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“Hey, take the meal.” A tall man threw a bowl of cooked rice in front of Mu Xi Yao.

Under his toss, the shabby pottery bowl bounced two circles before finally stopping.

Mu Xi Yao narrowed her eyes and sized up the food on the table.

Subsequently, she looked up at the coming person while sitting motionlessly. 

Did they take her for a beggar Even the beggar carried a few pieces of rotten vegetable leaves with himself.

When it was her turn, she was left with a yellowed congee made from old rice Did they think that since she was not far away from death it was alright to let her hang on one breath 

Up to now, Mu Xi Yao was calm and composed, steady as a rock.

She had already made proper plans about what she could do.

Zhong Zheng Lin should be able to find here tonight.

Once the boss arrives, what was there to be afraid of 

When she thought that soon there will be someone to get her back, Mu Xi Yao’s courage quickly swelled. 

As the proverb said: Heaven rewards the diligent.

Once in a while when she uses her brain and works hard, to one’s surprise, such an enormous surprise waited for her.

She could easily turn the situation this time because she has cleverly bound around with silk before it rained1. 

As for that woman in the prince’s residence, when she gets away, there will be plenty of ways to properly fix her. 

Thinking that she hasn’t seen the sixth Highness for one night, Mu Xi Yao made up her mind to complain tearfully to the boss and let him see how much of grievance she has endured in order to be with him.

Is this something anyone can bear Besides, she was pregnant with a child. 

Mu Xi Yao kept grumbling about not sleeping well last night while being imprisoned in the mud-brick room.

There were no soft pillows.

The hard brick bed pressed painfully against her lower back, making it sore.

Yet, she didn’t know that the sixth Highness on the other end has stayed up all night.

Her silhouette filled his mind.

Not only was he afraid that her body won’t be able to bear it, but he also worried that once she got into temper she will have no care for anything and be bullied. 

“Laddie, qie is used to have hibiscus egg custard, steamed stuffed bun, sauteed meat shreds, and coral napa cabbage for breakfast.

Qie will have to trouble you to visit Ju Xian House and have cook Yang personally cook them for qie.” 

Want to use her They will have to serve her well first.

She was unhappy! 

If she let Zhong Zheng Lin know that once she left his side she could only pitifully eat the rice congee, people would laugh their heads off.

Boss was already very tsundere.

She mustn’t encourage his bad temper. 

The brawny man cast a glance at her as if looking at a madwoman.

He was about to leave without any words. 

“Laddie, the alley in the west of the city is only four streets away from Ju Xian House.

Speak to the steward there.

Qie will wait for you.” 

A surprise flickered through the eyes of the brawny man.

He coldly snorted in disdain, “Even if it was right across here, you will have only this one bowl of rice today.” As soon as his words fell, he shut the door with a thud and locked it.  

Was this woman’s brain alright She was abducted for a night.

Yet, not only did she slept soundly but she also could not see that she was being a prisoner.

Did she think that this place was a prince’s residence where she could order anyone around 

Mu Xi Yao was confined in a dimly lit run-down house.

Those beautiful eyes of hers shone vividly. 

Her feelings inside the carriage last night were right.

It was indeed the west of the city.

The old-fashioned houses in front of her should be dwelling in one of two alleys – Qianxi or Shunlong.

Upon taking a look at the style of the courtyard, she was certain it was Qianxi.

They indeed knew how to pick a place, that downtown was but a temporal retreat. 

What a pity that she was here to nitpick on them.

Making her unhappy Let’s see who would be the first to lose calm. 

“Have you sent the meal” The middle-aged man was practicing his fists in the courtyard.

His strikes were as dynamic as a tiger. 

“It was sent just now.” 

“Did she make a scene” According to the intelligence, Mu’shi certainly was not a well-behaved person. 

“That woman….” The man repeated Mu Xi Yao’s words. 

The middle-aged man stopped the movements of his hands.

Their lord has specifically ordered them to keep a careful watch over that woman.

No mistakes were allowed.  

While he was still speculating whether she was making difficulties for them to vent her anger or had other objectives, he suddenly heard Qinqiang2 coming out from her room.

The tearful tone that she produced was authentic and so sorrowful it was beyond words. 

The middle-aged man frowned.

This woman had the leisure to perform an opera early in the morning He looked at the locked door and simply ignored her. 

Apart from the first and the fifteenth day of the month when it was bustling, Qianxi alley was otherwise quiet and deserted.

The place was surrounded by poor families who have already left their homes to work for a living.

The left and right residences were both bought by their lord.

Even if she yelled at the top of her lungs, nobody would pay her attention.

Once she had enough she will naturally be obedient and use her meal. 

Mu Xi Yao had only those seven-eight lines.

She repeated them again and again while singing tragically with endless patience.  

