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“Mo Lan, give《Collection of Culture Promotion》to sir.” 

The vice censor looked at five or six publications in his hand and was puzzled.

This was the actual proof 

《Collection of Culture Promotion》was a premium analects that was bound into a volume and printed by Hongwen poetry society every month.

The work not only included poems, operas, folk stories, local conditions and popular customs from different regions, but also various academic essays. 

As the most prestigious academic textbook among the people of Great Wei, 《Collection of Culture Promotion》was revered by the literary and Confucian scholars.

On each month, when the textbook was being sold, it was always gone in an instant. 

“Does sir know what is special about the first three essays in《Collection of Culture Promotion》” Mu Xi Yao opened up the latest publication and turned the first few sheets that were made of high-quality papers. 


The first three essays of each volume are the finest works of that month selected by the poetry society.

For the commandment, they are printed using paper made from chaste tree.” 

“That’s it.

Sir, please look over the second chapter, the work that belongs to a scholar with the name “Mu Yu”, 《Diary of one hundred and thirty-two species of orchid》.” 

The vice censor didn’t need to browse to the said chapter.

Mu Yu was a famous scholar who has suddenly appeared in 《Collection of Culture Promotion》last year.

As long as it was his essay, the majority of them have appeared on the paper made from the chaste tree and were read by everyone.

His exquisite literary accomplishments and novelty standpoint have once stirred a fierce debate among the civil officials and literary scholars of Great Wei.

Later, he has gained acknowledgment from people. 

“Mo Lan, hand over the seal to sir for inspection.” 

“For the purpose of concision, the words Mu Yu were taken from the homonyms of surnames of qie’s parents.” When Mu Xi Yao signed a name for her essays back then, she felt deep inside she should differentiate herself from the currently prevalent pseudonyms and nicknames that were wild and pretended a refinement.

The momentary fun of hers has thus given birth to “Mu Yu” who had his own unique style of signature among the academicians that have sent works to 《Collection of Culture Promotion》.   

The eyes of sir Mu who was sitting next to them widened. 

This little girl was actually Mu Yu How could it not shock him Before getting married, Mu Xi Yao hasn’t displayed whatsoever talent in poetry and literature.

How could have she made such progress that he couldn’t even recognize her 

The most important thing was that pseudonym.

How could she take such an indecent name Using parent’s surnames for homonyms was simply wilful!

“How can you treat a matter of creating a pseudonym like a child’s play” Mu Jing Zhen restrained that little secret pride in his heart and began to lecture his daughter.

He was particularly strict with Mu Xi Yao and made her repeatedly apologize for her actions. 

As the two sir censors watched Mu cefei who was admonished until she bowed her head in obedience, they still couldn’t believe that the obedient woman in front of them was that famous scholar who was mentioned by the director of poetry society several times and who was praised highly by him for being a rising star of a new school. 

The fact that Mu Yu was a woman, if cefei didn’t reveal her identity, probably no one in the whole Great Wei would dare to have such a guess.  

They took another serious look at the private seal in their hands.

This matter didn’t allow any more doubts.

The Great Wei controlled tightly the seals.

Anyone who dared to falsify the seal without permission, if it were those with official duties, they would be stripped of their titles.

If they were commoners, they would be sent to a lifetime exile. 

“Unbeknownst, cefei’s erudition was this exceptional.

This subject would like to express deep admiration.” The Great Wei always revered and honored those with outstanding literary talent. 

“Those are too strong words, sir.

Qie has written those essays in passing.

For the most part, qie cannot compare to academicians with solid foundations.

It’s just that qie holds slightly different standpoint which can be regarded as qie taking shortcuts.” Mu Xi Yao was well aware of her capabilities.

Being able to get into the top three ranks several times out of countless literary and Confucian scholars in Great Wei was merely because her horizon was wider than that of an ordinary person, her standpoint was novel and penetrated deeply into the topic and her language was sharp. 

“On each month when a new volume of 《Collection of Culture Promotion》is being sold, the poetry society will seek new drafts from the top three authors again and send them a gold-dusted letter.

Qie’s new draft has been already submitted to the steward of the poetry society and the seal has been imprinted on the letter as well.

The time of submission happened to be on the third day of the month, at the hour of chen1.

