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“Phoenix stick – – The Emperor’s Swallow.” 

As soon as the voice of the head monk of Anguo Temple fell, the entire Buddhistic Temple descended into silence. 


Another Emperor’s Swallow This time, even Mu Xi Yao couldn’t help but raise her brows. 

She looked at the woman beside her with big fluttering eyes.

Did her fate get altered

When her mind connected all the unforeseen events she had bumped into in these years, Mu Xi Yao instantly felt at ease.

As long as Zhong Zheng Lin wouldn’t be enchanted by her, she was confident she could live a stable life forever.

As for the woman who was devoted only to her little piece of land, if the other person doesn’t block her road, everything could be resolved. 

About those two phoenix sticks……is the old monk truly reliable 

She was Zhong Zheng Lin’s favored consort.

She had never thought of unsaddling He Lian Min Min and taking up her position.

Regarding He Lian Wei Rui…could it be that she might enter Zhong Zheng Lin’s harem in the future and then take the place of her di sister

In previous life, this woman was a crafty one.

The internal strife inside the He Lian clan was also extremely ruthless.

However, she had clearly entered the eighth prince’s residence.

She had not crossed paths with Zhong Zheng Lin.  

As for the other possibility, just thinking about it made Mu Xi Yao’s mind disarrayed. 

Could it be that in this lifetime, Zhong Zheng Lin will be slaughtered The eight prince Zhong Zheng Han will take up the throne She will have then to remarry 

Crap, what was with this plot The more Mu Xi Yao thought the worse her face-twitching got.

The direction things took did not match to her tastes.

It would be better if bun had his own father to raise him. 

Henceforth, in order to be foolproof and also ensure that she won’t have to remarry, should she aggrieve boss and take up a concubine for him once again Aligning He Lian Wei Rui with his camp so as to avoid a new branch growing out of a knot1 

Mu Xi Yao’s brain turned fast, /more and more bad ideas were emerging in her mind. 

“Great master, this….” He Lian Wei Rui was even more shocked than Mu Xi Yao.

How should she interpret this 

“The two benefactress needn’t think much of this.

Let nature take its course.

When time comes, you’ll naturally understand.” 

Comprehension struck Mu Xi Yao! This was a terminology of a charlatan! The old monk is too cunning.

He saw that a dispute will break out between Zhong Zheng Lin and Zhong Zheng Han and thus came up with this double insurance to trick people.  

After bidding farewell to the head monk, Zhong Zheng Lin took Mu Xi Yao for a stroll to the mountain cliff that dwelled at the back of the old Buddhist temple. 

“Is Jiao Jiao having wicked ideas” Just one glance at her cheerfully spinning eyes and Zhong Zheng Lin knew at once that she was about to hatch out wicked ideas. 

“Your Highness, that was a “phoenix stick”.

Aren’t you tempted” 

This man burnt with ambitions.

How could he tolerate the existence of an uncertainty 

“Jiao Jiao drew “phoenix stick”, too.” This woman paid herself no attention, yet she remembered well about other people 

“What qie means is whether your Highness wants to….” 

Before she could finish her words, Zhong Zheng Lin captured her chin and leaned down to kiss her. 

The attending people who followed them quickly withdrew.

These two masters were more and more difficult to serve. 

After the kiss ended, Zhong Zheng Lin touched her bright red lips with satisfaction.

The big hand of his gently rubbed her face, his gaze burning hot. 

“What bendian wants, will naturally take.

Jiao Jiao needs only to keep bendian a company.” 

He Lian Wei Rui Just a woman.

A spurning existence to him, Zhong Zheng Lin.

That woman’s eyes contained too much darkness.

They stirred repulsion in people.  

He bent down to kiss Mu Xi Yao’s clear eyes, appeasing her with a smile. 

“Jiao Jiao needn’t to panic.

Bendian is not someone of fickle affections.

Bendian will, in no way, abandon you.”