After a while, the sound of random footsteps could be heard from outside the tiny courtyard. 

“Open the door! Who is inside My mistress heard someone singing Qinqiang.

She would like to invite the person to her residence to sing some songs.” The knocking on the door to the courtyard produced thud sounds.

The corners of Mu Xi Yao’s lips curled up as she listened inside the house. 

The middle-aged man’s face took on a ghastly expression.

How was it possible that someone sought them 

When he heard the other party mention singing a song, he immediately understood Mu Xi Yao’s scheme.

He quickly ordered someone to unlock the door and make her cease causing troubles. 

When he entered the room, he saw Mu Xi Yao in a decent posture of an opera singer, singing in a spirited manner. 

With a gloomy face, the middle-aged man spoke viciously, “Does cefei want to attract people’s attention and seek for help It’ll depend on whether the other person has such capabilities.” At first, he didn’t want to heed her.

He thought that once she tired herself from making all the commotion, she would naturally calm down.

Unexpectedly, she was lucky enough to draw people to this nook.

Fortunately, this place was far from influential officials.

They will only have to drive away the people outside. 

“Did your lord not inform you that qie is used to being pampered and cannot suffer any hardship For instance, qie is hungry now.

Hence, qie is not willing to be wronged.

If it wasn’t for not having even a decent meal, qie would not have warmed the vocals and sang like a minstrel.” Mu Xi Yao put down the gesticulating hands.

She walked to the table and knocked the broken bowl with the chopsticks. 

“Could it be that sir thinks that qie is a fool, that qie has caused so many troubles just to attract someone who can be casually sent away” Mu Xi Yao laughed out loud while patting the table. 

“On the first day of each month, the dowager from marquis of Xiangyang’s House will go to Cheng Huang temple to offer incense to Buddha and make a prayer.

Afterward, she will head to the close by Jing Hui nunnery and listen to abbess Ci An’s sutra lectures and then use the Buddhist food there.

On the second day of the month, the marquess of Xiangyang will go to Jing Hui nunnery to pick the person early in the morning.

Qianxi alley is the one road they must pass through.

Yet, in this quiet place, qie sings in such a stuttering manner that prompts people to tears.

Say, sir, will it pique the marquess’s interest” 

This 《Wei River》was a song consort Shu was fond of.

She has listened to it several times with her thus she remembered its beginning. 

The middle-aged man looked at her fiercely.

His face had a very ghastly expression. 

If they were caught by the house of marquis right now, their whole operation might be spoilt.

The assassination already failed.

No mistakes must occur on this side with Mu’shi. 

This woman’s shrewdness was so unfathomable it was hard for them to guard against her.

His carelessness was to be blamed as he didn’t see through her tricks from the beginning.

Now, they have fallen into a risky circumstance. 

Mu Xi Yao turned her nose at the pottery bowl and pushed it far away.

She asked him good-naturedly, “Has sir decided If you entertain qie with delicious food, qie won’t mind staying for a bit longer.

After all, it won’t be glorious to go out like this, right” 

Zhong Zheng Ming was imprisoned next door.

Up till now, she didn’t hear any sounds coming from his place.

The one who drugged him might have overdosed so he didn’t wake up yet.

If she recklessly attracted people here to rescue her, her reputation was bound to suffer damage.

Mu Xi Yao had no intention of being kicked out by the imperial clan. 

She had a more dignified way to return grandly to the residence.

She was in no hurry at the moment. 

The person outside the door was still waiting.

If they kept not going out, it will raise suspicions. 

Over the past few days, the whole city was experiencing sinning wind and calling cranes3.

Every bush and tree looked like an enemy4. 

“Cefei is indeed crafty.” The middle-aged man sighed.

No wonder their lord said that this woman mustn’t be overlooked.

She made him suffer a setback early in the morning. 

Mu Xi Yao acted as if she did not hear his words.

She waited in silence. 

These rebels’ biggest objective was to destroy the imperial family’s foundation and damage Yuancheng Emperor’s prestige. 

If they were exposed at this time, first of all, these rebels wouldn’t be able to escape.

Zhong Zheng Ming’s innocence also would be proved.

The only one ruined would be her the insignificant chess piece.

As long as she didn’t push them too hard, the middle-aged man won’t dare to act on his own and spoil the big plans. 

The reason she dared to draw people here was only to make a bargain with him, negotiate about conditions, and seek benefits.

They shouldn’t think that since she was locked they could simply dismiss her.

As for whether she would push them too far and cause them to jump over the wall like a cornered dog5, Mu Xi Yao believed she would be tactful in dealing with them. 

She got hold of the fact that the person in front of her did not dare to act on his own and made full use of it. 

These rebels possessed exceptional martial arts and were extraordinary valiant.