If it was as sir has said and qie was abducted by the rebels and imprisoned by them for two days, how could be the matter with the gold letter accomplished” 

Contributing works to 《Collection of Culture Promotion》 was not Mu Xi Yao’s sudden whim.

She actually had her motives.

Yet, she didn’t expect that it would accidentally become her helping hand in this matter.

It was indeed a nice surprise. 

The vice censor already believed the majority of what Mu Xi Yao has said.

He immediately dispatched people to the publishing house to investigate the matter.

Before he could take his leave, the imperial physician arrived and confirmed Mu Xi Yao’s previous statements. 

Everyone had their own opinions on the actual facts now. 

The whistleblower’s heart harbored ulterior motives.

Yet, the person didn’t take into consideration cefei’s astonishing actions that were hard to predict.

This, perhaps, was exactly what ordinary people said: the wise man knows he knows nothing, the good-hearted people would naturally receive protection. 

When Mu Xi Yao saw the two’s expression, she knew that she has wriggled out.

However, it didn’t mean that since she was able to get away, everyone would be able to.

For instance, the woman who was the contact in the residence.

After this incident passes and Zhong Zheng Lin takes her back to the residence, the first thing to fix was this scourge who had to be eliminated no matter what. 

Two days later when Yuancheng Emperor read the memorials submitted by the Censorate, a surprise flickered through his eyes as they spotted a certain paragraph.

Afterward, he lifted a brush and wrote a comment in red, ordering people beneath to do as it was written.  

The rumors in the capital were completely cleared in just two days.

The rumor-monger did not dare to reveal himself in front of people again.

As for the whistleblower buried deeply in the fifth prince’s residence, the main culprit Yin Ji, her brows were currently furrowed tightly.

She was puzzled over which segment in their plan was overlooked by her and enabled Mu’shi to escape yet again. 

People have learned from the official denouncement issued by the local authorities only that the most important witness of the whole incident was, unexpectedly, the rising star of the literary circle who has risen to fame through 《Collection of Culture Promotion》, Mu Yu.

As for why did Mu Yu involve himself in this affair and what was his identity, no one knew. 

Ever since Yuancheng Emperor read the memorial, he had high regard for Mu Xi Yao for she has suggested on her own accord to conceal her identity as Mu Yu. 

This cefei who was personally appointed by him was extraordinarily clever.

She knew very well when to advance and when to retreat.

Not only did she took herself into account, but she was also thoughtful about the sixth. 

Except for the principal consort title, Mu’shi actually had a greater sense of responsibility than He Lian’shi. 

The reason why Mu Xi Yao didn’t want to prematurely expose her identity was that she kept on being involved in major events.

It was already inappropriate.

If she continued to make a good name in front of Yuancheng Emperor, she feared that it will awaken the other party’s distrust.

This won’t be good at all. 

Nowadays, she didn’t have to force herself too much.

The hidden trump card needed to be grasped in one’s hand.

The most important thing was to take advantage of the situation when it was appropriate.

Besides, Zhong Zheng Lin has already laid his foundation in the literary circle.

If a rumor spread about her being a woman of talents, the whole prince’s residence would shine too much.  

“After another three days, bendian will have to go to Shu Zhong to run some affairs.

When does Jiao Jiao wish to return the residence” Zhong Zheng Lin put aside the bowl and chopsticks and rinsed his mouth while being attended to by others.

He then asked Mu Xi Yao about her opinion. 

Honestly speaking, Mu Xi Yao truly didn’t want to move.

Unfortunately, this incident was already over.

Even if it was for nursing her fetus, she couldn’t stay in the Mu residence for too long.

What’s more, Zhong Zheng Lin will leave Shengjing.

It was not justified for a womenfolk to stay outside by herself. 

“In that case, let’s go back tomorrow.

Your Highness, allow qie to pack up things.” The little bun’s items could be used to fill up a whole carriage.

Without half a day’s time, they won’t be able to depart. 

When lady Yu heard that Mu Xi Yao was in hurry to return to the prince’s residence and was already packing up, she took people along with her to help her as well as give Mu Xi Yao words of admonishments. 

This child was good-natured and very well-behaved.

Her only shortcomings were that she had no regard for precedence in front of his Highness and has gradually lost her caution because of his Highness’s fondness. 

Mu Xi Yao hugged lady Yu and was being affectionate with her.

