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“Sir Wei, why is your face filled with sorrow, as if you are reluctant to part with your Highness” Mu Xi Yao had a lotus leaf soup arranged in front of her that she slowly stirred with a spoon.

The stiff expression on Wei Zhen’s face made her gloat.

Zong Zhenglin called him over this morning to receive his orders.

See, now the person was standing in front of her, his expression all cautious.

Was she scary 

“Mistress, if there’s something just tell this subordinate.

This subordinate will do his utmost to accomplish the errand, even at the cost of this subordinate’s life.” 

Wei Zheng’s heart was agitated.

It was his great regret that his Highness didn’t take him to Shu Zhong to put down the revolt.

Unexpectedly, his Highness sent him to mistress Yao’s side and had him take her assignments.

Was this because his Highness has noticed that he was having a good laugh at his master in private and hence had mistress Yao to sort him out 

Upon hearing mistress Yao asking him a question, no matter how courageous Wei Zhen was, he didn’t dare to say that he felt that being around cefei was even more terrifying than the glint of knives and flash of swords that arose at his Highness’s side.

If he wants to live a peaceful life, currying favor with mistress Yao will be inevitable.

He could only go against his conscience and firmly declare where he stood. 

As he recalled the servants who run errands for mistress Yao, it seemed that not many could escape the punishment from his Highness.

Last time, Ye Kai was fixed so badly that his legs were still trembling even after five days.

Even those two girls serving cefei have received punishment.

Since it was his turn this time, no matter what he mustn’t slack off.

He mustn’t let his Highness find fault with him.

What’s more, he mustn’t let mistress Yao play her tricks and disappear somewhere. 

“Tell the shadow guard to go and ask the third miss of Mu Household whether that note is still in her hands.

If she did not destroy it, be sure to bring it back.” It’d be best if she didn’t burn it.

If she did, she would have to fabricate one. 

“At the same time, present qie a thorough report about the situation in Lantai and Zhuyin Courtyards.

Try to take into accounts all matters whether important or trivial and be as detailed as possible.

Include in your report all the servants, patios, trees, and plants, whatever you can gather regardless of its importance.

The information must be accurate.” Although the inner yard was big if she had the shadow guards focus on the two courtyards that she paid attention to, their job would be easier. 

“Mistress, if It has to be done this thorough, this subject fears that it’ll take day or two.” 

“Withdraw the people from the other courtyards.

Just keep a close eye on Lantai and Zhuyin Courtyards.” 

Although Wei Zhen did not understand the mistress’s confidence and the order to withdraw the people from other places, he did not dare to slight his mistress and hence quickly agreed.

Just as he was going to retreat, Mu Xi Yao’s last instruction made him so shocked his brain couldn’t work properly. 

“Wei Zhen, release the news that the trail of the contact of the rebel faction inside the prince’s residence has been found.

The chief steward is speeding up the investigation.

Only two-three days are needed for the truth to come to light.” 

Mu Xi Yao always got big guts.

After this false news spread, she’d like to see whether there will be someone with a guilty conscience in this inner yard full of women. 


“Are you saying that Mu’shi has found out who is making a disorder” He Lian Min Min was shocked by the news from Chu Tan.

How could she found the clues so quickly Didn’t his Highness say that no clues have been discovered yet She moved so fast.

If she truly captured the rebel, Mu’shi’s prestige would be even harder to suppress. 

“Momo, arrange the departure immediately.” Mu Xi Yao knew not her place.

She had no other choice but to speed her pace. 


“Mistress, the principal consort He Lian took her people and left.

She has probably gone to He Lian residence.” Wei Zhen promptly reported her. 

Mu Xi Yao was caught off guard.

Why did this woman hurry to go back to her parental home What she was waiting for wasn’t news from the Chanruo Courtyard. 

“You needn’t worry about the principal consort.

The contact won’t be from her courtyard.” The people in He Lian Min Min’s courtyard were all swapped with her own trusted aids.

If she was as muddle-headed as to lack a perceptiveness then wouldn’t be He Lian clan’s impressive prestige a laughing stock for grooming such a daughter Besides, this hidden chess piece wasn’t hiding for a day or two.

To be able to pry out her many habits from details, she must have stayed in the inner yard for a long while.

How long was it since He Lian Min Min entered the residence 

Since she left the residence at this time, she must have something else to do.

Daring to do so before Zhong Zheng Lin’s departure, could it be that the old fox He Lian Zhang wanted to personally instruct her on the line of action to pursue 

After briefing Wei Zhen on the matters, she continued to enjoy her comfortable days in the Danruo Courtyard.

As for the sixth Highness, she only needed to remember to deliver him refreshments on time.

That man has been so busy for the past two days that his feet did not touch the ground.

