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The banquet went on until the hour of Xu1.

Mu Xi Yao could hardly sit still.

She gave Zhong Zheng Lin notice and retreated first along with her people. 

“Elder sister.” Mu Xi Ting, taking along Rui Zhu, caught up with Mu Xi Yao.

She said a few words at her ear.

Her expression seemed a bit awkward. 

A surprise flashed in Mu Xi Yao’s eyes.

She had Zhao momo take others back and only called Mo Lan to attend to her.

She brought Mu Xi Ting and made a detour halfway. 

Wine flowed freely in the main hall and people feasted until they were intoxicated.

The crown prince hugged his favorite concubine behind him.

His words and actions exhibited wantonness.

Zhong Zheng Chun was accompanied by beauties.

He gulped down one strong spirit after another, seemingly want to drown his sorrows in alcohol. 

Zhong Zheng Lin watched the two’s behavior with a frown and planned to send the two back to their residences.

However, he was unexpectedly stopped by their wine talking and clamoring about staying overnight at his residence. 

“Sixth brother, the wine has got a bit to the little brother’s head.

Your little brother will take leave.” Zhong Zheng Han was the first to depart. 

“Be careful on your way back.” Zhong Zheng Lin called Tian Fu Shan and had him personally send Zhong Zheng Han off.

When he looked back, he saw Zhong Zheng Ming who was always earliest to leave the banquet having no intention to leave.  

“Sixth brother doesn’t need to be curious.

Your fifth brother is waiting for shufei.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin subsequently realized that Mu Xi Ting was not among the womenfolk. 

The two engaged in chat while drinking wine.

Zhong Zheng Lin ordered people to take the crown prince and Zhong Zheng Chun to the front courtyard to take a rest.

Then, he had He Lian Min Min arrange accommodation in the side room for the womenfolk. 

Seeing Zhong Zheng Ming showing signs of tipsiness, Zhong Zheng Lin sent him to the side hall to take a nap.

He can go back once he finds the person. 

Zhong Zheng Lin stroked his aching temple.

He left behind Wei Zheng to keep watch at the side gate and then walked into Danruo Courtyard. 

The main house was brightly lit, yet Mu Xi Yao was missing. 

“Where is cefei” Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows furrowed. 

How come the two sisters’ chat not only tarried till now but they were also nowhere to be seen 

Zhao momo quickly entered the room and answered, “Your Highness, mistress has just returned.

However, not long after, she went to take a bath in the back.” 

“Third miss of Mu House is also there” 


Third miss did not accompany mistress.

She must have gone back to the main hall.” 

“Take people to the side hall to take a look.

On your way, deliver the message to the fifth prince.” 

After giving the instructions, Zhong Zheng Lin waved his hand and ordered people to retreat.

He undressed his outer robe and left himself in only a pale blue inner garment.

He passed by the veranda and went back to look for the person. 

“Jiao Jiao” As soon as Zhong Zheng Lin entered Shuangyan pool, he saw that the room was being dimly lit by only one candlelight which dyed the air with warm colors.

Zhong Zheng Lin was already tipsy.

Once he entered the room, he completely chilled his mind up.

He had a bit of hard time to suppress his tipsiness. 

Mu Xi Yao stood with a back facing him.

Her pitch-black hair that was soaked in the water lied clung damply against her bare back. 

“Your Highness.” Mu Xi Yao turned sideways and pouted coquettishly.

Her little face was flushed with color.

The mist made her face appear even more charming. 

Untying the belt, Zhong Zheng Lin took off the garments, leaving himself only in underpants. 

The man slowly entered the water from the jade steps.

Just as he was going to take the person into his arms and hug her, he heard her bashfully volunteering her services. 

“Your Highness, lean over the poolside.

Qie will rub your back for you.” 

Seeing her rare initiative, Zhong Zheng Lin complied with her words and moved toward the edge of the pool. 

“How come you’ve again used “ting zhi”” Zhong Zheng Lin smelled the fragrance that was lingering in the air.

He appeared to be clearly displeased.

The scent overshadowed Mu Xi Yao’s pure and sweet body scent that he was so fond of. 

“Your Highness’s body reeks of alcohol.

Stinks.” Mu Xi Yao turned up her nose at him.

She lifted her beautiful hair with those little hands of hers and put them in front of her chest.

She then turned and walked over to him.  

Zhong Zheng Lin was leaning over the edge.

His arms were propped against the jade-stoned surface.

From shoulders downward, his body was entirely immersed in the pool water which relaxed his muscles and relieving the tiredness. 

“Still not coming” The little woman was taking her time.

Which part of her body did he not see yet 

Mu Xi Yao brushed away the water with her hands and slowly approached Zhong Zheng Lin. 

“Is your Highness tired Have you used hangover soup” Little hands climbed onto the man’s strong arms and slowly kneaded them. 

Mu Xi Yao’s soft and snow-white hands pressed and kneaded Zhong Zheng Lin’s bronze-colored back.

Her massaging was skillful, to the point. 

The sixth Highness closed his phoenix eyes and relaxed his expression.

He pulled at her little hand and went to softly caress and play with it.  

