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“Mother.” Halfway through the opera play, Mu Xi Yao gave prior notice to the fourth princess consort and then went downstairs to look for lady Yu to reassure her. 

Seeing her travel back and forth amidst the crowd with her heavy body, lady Yu quickly went to pick her up and let her sit down.  

Lady Yu looked at her with worry.

She took a handkerchief and wiped her eyes, “It’s mother’s fault for believing you.

You chose fancy words to hide everything from me.

Only today did I learn that my child was being terribly bullied by others.

It’s all because of your mother’s uselessness.

I cannot protect you.

If you’re being exasperated by the principal consort, you mustn’t take it into your heart.

It’s not good for the child.

She’s the official princess consort.

Ease your mind and be forbearing.

As long as his Highness thinks of you, you’ll be safe.” 

Lady Yu spoke with sorrow.

The more she looked at Mu Xi Yao, the more pitiful she appeared in her eyes.

Today, in order to defend her parental home, her daughter had to suppress her nature and raise an argument with others.

Her daughter, who has been well-behaved since a young age, must have been extremely reluctant as she even had to trample on her good-natured and candid reputation.  

Concubine Wu worried about the two of them.

Seeing madam anguished, her heart, too, felt upset.

“Miss, you’ve had a hard time.

You are in such a situation, yet you’re always protecting Xi Ting.

Yiniang is unable to repay this kind of kindness.” Once her words fell, the rim of her eyes reddened. 

The two’s words made Mu Xi Yao blush with shame.

This…how should she soothe them Could it be that she had to tell her mother that she walked with a straight back1 in the residence so she needn’t worry about her If she said it like that, lady Yu would be frightened.

In the eyes of women like lady Yu, who have been honest and dutiful their whole life, her conduct will lead to her being cast off and divorced. 

Mu Xi Ting had no opinions of her own.

Just now, she had been shocked by Mu Xi Yao’s fine coping skills.

What’s more, her thoughts were led astray by her family.

She believed her di sister was pampered by his Highness on the surface but in private she was reprimanded harshly by the principal wife.

In addition, she had to be humiliated by others on the outside, using her own reputation as a price to fight back.

For a moment, her heart was filled with sorrow.

She felt that her thoughts were unacceptable and she recalled Mu Xi Yao’s kindness with feelings of gratitude. 

Zhao momo and the party listened to members of mistress’s parental home talk about Mu Xi Yao being wronged and suffering hardships.

They could not bear Mu Xi Yao being bullied and broke into tears.

Their expression was so marvelous Zhao momo and the lot had a hard time to restrain their reactions. 

Were they talking about their mistress The one who monopolized his Highness’s grace, made the women in the inner yard fume with rage between gritted teeth and had noble consort “recuperate” to this day 

Mo Lan and Hui Lan’s faces flushed with color.

Madam and concubine Wu had made a mistake.

Their mistress even dared to talk back to his Highness.

Apart from when in presence of his Majesty and Empress Dowager, they’ve never seen their mistress act mannerly.

Oh, except for master and madam.

She was truly well-behaved in front of them.

Too well-behaved.

As a result, every time she changed her face, she made people’s minds turn blank. 

When lady Yu arrived at Shengjing, the storm aroused by Mu Xi Yao had just cooled down.

All the servants dispatched by Mu Xi Yao were warned severely to not gossip in front of her.

Lady Yu who always stayed indoor was hence completely fooled by daughter whom she believed to be a well-behaved child. 

Only sir Mu had heard bits and pieces of information from outside.

He was so frightened his heart trembled with fear.

Yet, he did not dare to go and tell this to his wife.

All by himself, he silently suppressed all the worries.

He only hoped his daughter would live a safe and smooth life without any twists and turns. 

Mu Xi Yao couldn’t bear to see lady Yu’s anxious face.

Hence, she could only softly soothe her.

She quickly carried Cheng Qing the little bun over to help her out of trouble and draw lady Yu’s attention. 


Zhong Zheng Lin received news from Tian Fu Shan in the front yard.

He nodded indifferently, hinting that he was aware of the matter. 

It would be a strange thing if Mu Xi Yao could be bullied in her own home.

This time, the old dowager of the duke of Rong’s House will not only get sick.

Following this episode, these people who were extremely fast in taking hints will certainly fall over each other in their eagerness to declare their stances.

Duke of Rong has thought of the separation of the household for many years.

After little woman’s disturbance, he will, maybe, success. 

The little woman, indeed, knew how to decide on the dishes according to the guest2.

Duke of Rong has benefitted from her help this time.

He will certainly come with a reciprocation.

