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“Your Highness, the ban in the inner yard….” As Tian Fu Shan saw the sixth Highness go directly to Danruo Courtyard as soon as he returned, as if forgetting about affairs in the inner yard, he had no other choice but to speak out and remind him. 

Mistress Yao has returned safely.

When his Highness went to bring her back, he used the imperial prince’s sedan chair to travel to Mu residence and personally welcome the person.

This cavalcade was rather like a bride’s homecoming on the third day of the matrimony, except for that the sedan chair wasn’t decorated with auspicious flower balls. 

Zhong Zheng Lin walked in front of the party while taking unhurried steps.

Behind him, Mu Xi Yao was supported by Zhao momo, walking steadily. 

“Lift the ban and have the principal consort to pay more attention to the inner yard.” He Lian Min Min did a pretty decent job in running the household.

As for her secretly assigning her trusted aides in certain positions, it was a common practice to which the principal spouses in the Great Wei resorted to.

Zhong Zheng Lin never interfered.

He only asked his people to secretly check their backgrounds.

The identity of each person had to be clear and well-documented. 

Calling to mind being assassinated on the first day of the month and also being extremely dissatisfied with her conduct during the daytime, he dismissed going to Chanruo Courtyard.

Nowadays, he was about to leave Shengjing, and there were some matters he needed to instruct to her carefully. 

“In passing, tell her that bendian will go over to her after dinner.” 

When there were only two of them left in the room, Zhong Zheng Lin held Mu Xi Yao’s shoulder with his right hand so that she could leisurely lean against his chest. 

“There are still many things that need to be discussed with mister tonight.

If it’s too late, Jiao Jiao needn’t wait for bendian, just go to rest.” Zhong Zheng Lin stroked her hair.

He was more and more accustomed to treating Mu Xi Yao like a daughter, being thorough and attentive in all aspects. 

“Your Highness, you’ll be leaving the capital day after tomorrow.

Do you have any clue about the mole”

When Zhong Zheng Lin heard her words, a cold light flashed through those long narrow phoenix eyes of his. 

“Not yet.

That person is perceptive.

The secret guards are working in twelve-hour shifts and monitoring the residence, yet they still did not notice the slightest movement.

That woman must be hiding deeply.

At this time, she dares not to act rashly.” 

“Subduing the activity with serenity is not an infallible method.” Mu Xi Yao smiled seductively.

Her beautiful eyes shined with high spirits. 

If she wants to take time and be torpid, she needs to see whether her opponent will give her such chance.

Would she be foolish enough to let the other person catch her breath and continue to stab her in the back 

Zhong Zheng Lin loved to see her various quick-witted appearances.

Every time she gets provoked by someone, she will extend her claws to scratch the other person.

The look at that little appearance of hers made him smitten. 

Kissing Mu Xi Yao’s soft and pinkish cheek, Zhong Zheng Lin reminded her good-naturedly. 

“If Jiao Jiao is interested, there is no harm in playing a bit.

Just, take care of your belly and don’t trouble yourself too much.” Watching her lush eyelashes fluttering rapidly, he knew that the little woman’s thoughts began to act up.

This woman was always vengeful.

Wanting her to calm down and settle accounts after childbirth will be like killing her.

She will be angry at you.

Her little temper was raised in such a way that it was immensely delicate.

No ordinary person could touch her. 

Originally, Zhong Zheng Lin planned to dispatch people to send all the concubines to live in the other residence before departing the capital to avoid the inner yard being noisy and disturb her privacy.

Now it seems that Mu Xi Yao probably won’t be happy with such an arrangement.

Based on that tiny bit of patience of hers, she will move within these two days.

If she doesn’t catch the person, she won’t leave the matter at that. 

“Does your Highness still not know qie Did qie ever treat myself unfairly due to others” If she wants to catch the fox’s tail1, she doesn’t need to risk her life.

What’s more, this one in the belly is highly likely a daughter she has longed for a long time.

That was an extremely important matter.

No negligence was allowed. 

Mu Xi Yao stretched out her hand to hold Zhong Zheng Lin’s big hand.

She smiled very sweetly, a change to her wilful appearance just now. 

The sixth Highness was going to Shu Zhong.

The silk flower and Shu embroidery from there were famous in Great Wei.

And there was also delicious food that sounded mouthwatering.