He did not answer her question and instead raised another subject.

“Since there was no one to keep an eye on you today, did you use properly the meal” 

Mu Xi Yao hit his back hard, seeming to be dissatisfied. 

“Qie has naturally followed your Highness’s instructions.

Zhao momo was keeping a watch over qie.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s small hands gradually drifted downwards, reaching Zhong Zheng Lin’s waist. 

“Your Highness, change clothes~” The maiden’s voice was soft, sweet, and mellow. 

Zhong Zheng Lin took her little hands and made the way to the front, little by little, untying the belt.

Since taking off the underpants in the water was inconvenient, Mu Xi Yao extended her fair little foot and helped him to slowly push it down. 

“Why, can it be that Jiao Jiao wants to closely appreciate bendian’s personal garments” 

Mu Xi Yao’s face flushed with color.

With tremble, she picked up the undergarment floating on the water and threw it to the poolside, talking no more. 

Zhong Zheng Lin lazily stretched out his hands and pulled over the underpants that she had thrown away and teased her. 

“Didn’t Jiao Jiao have a fragrance lingering on the hands Bendian will check whether the clothes have any.” 

The maiden became angry.

Her little hand moved to his front.

It caressed the man’s sturdy chest and abdomen, stroking the flesh repeatedly and gradually shifting downward. 


“So” Mu Xi Yao looked at the unexpected guest in front of her with eyes covered in frost. 

“Cefei remains calm even in the face of calamity.

You’re unexpectedly coolheaded and collected.” The middle-aged man had the appearance of a simple and honest person.

He turned his head to look at Mu Xi Ting’s panic-stricken face.

His eyes could not hide the contempt. 

Mu Xi Yao certainly was not unafraid.

Although the jade pendant emitted heat, it wasn’t the scaling hot heat that indicated a great danger. 

“Who….Who are you” Mu Xi Ting broke in tremor out of fear. 

Just as she was talking to Mu Xi Yao, she suddenly saw two men clad in a black attire lift the screen and burst in.

As soon as they entered in, they’ve unveiled their identities. 

“Does third miss of Mu House know not of our origin It seems that when Yin Ji contacted you, she didn’t reveal our lord’s identity.” 

Lord Mu Xi Yao was alarmed.

Zhong Zheng Lin has once mentioned that the chieftain of rebels in the kingdom of Shu called himself “the honored lord” and his followers addressed him as the “lord”.  

The two people in front of them were actually the remaining rebels of the kingdom of Shu What’s more, they were connected to Mu Xi Ting 

Mu Xi Yao’s brows furrowed tightly.

Her complexion was extremely ugly.

This time, Mu Xi Ting has caught herself in an enormous maelstrom.

If they were not careful, dozens of lives in Mu House would face execution. 

“What’s going on!” Mu Xi Yao turned to look at Mu Xi Ting beside her whose face turned deadly pale and angrily called out to her. 

“I-I don’t know…..they wanted me to drug you.

I have torn the note.

It’s in Rui Zhu’s pouch.” Mu Xi Ting was so scared her words came out incoherently and one could hardly find any useful clues from them. 

Mu Xi Yao took a deep breath and looked at her with a complicated expression. 

Just now, this shu sister has caught up with her and for the first time took the initiative to inquire her about a matter.

Mu Xi Yao originally wanted to take her back to Danruo Courtyard but was turned down by her tactfully for not wanting to inconvenience her.

She said that it was only a few words.

As soon as she works things out, she would return as the fifth Highness was waiting in the hall. 

As a result, Mu Xi Yao took her to the water pavilion and ordered Rui Zhu and Mo Lan to keep watch outside. 

Mu Xi Yao naturally knew whether she’s been drugged or not.

The jade pendant didn’t send a warning.

She was also safe and unscathed. 

Though Mu Xi Ting was beguiled by the other person, fortunately she didn’t completely lose her mind.

This fact gave Mu Xi Yao some comfort.

After all, she’s been taking care of her for so many years.

If she ended up helping outsiders and turned up against her, she would certainly have a hard time getting over it. 

“Sit obediently.” She took her hand and pinned her down.

Mu Xi Yao then coldly looked at the two people opposite her.

Her eyes were calm. 

“Without the cooperation of the third miss of Mu House, I’ve initially thought this operation won’t be able to carry on.

What a surprise.” The middle-aged man laughed out loud, “The Heaven must be on my master’s side.

Third miss of Mu House has actually led cefei to this place.

Our plan cannot be even smoother.” 

The rim of Mu Xi Ting’s eyes reddened.

Tears seemed to have welled inside them.

She bit her lips and stared at the coming person.

She grabbed firmly Mu Xi Yao’s right hand.

Although she was trembling with fright, she clung tightly and kept close to her. 

Mu Xi Yao patted the back of her hand and sighed inwardly.


Their eyes were blinded by love.

Mu Xi Ting went to so much trouble just to ask her whether she has met the fifth Highness during the selection.

She’s stammered for quite a while before Mu Xi Yao finally understood what she meant. 

This silly woman.

How could she be interested in his fifth Highness Yuancheng Emperor was still in good health.