He, indeed, worked hard. 


“Father.” He Lian Min Min greeted He Lian Zhang in a careful and timid fashion. 

“You came.” Sir He Lian put down the scroll he was reading.

He lifted his head and sized up this eldest di daughter of his whom he had originally placed high hopes.

She wasn’t much different from before she married.

Just, the pride between her brows and eyes1 has diminished a lot. 

“Was his Highness angry at you for overstepping the boundaries” He Lian Zhang admonished frankly.

He Lian Min Min’s complexion did not look good.

She answered honestly, “His Highness wasn’t openly angry, he merely reprobated daughter in private.”  

He Lian Zhang’s pupil shrunk.

Was this because his Highness treated her with leniency or was he just being particularly courteous He was afraid that the latter was more plausible. 

She was the principal wife, yet she was unable to keep his Highness’s heart.

That being the case, she can only choose to increase her honor through her son’s position.

His Highness was not someone that the likes of the first prince could compare to.

His prospects were found to be excellent.

Yuancheng Emperor’s attitude toward the crown prince is turning increasingly indifferent.

Perhaps, one day he will depose the crown prince and appoint someone else.

As for the remaining candidates, He Lian Zhang regarded the sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin as the most promising one. 

“Try to recommend the younger generation of the He Lian Household to see whether it would make his Highness take them as his subordinates.” The Mobei war which will follow after this trip to Shu Zhong was the true golden opportunity of a lifetime.

The He Lian Household’s forces in the army were too weak compared to their forces in the court.

If this continues, without a stable foundation, their great mansion would be on the verge of collapse2. 

“Father, this….his Highness doesn’t like people meddling in the political affairs.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s study was off-limits to the womenfolk, except for that doxy who uses her son as an excuse for seeking the favor. 

“The older brother of Mu’shi nowadays works for the capital’s Office of the Military Inspectorate which is run by his Highness.

He holds the title of the sixth rank secondary class garrison company commander.” He has gained a firm foothold in the army at such a young age.

Without Mu’shi’s help, He Lian Zhang could not think of how could that Mu Jin Zhi with a personality of a soldier accomplish that. 

He Lian Min Min’s heart clenched.

Was father implying that her means fell short to Mu’shi and that she couldn’t obtain a benefit for He Lian Household 

“As soon as daughter goes back, daughter will talk about it with his Highness.” She had to comply, otherwise He Lian Household will treat her as useless chess. 

He Lian Zhang stroke his beard, his gaze was intense, “If Min Min finds it difficult, Wei Rui can take time out to help you.” These two daughters of his, no matter which of them, as long as they could make He Lian Household prosper, even if he had to resort to feeding them poison, he He Lian Zhang won’t think twice about it. 

He Lian Min Min’s face froze.

Her nails sunk deeply into the flesh. 

“Don’t entertain yourself with any thoughts about Mu’shi’s unborn child.

Empress dowager went to Anguo Temple to offer incense yesterday.

The great master the head monk has pointed to her that Mu’shi’s unborn child was divined to enjoy both the felicity and longevity.

It’s extremely auspicious.” He Lian Zhang sighed inwardly about the impressiveness of Mu’shi’s fate.

No ordinary person can move her. 

“Your mother invited you a medical momo who served the late dowager consort.

Take her back to build your health and give birth to di son as soon as possible.” He Lian Zhang waved his hand indicating her to retreat.

He stared at the spread-out file in front of him with slightly furrowed brows. 

In the end, this di daughter of his was a little weak.

She couldn’t handle Mu’shi.

If it was an ordinary person, it’d be nothing much.

Watching over her children and passing her days steadily would be sufficient.

But, if it was the sixth Highness’s residence, the principal wife position, princely heir….these things which were extremely likely to turn into revered statuses, she had to firmly occupy them! 

He Lian Min Min did not expect that they’d arrange medical momo for her before she even mentioned the issue.

For a moment, she was pleasantly surprised.

Since there was the capable servant of dowager consort to assist her, producing an heir should be a bit easier. 


“Mistress, there’s no movement from Lantai and Zhuyin Courtyards.” Wei Zhen was deeply puzzled.

Mistress Yao has only instructed him to keep a tight watch over the courtyards and nothing else. 

“Don’t be impatient.

Wait after the news tomorrow and then make the final conclusion.” When you boil an eagle, you need to have patience.

One mustn’t be impetuous when pulling a snake from its hole3.

Translation notes:

[1] Between brows and eyes is a phrase referred to one’s appearance, looks, countenance 

[2] Great mansion on the verge of collapse is a Chinese idiom referring to a hopeless situation

[3] Pull snake from its hole is a Chinese idiom which means to expose a malefactor 


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