However, when it came to schemes and deceit, Mu Xi Yao was streets ahead of them. 

“Sir needn’t worry about qie going back on qie’s word.

Qie is merely thinking of the child in qie’s womb.

Even if qie can eat this food, qie cannot treat the child in such way.

Besides, qie is truly not willing to go out and ruin qie’s innocence.

If sir complies, qie can help you sent that person away.” Mu Xi Yao spoke with confidence. 

This woman has resorted to such a dangerous trick just for the sake of a tasty meal The middle-aged man was so infuriated the veins popped on his forehead.

If he spoilt the big plans due to this meal, how was he going to justify himself in front of his lord and brethren 

“To save a good reputation, cefei doesn’t have even care about your own life” Mu’shi was as crafty as a fox.

The middle-aged man did not dare to lower his guard. 

“Qie cannot bring shame to his Highness.” Mu Xi Yao’s face showed infatuation.

Her eyes were filled with deep affection. 

The middle-aged man looked at her and sneered inwardly.

No matter how smart a woman was, she would still become a prisoner of love.

The sixth Highness pampered and cherished her.

It seems like it was worth it.

At least he had a chaste woman. 

“If cefei keeps the promise, there’s no reason why this humble one cannot comply with your request.

This humble one hopes cefei will be extremely careful and not treat your life irresponsibly.” 

“Open the door!” The middle-aged man ordered while clutching her neck.

If things change he will take her life.

As for failing their plans, he will naturally go back to the Shu to take his punishment.  

The third housekeeper of the marquis of Xiangyang’s residence brought people and entered the small courtyard.

He saw a little girl sweeping the ground.

Her age did not match the person who was singing the song. 

“Who was singing just now” The third housekeeper was fawned on by people in the marquis of Xiangyang’s residence.

Hence, when he arrived at the house of the poor, he acted arrogantly and was not polite with the servant girl.

His demeanor frightened the little girl and made her back away while waving her hands with all of her might. 

“Lord housekeeper, my man has gone to work to his master’s house.

It was this commoner’s casual humming just now.”

Mu Xi Yao deepened her voice, making her sound like a woman in her twenties. 

“I am the chief steward of the marquis’ residence.

Could it be that madam is afraid that I’m a lecher and not a decent person since madam refuses to see me”

The voice came from the house, but the person was nowhere to be seen. 

Mu Xi Yao raised her eyebrow.

Rabble He surely scolded to his heart’s content.

It was much easier to get rid of this sort of a small-minded person. 

“Sir, this commoner has just given birth and has not yet finished the postpartum confinement6.

Therefore, this commoner cannot be exposed to the wind.

Furthermore, this commoner is filthy.

This commoner fears my appearance will sully sir’s eyes.” 

When the third housekeeper heard that she was a woman recuperating after childbirth, he immediately felt like being cast by bad luck. 

“Was it you who sang just now” 


This commoner was previously a maidservant of the third rank in the palace and has learned few lines from a master there.” 

“You are a maidservant How come you’re in such a destitute state” The third housekeeper was surprised.

Normally, the palace maids would save their monthly salaries.

It was not difficult for them to marry into a bit better family.

“This commoner’s father is fond of gambling, so….” 

Once the third housekeeper heard her words, he understood.

It seemed that this person was a dabbler.

He has rejoiced too soon.

The third housekeeper flung his sleeve and brushed the dust off in disdain.

Afterward, he turned and left. 

Mu Xi Yao turned her head, indicating the person gripping her neck: I’m done with my work.

Can you pull back your hand 

The middle-aged man looked at her composed face and slowly retracted his hand.

When this woman answered back just now her pulse showed no irregularity.

It was too steady.

If he was to oppose her, he will be no match for her. 

“As long as we provided cefei with delicious food and drinks, cefei won’t be making any troubles again”

It was a pity that he couldn’t tie her.

Her belly was so big.

If something happened to her, it would be detrimental to their lord’s big plans. 

“Although qie is a woman, qie still knows that commitments need to be kept.” 

She will pass the time with enjoyable foods and drinks for now.

When the sixth Highness finds her, she will slowly settle accounts with them.

Translation notes:

[1] Before it rains, bind around with silk is a Chinese idiom that means to plan ahead 

[2] Qinqiang is a folk Chinese opera (learn more here)

[3] Wind sighing and crane calling is a Chinese idiom that means to panic at the slightest move

[4] Every tree or bush looks like an enemy soldier is a Chinese idiom that means to panic and treat everyone as an enemy

[5] A cornered dog will jump over the wall is a Chinese idiom that means to be driven to desperate action

[6] Postpartum confinement also referred as “Sitting the month” is a Chinese traditional practise following the childbirth where woman need to recuperate indoors for at least 30 days (see more here)


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