If she dared to scourge two Highnesses, death would be waiting at her doorstep.

Even if there wasn’t Yuancheng Emperor to hold her in check, based on Zhong Zheng Lin’s temper, if she dared to have an affair…the sixth Highness’s means were extraordinarily ruthless. 

Although Mu Xi Yao was angry at Mu Xi Ting for failing to distinguish right from wrong and bringing in disaster, it was now too late for reprimand.

What mattered was to deal with the situation at hand. 

“The two of you stayed here for too long.

Aren’t you afraid that his Highness would look for qie and hold you accountable” Mu Xi Yao had a bad feeling hence she spoked to sound them out.

On the surface, she appeared to be calm, but her brain quickly contemplated on how to defend herself. 


“Jiao Jiao.” Zhong Zheng Lin took her small hand and softly rubbed and massaged it. 

“Your Highness, don’t you want to….” The maiden leaned her chest against him and sweetly suggested. 

Zhong Zheng Lin slightly opened his eyes.

His words were gentle, “If bendian wants, Jiao Jiao will give” 

Mu Xi Yao chuckled and pouted.

She lightly brushed against his back.

Her hands passed under the man’s armpits and embraced his arms, slowly moving toward his neck. 

“Since it’s your Highness’s wish, qie will naturally give it to your Highness.” 

A cold light burst from those phoenix eyes of his.

He spoke with a deep voice.

“In that case, bendian shall take your lowly life.” 

He gathered inner force into his right hand and flung the clothes that have twisted into spiral backward.

It has instantly winded around the woman’s slim neck, tightly strangling it. 

Breathing out the foul air, Zhong Zheng Lin waved his hand and blew out the incense at the poolside.

His body still felt weary and somehow weak. 

Zhong Zheng Lin regulated his breathing for a while.

His mind gradually cleared up.

He once again looked at the woman behind him.

An unfamiliar face.

Her complexion was purplish.

She has already stopped breathing.

He lifted her fingertip.

As expected, it had a hidden poison. 

A hallucinatory incense indeed! A rare knockout drug from the kingdom of Shu has been, unexpectedly, used at this place. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s face was covered with cold frost.

Slapping the surface of the water with his palm, he leaped to his feet.

He draped over the shoulders the inner garments and walked out barefoot. 

Where was Mu Xi Yao The sixth Highness’s heart was torn with anxiety. 

This assassination plan was devised with an extraordinary carefulness.

To be able to avoid secret guards, they must have a contact inside the prince’s residence. 


“ His Highness has a beauty to serve him.

Cefei better not worry much about him.”

Sure enough! What a sophisticated plan.

To be able to approach Zhong Zheng Lin, they must have taken advantage of her and resorted to some sinister scheme! No wonder they wanted Mu Xi Ting to drug her.

Presumably, it was to take her away.

Unawares, Mu Xi Ting’s abrupt change of plan has, inadvertently, brought convenience to their arrangements. 

Could this be regarded as a destined disaster It might be better to be drugged.

She was most unafraid of being drugged.

But right now she lost the advantage and could only wait and see what happens. 

“Could it be that apart from trapping me and my sister, the two of you would also like to accompany qie and enjoy the scenery” Mu Xi Yao leaned against the back of the chair, exhibiting no sign of distress. 

If they wanted to commit an assassination, they would have already done so.

Since they had time to entangle with her, there was clearly another purpose.

Besides using dirty tricks to approach Zhong Zheng Lin, what kind of use did she have to them  

The middle-aged man laughed.

Yin Ji has sent a message.

Zhong Zheng Ming had a hidden feeling toward Mu’shi.

Their lord’s plan was not merely to eliminate the sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin. 

“I will need cefei to go on a trip with me.”

 Only go on a trip She was afraid that once she went with him, it wouldn’t be so easy to come back. 

Mu Xi Yao never worried about Zhong Zheng not being able to get out of the tight spot.

That man’s vigilance was sometimes so keen it scared her.

At the moment, she could only delay time to protect their life. 

“Elder sister!” Mu Xi Ting cried out in alarm.

She was so frightened she grabbed Mu Xi Yao’s arm tightly, unwilling to let go.

As the coming person approached them step by step, Mu Xi Ting was too scared and went to hide behind Mu Xi Yao. 

“As to go where, qie is too lazy to ask.

Qie presumes, the two of you also won’t tell.

Since qie’s sister is of no use anymore and won’t hinder your work, wouldn’t it be better to leave her here and have one less burden”  

Since Mu Xi Ting was useless to them now, she was in more dangerous circumstances than her.

The best way for her to get away was to let her know very little.

The more she heard the faster she would die. 

“Qie is carrying a child.

If qie saw a bloody scene, qie’s legs would be too weak to walk.” Mu Xi Yao’s tone was soft but unyielding. 

The two men looked at each other.

In a blink of an eye, one of them hit Mu Xi Ting’s nape, making her lose consciousness and fall to the ground. 

Mu Xi Yao finally turned around and left. 

Zhong Zheng Lin, if you don’t hurry up, little bun would be in danger…….

Translation notes:

[1] Hour of Xu – 7-9PM 


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