult problem, but after a few days, the sixth Highness still fixed her.




“Mistress, why don’t you have a rest In the afternoon, Lady Mu will come over and interrogate the rebel agent in front of you.

If you are not in good spirits later, it’s inevitable that others will gossip and say that you are pressed by a concubine.” Feng Momo fanned her Mistress while persuading her to rest in the room.


“Don’t worry, I slept enough yesterday.” On the same day that she returned from He Lian mansion, she asked to see Zong Zheng however, she was told that his Highness was not in the front yard, but eating at Lady Mu’s place.

She waited until the meal was over, and asked people to pass a message, but then she was told that his Highness’ box of clothes and so for the journey had been taken care of by cefei Mu.


This matter should have been taken care of by the main wife, but it was taken over by Mu Xiyao, which made her feel uncomfortable for a long while.

Moreover, she was asking to see his Highness to ask for a favor, but how can she open her mouth in the face of Mu This not only seems as if she succumbs to her, but it also seems she herself was ignorant and humble.

When the husband and wife are negotiating something, how can there be outsiders Even if she asks for help, only his Highness can see her bowing her head.


So things were delayed again and again, until the day when she sent his Highness to Beijing, she still hadn’t found a suitable opportunity to have a few words with his Highness.

If this continues, the He Lian family will send someone to ask questions sooner or later.


“Mistress is worried that the matter Master said has not been settled yet” Feng Momo understood her mind and took the initiative to speak.

“This old slave heard that his Highness sent a letter back to the house today, and…” A little hesitation, but still it is not good to hide.

“Danruo Courtyard also sent a letter back in response.

I heard that there are letters from time to time.

It is said that Lady Mu often sends letters to his Highness with news from the mansion.

This is not the first time.

The last time his Highness took Su cefei out of the mansion, she continued to pass two letters to catch up with him.


He Lian Min Min face was as if she heard something unbelievable, her eyes were wide open.

“His Royal Highness actually allowed her to send him a private letter in the official documents” This is a great ruin of the ancestral family law.

How can a woman interfere with the affairs of the husband


“Mistress, you see, since his Highness has allowed Lady Mu to do so, your request is much more important than her business of competing for favor and flattering.

Why don't you follow her example and send it in a letter, so that you won't be embarrassed and can't open your mouth”


At first, He Lian Min Min was unwilling and felt that if she really did that, she would lose the face of the main wife.

Later, when Feng Momo mentioned He Lian Wei Rui, she had to put down her pride and write to Zong Zheng Lin.


Therefore, his sixth Highness received letters from two women in the house.

It’s just that contrast… He was so angry that he gnashed his teeth.


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