Mu Xi Yao sighed.

Boss, can you be an even bigger showoff With the current state, are you truly able to win Zhong Zheng Han and not have qie to remarry 


In the Buddhist hall of Anguo Temple, the prior of West Temple asked for guidance with a gloomy expression. 

“The great master the head monk, how come two phoenix sticks were drawn at the same time in this world” 

“Bearing a phoenix fate.

Not at all surprising.”

“The stick inscription is merely a divinatory symbol.

One mustn’t lose one’s original self.”  

“This poor monk has been taught.”


“You must keep quiet about this thing today.” When He Lian Wei Rui recalled the warning glance the sixth Highness cast her while leaving, she understood the deep meaning behind.

Did he want to protect that woman

By looking at how the two interacted today, that di sister of hers probably didn’t fare well.

No wonder she had rushed back home previously.

As it turns out, she returned to parental home to seek an aid.

What a pity.

Sir He Lian would, in no way, allow any private feelings outweigh public duties.

Already as a child, she has recognized He Lian House’s heartlessness.

If it was not for her discarding her frailness and reliance, and have grandfather see her determination on several occasions, how could she have lived to this day  

No one knew about how rapidly her heart beat nor how the excitement made her dug nails into her palm resulting in streaks of blood oozing out.

That sort of surprise commanded her to exert all of her willpower to maintain the calmness on the surface so that she wouldn’t lose her composure in front of people. 

This body was already broken-down.

She merely wished to live a long life and never again yield to anyone.

She does not ask for a husband’s pamper or children running around her knees.

She only hoped to live proudly, watch the mundane world, the flowers that bloomed like a piece of brocade2.

For the sake of prolonging her lifespan, she has even willingly given up on offsprings, so she wouldn’t have to bear the burden of producing them.

In exchange, she will have no descendants worshipping her. 

In the past, He Lian Min Min has angrily chided her for being sinister and crafty, harbouring abominable thoughts.

So what She was just a pitiful person who was at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening3.

Those bright and splendid things were lost to her since she’s been born.

In order to survive, the only thing she has learnt was to bath in blood and raise from the raging flames. 

Phoenix stick….was indeed a very favourable stick.

It came just in time. 

The phoenix soars and arrives at the Ninth Heaven4.

Soundlessly entering the clouds, dashing into the firmament while the wind is fair.  

She, He Lian Wei Rui, asked for a pair of haughty and aloof phoenix eyes! Even if her heart was to dwell in purgatory, filthy and foul, she will still piece together a lofty future, completely break herself away from the control of other people. 


The palace.

Palace quarters of consort Liu. 

“Does great master mean, consort Liu has fallen prey to soul binding art“ The Empress Dowager was alarmed. 


Upon observing her chi, it seems more like someone has cast a secret bewitching spell.”  

“Is it possible to save her” 

The head monk of Anguo Temple turned the buddha bead with his felt hand and nodded with a smile, “The medical monk is able to solve this issue.”

Empress Dowager let out a long sigh of relief.

She lightly stroked her chest. 

“Aijia has another matter that needs guidance.

That Mu’shi’s fate….”

The head monk put his palm together and chanted the name of Buddha. 

“Mu’shi possesses both happiness and longevity.

She will bring good fortune to her husband and prosperity to her children.

A person of great fate.” 

Empress Dowager was overjoyed.

That Mu’shi has, indeed, received Hu Guo princess royal’s compassion and benevolence.

It was for the best. 

The reason why Mu Xi Yao has raised an issue of the great master the head monk’s return to the capital to Zhong Zheng Lin was to make perfection more perfect5 on one hand and to remove the hidden danger on the other.

People of high status like Empress Dowager mustn’t harbour any suspicions.

What was the most unacceptable for the imperial family was suspicions and lies. 

The head monk of Anguo Temple left the palace.

He looked into the far distance and stroked his beard, his eyes turning profound. 