Although fresh food couldn’t be brought back, there’s not the slightest problem with pastries, fine tea, confections, dry meat, and such.

It is said that porcelain vases and black bamboo flutes were excellent craftsmanship worth of great values.  

“Do you want a benefit” Zhong Zheng Lin turned his hand over to massage and rub her soft hand.

A smile engaged in his phoenix eyes. 

There was no need to ask.

Watching her beautiful watery eyes full of expectation, so radiant and dazzling, he had no heart to refuse her. 

“How can it be a benefit They are but a tiny and trivial compensation.

If it wasn’t for qie being pregnant with your Highness’s child, this trip to Shu Zhong, qie would have personally accompanied your Highness to go there.

When the time comes, how much delicious food would be lying on the table waiting for qie to enjoy them That is the real benefit!” Mu Xi Yao looked regretful.

When she looked at Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes, she acted pitifully.

“Or, how about your Highness send qie some authentic cook He will stay in the courtyard to specially cook Shu cuisine so that your Highness can always taste it.”

Mu Xi Yao spoke in a timid and gentle manner.

Yet, Zhong Zheng Lin was not fooled by her.

That last sentence clearly meant “conveniently, that’s all”. 

Going to Shu Zhong to eliminate the rebel faction, the schedule was already tight and he had to also find her an authentic cook.

If there wasn’t a special benefit, Zhong Zheng Lin felt that he would be very disadvantaged.

Even though it was to look for a person and it was only a matter of him telling orders. 

“Jiao Jiao says that it’s compensation.

In that case, this benefit cannot stay unfulfilled.

How about bendian demand it for you” The solemn and honorable sixth Highness was inevitably a bit corrupted by the wicked influence during the long-term “demoness hunt”.

However, he did not forget about the important matter at the moment. 

As Mu Xi Yao watched his unscrupulous eyes, her smile deepened.

Your Highness, you’ve brought yourself right to qie’s door all by yourself, if you can’t sit still at He Lian principal consort’s place, you cannot blame qie for seducing you. 

She pulled his neck close and whispered softly in his ear.

The words that were spoken by her red lips carried the woman’s fragrant smell and they slowly made way to his ears.

Burnt by them, the big hand that Zhong Zheng Lin used to hold her shoulder suddenly tightened up. 

“Jiao Jiao is this vicious!” Zhong Zheng Lin fiercely kissed her cheek.

Her words made his mind indulge in fantasy.

The suspicious object under his robe seemed to raise its head. 

During the entire meal, Mu Xi Yao would, from time to time, shoot Zhong Zheng Lin coquettish glances, making Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes getting darker and darker.

Yet, this woman didn’t know to restrain herself.

She deliberately picked up a crisp-fried pork rib, moved it before her lips, pout them to lick, and suck the ribs, exposing the tiny tip of the tongue.

The look of hers made Zhong Zheng Lin’s throat tighten, wishing he could catch her and press against the bed, engaging in intimacies with her. 

This woman was getting more and more sophisticated.

The sixth Highness had to keep a tight rein on his mind so as not to fall into her calculations and make a fool of himself. 

Before leaving, Zhong Zheng Lin suddenly turned around and smiled wickedly at Mu Xi Yao. 

“Jiao Jiao, bendian will hurry up with discussion today.” After saying that, he lifted the curtain and left without giving regard to her instantly frozen face. 

Mu Xi Yao thought of his shameless words and was so angry she shouted, “Mo Lan, lock the doors! Lock the doors!” Big Boss had no integrity at all.

She just teased him a little and he busied himself with her.

Was this to force her to reap what she has sown 

Tian Fu Shan greeted the sixth Highness outside and they headed to Chanruo Courtyard.

Just half a step behind him, he secretly glanced at the corners of his master’s lips which were curled up.

Inwardly, he quite admired mistress Yao’s skills. 

Anyone with eyes could see the changes that underwent in his Highness in the past two years.

Her Ladyship Shu was especially pleased.

Every time she heard that her younger son went to rest in the inner yard, she would repeatedly say “good”.

That appearance of hers looked like as if she was waiting for mistress Yao to give birth to one child after another. 

“Your Highness, we have arrived at Changruo Courtyard.

This servant will wait outside.” Tian Fu Shan halted and courteously stood outside the door, respectfully seeing Zhong Zheng Lin off. 

“Uhm.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression turned solemn.

He crossed the gate of the courtyard while wearing a very familiar indifferent face.