How could she not know that she had to treat Zhong Zheng Lin with an all-out effort and that slacking off was not tolerated Mu Xi Yao wound her arm around lady Yu’s and leaned against her for a long time.

No matter how Zhong Zheng Lin doted on her, it couldn’t compare to the love of her family that never demanded anything for return.

The price of his love and pamper was extremely expensive.

If she did not grasp it well and wasn’t careful, it would be fatal. 

He Lian Min Min was imprisoned in the inner yard by the sixth Highness for the past few days.

The rest of the women were also put into house arrest.

She was quite unused that there was no one to pay her respect and visit her to engage in little talks. 

“Mistress, master has called you back a few days ago.

What do we do” Feng momo was a bit worried.

Every time master called on someone to speak with him, it was to reprimand the person.

Mistress’s life was not good nowadays.

If she was even reprimanded by her family, how was she going to calm down and live her life 

“What else can be done Father certainly will want to lecture me.

Can I, his daughter, not listen to him” 

Since sir He Lian specifically told her to go back, there must be something he wants to instruct to her.

If it was not about the matter of He Lian Wei Rui marrying over, then it had to be something extremely important involving the whole clan.

Unfortunately, the rebel faction incident was too sudden.

It has stalled her at this place, making her unable to take even one step out of Chanruo Courtyard.  

“These days, did any of those women display an abnormal behavior” Regarding his Highness’s assassination, she heard from the servants that they were searching for the spy in the front yard.

However, the inner yard was their key monitoring subject.

Daring to collude with outsiders to assassinate Zhong Zheng Lin, it was undoubtedly like cutting off hers, He Lian Min Min’s, way to survival.

This person mustn’t be let off no matter what. 

This was the first time He Lian Min Min and Mu Xi Yao had the same thoughts.

They both wanted to dispose that person behind the scenes and eliminate the root of the disaster.

It was just that she still had some regrets in her heart.

Since Yuancheng Emperor’s decree was already issued, the matter of Mu Xi Yao being abducted must certainly be a rumor.

Otherwise, the imperial family absolutely won’t tolerate her existence. 

That man called Mu Yu was too hateful! If he didn’t meddle in, Mu Xi Yao would have been long removed from the imperial family.

There will be a day when circumstances in the residence will turn for the better. 

He Lian Min Min caressed her abdomen.

Her eyes were filled with disappointment.

She has made love with his Highness a couple of times, yet why was there no movement It seems that she needs to work harder.

Each month, she served his Highness two times.

Although it could not be compared to Mu Xi Yao, at least she fared much better than other women in the inner yard.

Besides, maybe one day his Highness would get into the mood and visit more Changruo Courtyard. 

Su Lin Rou was already in a house arrest.

She hoped that once they moved out of the palace, she could be released.

Yet, unexpectedly, his Highness’s restriction caused her to break into a wail.

Which of other cefeis did not receive either favor or glory to some extent When it came to her, all her attempts ended with disappointment.

Not only was she put into confinement, but there also wasn’t even a reason for it.

Did his Highness spurn her 

Unlike He Lian Min Min who acted quick and has planted informers in the residence, before Su Lin Rou could make any arrangements, she was already being confined.

She did not manage to get any advantages.

As a result, she had no way to scout out information from the front yard and could not deduce the reason for the inner yard being put into house arrest. 

His Highness’s assassination was such a big matter.

Yet, he won’t allow her to head to the front yard and serve him.

Just this issue alone was enough to let her imagination run wild. 

When Wan Jing Wen entered the palace in the previous life, Zhong Zheng Lin has already ascended the throne.

She wasn’t very familiar with her seniors.

However, she called to mind a rumor which said that after Jianan Emperor was bestowed a title of prince, he has once punished a woman.

His means were extremely cruel and bloody.

It seemed to have been related to the rebel faction. 

Could it be that event happened in advance If so, was this rebellion that woman’s doing 

She compared Zhong Zheng Lin’s current inner yard with the prince of Qin’s inner yard in the previous life.

There were only two extra women.

In other words, did it mean that one of them must have been the spy Zhong Zheng Lin has executed  

Once she understood the connections, Wan Jing Wen started to made quick plans in her mind.

It was too difficult to directly frame Mu Xi Yao.

In that case, why doesn’t she use the other approach She can try to get close to her first and then look for her weak points, taking steady steps in devising her plans.

Translation notes:

[1] Hour of Chen refers to 7-9 am


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