The oddity in benefactress Mu’s fate, he has never seen such thing in his life.

Changing direction of one’s destiny by defying the natural order; a fortune of damaged phoenix6.

Yet, she had drawn the Emperor’s Swallow stick.

The contradictions and mystery inside were, to one’s surprise, similar to evening mist; muddled and unclear. 


Two days later.

Since the head monk of Anguo Temple’s arrival to the palace, consort Liu has recovered her consciousness and her unborn child was also preserved. 

When Mu Xi Yao received news, her face turned cold.

She picked up the oval fan and turned it around in her hands, fiddling with it. 

The only scourge she hasn’t disposed of was this woman.

Having been cast a secret spell Suffered an abuse from other people She, indeed, schemed well.

Since the passing of consort Dongxian, women in the palace that were coveting for the seat among four consorts could be found everywhere.

There was only her daring to use the imperial offspring to fight for future prospects . 

On that day when the jade pendant sent her warning, it was aimed at her.

Right now, both the noble consort and consort De have fallen into desolation.

Yet, she has disentangled herself from the case with ease. 

Playing an opera of “secret history of Wu Ze Tian7” with her It depended on whether the fifth Highness would agree or not. 

When one used a secret bewitching spell, if there wasn’t assistance from the guiding drug, how could have they succeed with their scheme in a blink of an eye 

What’s more, according to Zhong Zheng Lin, that secret spell came from Shu province.

The collusion of people involved this time was complex and the whole matter was filled with intrigues.

Did the one who assist her with exercising of secret spell act on his own or she herself was a spy sent from Shu province 

If it was not for being too out of the blue if she exposed her on the spot and her unable to give a proper explanation, she wouldn’t have let her put on a play on that day.

However, she believed that the fifth Highness will be, in no way, softhearted toward her and hesitant in his actions.

He will certainly prove her crimes and leave her no room to escape.  

“Deliver the confidential letter to third miss.

Ask her to ensure this letter will be passed to his Highness.

This matter mustn’t be delayed!”

“Mistress, this servant will immediately go run the errand.

Just, what kind of excuse should be made to Mo cefei in regard to this visit” Chun Lan waited for instructions. 

Mu Xi Yao walked toward the table with light lotus steps and took out two invitations, waving them softly.

“Congratulations on establishing the prince’s residence.” 

Since the day she has decided to borrow Zhong Zheng Ming’s hand, she already had her plan prepared.

These two invitations, one was for Mo Wan Qing and the other for Mu Xi Ting.

This could be considered as going off the rails as originally He Lian principal consort was supposed to send the invitations to each residence.

Fortunately, the sixth Highness was biased and He Lian Min Min also won’t reject her on the surface. 


When Mu Xi Ting received the letter, she hesitated for a long while.

She kept pacing back and forth inside the room.

In the end, she dared not to delay the matter.

For a long time, she relied on Mu Xi Yao’s advice and has never defied her.

This time, it was her first time having thoughts of hesitation.

Yet, what was the result Mu Xi Ting mocked herself.

Didn’t she still just act on her cowardice and timidity, not brave enough to make her own decisions 

It’s no wonder she couldn’t compare to her and his Highness saw her as consolation.

When can she not be so disappointing  

Translation notes:

[1] A new branch grows out of a knot is a Chinese idiom that means side issues keep arising

[2] Flowers blooming like a piece of brocade is a Chinese idiom that means a flourishing scene of prosperity

[3] At dawn, not sure of lasting to evening is a Chinese idiom meaning living from hand to mouth

[4] Ninth Heaven is the highest of heavens in China

[5] To make perfection more perfect is a Chinese idiom that means icing on the cake

[6] Fortune of damaged phoenix refers to one who will struggle in love life and marriage

[7] Wu Ze Tian was a female Emperor of China during the Tang Dynasty.

It was rumored she strangled her own child to frame it on her rival, then Empress.


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