By a strange combination of circumstances, the prince’s residence has once again received assistance in regard to dispatching troops into Mobei. 

Just as the sixth Highness was being proud of his woman’s capabilities, sure enough, he caught sight of the duke approaching him for a talk.

The duke’s attitude was even more friendly than before.

The two drank and chat merrily with each other, well aware of the hidden meaning behind their words. 

All the princes have brought their female family members to congratulate hence they’ve already received the news from the inner yard.

Seeing the host and guest have a great time, they naturally understood the cause. 

The eighth prince’s gaze was gloomy and cold.

It was lady Mu again.

He and his advisors were just planning on roping in the duke of Rong’s House.

The plan was already halfway carried out.

Right now, Mu’shi has snatched the decisive opportunity and fixed the tone with a single hammer blow3.

All the plans were now spoilt.

Half a month of hard work was put to waste. 

Did Zhong Zheng Lin plan this long time ago and had both the principal consort and cefei work on the trap, or was it that Mu’shi’s trick 

Zhong Zheng Han realized that his inner yard urgently needed a woman that would assist him.

When disputes in the imperial court are open, there was nothing to fear about.

Unfortunately, there were too many twists and turns in private.

If there was no woman to oversee such things, it would be too inconvenient. 

Zhong Zheng Lin benefitted from lady Mu’s assistance.

Just how many times has he already taken advantage of it 

Mu Xi Yao has been sitting for a long time.

Her body started to feel heavy.

As a result, she simply went back to Danruo Courtyard along with her people.

On her way, she also took lady Yu and the party.

After all, speaking outside was not as convenient as in Danruo Courtyard. 

Without outsiders’ disturbing, the family had a good time.

The little bun, Cheng Qing, couldn’t speak clearly yet.

As soon as he saw people, he would start to fuss.

The little feet of his stepped on a fur blanket specially prepared by Zhong Zheng Lin.

He was holding the wet nurse’s hands and jumping happily. 

Lady Yu stroke the blanket.

It was particularly soft.

She asked curiously, “This blanket is suitable for children to play with lest they get pricked by unclean things on the ground.

What is it made of” 

When Mu Xi Yao heard the question, her heart dripped with blood.

The sixth Highness’s spendthrift ability was as capable as her moneymaking ability. 

He won’t use a fine cashmere from Yunzhou.

Instead, he had to dispatch people to a distant country the prefecture of Jiangdu in Western Jin to purchase a sable fur.

What’s more, he wanted only that little bit of marten fur.

He was simply extravagant to the extreme.

The men from the imperial clan absolutely didn’t know how to be frugal.

The money spent on these few square meters of the blanket was enough for an ordinary family to spend for a few lifetimes. 

Since receiving this blanket, Mu Xi Yao took meticulous care of it.

It was well-maintained.

Its fur was soft and very clean.

She has made up her mind.

All of her three buns will use this blanket.

They weren’t as delicate as to be unable to step on the ground.

The sixth Highness himself was used to luxury hence the way he educated his children was also so unreliable. 

Once Gui momo told everyone about the origin of the blanket, lady Yu immediately retreated her hand in fright.

This was too scary.

Even if her lord did not spend his salary, he won’t be able to save enough for the corner of the blanket.  

Mu Xi Yao arranged the lunch directly in Danruo Courtyard.

She didn’t bother to go to the front yard.

After the meal, lady Yu took concubine Wu and went back to their residence together with sir Mu.

Mu Xi Ting stayed behind and accompanied Mu Xi Yao, waiting for the family banquet in the evening.  

Mu Xi Yao rested in her chamber while Mu Xi Ting took Rui Zhu to take a rest in the inner room of the west wing chamber. 

Once there were only the master and servant in the room, Rui Zhu hesitantly took out the note that was forced into her hand on the journey here.

She handed it to Mu Xi Ting.

“Mistress, this servant didn’t see that person’s face.

In the haste, this servant has just glimpsed the person’s silhouette.

She was attired in a servant girl’s clothes and her height was similar to this servant’s.”  

A servant girl Mu Xi Ting was surprised.

Then it was a person from the sixth Highness’s residence.

That woman’s hand has actually reached into the sixth Highness’s residence 

She opened the note to look at it.

It was again an urge for her to take action.

Today, she came to an understanding.

They were both daughters of Mu clan.

Why would she help an outsider to deal with her own di sister Not to mention that the woman was too mysterious and her background was unclear.

She was not trustworthy.

This time, Mu Xi Ting was decisive.

She directly tore the note and had Rui Zhu to place them inside the embroidered pouch, putting it away.

There was no hurry to burn it now, they could do it once they go back. 


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