The look of him made Tian Fu Shan sigh in distraught. 

When will be the principal consort able to make his Highness feel as relaxed as in the Danruo Courtyard and not be as strict as when running errands 

“Your Highness.” He Lian Min Min was waiting outside as soon as she received the news.

When she saw Zhong Zheng Lin stride in, she felt quite complicated.

She stayed reserved and did not hurry to pay him respect as to not appear being too eager and lose the principal wife’s steadiness.  

When the news from his Highness came today, she initially thought that it was him making up for the night of Lunar New Year’s Day.

Just as she felt comforted – after all, his Highness has put her in his heart – she heard Tian Fu Shan speak the whole story.

His Highness had to instruct her things before leaving the residence. 

No matter how disappointed she was, it could not compare to the shock that made her space out.

His Highness was about to leave the capital, but he only informed her about it two days in advance.

His wounds were not healed yet.

How can he hurry to run errands in Shu Zhong Moreover, he will be gone for a month.

How can be such a big matter decided suddenly It must have been planned a long time ago and he delayed it until today to make this trip to Chanruo Courtyard. 

Mu’shi should have already heard the news, right That’s why she went at it with all she’s got to occupy his Highness’s favor.

She did not even forget to take advantage of such a trivial matter as returning to her parental home to take care of the fetus, prompting his Highness visiting Mu residence every day, not missing a day of the visit. 

Recalling Mu Xi Yao’s recent glory in Shengjing, He Lian Min Min felt that secondary consorts were all pernicious seductresses, banes that bewitched and wrecked their lords.  

She had made up her mind.

No matter what she mustn’t learn Mu Xi Yao’s vulgar tricks.

It would only make her appear clumsy and fall short of her looks and sensuality.

She might as well properly act as a virtuous wife and serve Zhong Zheng Lin attentively to win his trust and respect.  

A beautiful face is always fated to be abandoned, but respect can preserve a lifetime.

How can a favor last forever How many more years are left of Mu Xi Yao’s prime-age 

“Rise.” Zhong Zheng Lin took a few steps to reach and stand before her.

With an indifferent expression, he took a closer look at the woman who was curtsying and paying him a greeting. 

The long peony skirt was very luxurious and exquisite.

On her, it gave people an air of haughtiness. 

“Go inside first.” He went in with her and directly sat down in the outer room.  

Seeing him keep away from the inner chamber, He Lian Min Min’s heart thumped, suddenly feeling a bad omen.

Was he implying that he won’t be staying tonight and will be going to Mu’shi’s room 

While holding back the anxiety, He Lian Min Min brought tea to him.

“Your Highness, this is a newly delivered fragrant tea, have a taste of it.

Qie thinks that it is very refreshing and relieves sore throat.” 

“Uhm.” Zhong Zheng Lin took the cup and gently brushed aside tea leaves with the cover. 

“Did Tian Fu Shan told you about the matter of bendian leaving the capital” 

“The chief steward has informed qie thoroughly.

Qie is aware of this.” He Lian Min Min hesitated for a bit but still voiced out her worries.

“Your Highness, but your wounds…..qie is worried.

What’s more, you’ll be gone for not a short time.

If something happens to you on the road, then….”

Hearing her earnest speech that carried sincere worry in her words, Zhong Zheng Lin softened his expression a bit.

He took a gentle sip of the fragrant tea and gave it praise. 

“The wounds are no longer serious.

The imperial physician prescribed external wound medicine.

It’s alright.

However, after bendian leaves the capital, you’ll need to pay more attention to the affairs in the prince’s residence.

If someone dares to come and bully, you needn’t be polite with them and just kick them out of the residence.” 

He Lian Min Min listened to his words.

Although they did not criticize her for secretly making things difficult for Mu’shi on that day, they also expressed his attitude that the prince’s residence would not tolerate others’ bully.

Could this be regarded as a hidden warning

“Qie will remember your Highness’s instructions.” He Lian Min Min rushed to respond respectfully, afraid to stir up his Highness’s displeasure. 

Seeing her reply quickly with a slightly uncomfortable expression, Zhong Zheng Lin knew that this woman had a guilty conscience and was lectured.

He didn’t need to chide her and spoil the principal wife’s prestige in front of the servants. 

Translation notes:

[1] Fox’s tail is a Chinese idiom that means an evidence that reveals the villain


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