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Mu Xi Yao slowly used the soup without batting an eyelid.

Who had said that each woman of the inner yard had her own a story It was indeed accurate. 

Lady Wan’s expression just now carried a bone-deep hatred.

Her resentment run quite deep.

Mu Xi Yao looked at He Lian Min Min.

She actually knew nothing! It was interesting.

Could it be that just as palace intrigues have been put into rest, the inner yard struggles are going to emerge Mu Xi Yao leisurely speculated. 

“Your Highness, qie has already made a proper arrangement for the people chief steward had recruited.

Does your Highness want to take a look” He Lian Min Min respectfully asked. 

“Bendian has troubled you.

Call them in!” 

Mu Xi Yao looked at craftsmen attired in coarse hemp garments in front of her.

After asking them few simple questions, she left behind only two gardeners to specially care for Danruo Courtyard’s rare flowers and plants.

The rest of them were assigned to each courtyard. 

After coming out of the main house, Mu Xi Yao used the opportunity to propose bringing a few household servants from Mu House.

The sixth Highness gave it no thought.

He directly assented to the matter. 

When Mu Xi Yao called to mind the date He Lian Min Min has specially raised to Zhong Zheng Lin, corners of her lips curled up. 

“Your Highness, principal consort has specially selected the first day of the next month from auspicious dates submitted by imperial astronomer.

Qie understands well the implication behind.” That woman not only wanted to use the wine banquet to heighten Zhong Zheng Lin’s libido.

She, furthermore, wished to benefit from the cheerful atmosphere of housewarming and get pregnant.

What a good scheme she had. 

How could Zhong Zheng Lin not know He squeezed her little hand and took her to the garden to walk for two circles. 


On the afternoon of the next day, Gui momo came in to announce good news with a face filled with smiles. 

“Mistress, delightsome news! The chief steward has passed a message.

Master and madam will arrive at Songjiang port tonight.

It’s just a half-day drive.

They will reach Shengjing at hour of Si tomorrow1. 

“They will arrive already in the morning tomorrow!” Mu Xi Yao got up excitedly.

Rocking the fan, she paced back and forth in the room. 

“Unbeknownst, whether his Highness will have free time.” Mu Xi Yao furrowed her brows and muttered to herself, somewhat impatient. 

Gui momo chuckled.

His Highness has already figured out she would have such a question. 

“His Highness has sent news.

Tomorrow, he will accompany cefei to Mu House and hold a reception fro sir Mu.

He’s also specifically ordered the chief steward to sent servant girls and manservants over to assist them.

The residence was tidied up a long time ago.

It’s a three-courtyard house mistress is fond of.

The garden and pavilion are quite elegant.” 

Mu Xi Yao smiled sweetly when she discovered how thoughtful and attentive was the sixth Highness.

Lord Boss was too mighty.

The benefit of hugging a thick thigh was indeed reliable! 

“Tell Chu Lan to send third miss a message that a small sedan chair will be sent to pick her up tomorrow.” 


This old servant will immediately go to do the task.” When Gui momo heard that sir Mu will reach the capital soon, her joy was no less than that of Mu Xi Yao.

Due to sir Mu’s transfer, not only can she meet with her son and daughter-in-law, she can also see madam again.

It was naturally a great news to her. 


Ever since receiving second miss’s news, shufei stayed silent and looked dazedly at vase, lost in her own thoughts.

Rui Zhu was very puzzled about it.

Since entering the fifth Highness’s inner yard, they’ve never again seen master and madam.

This time, yiniang2 will also come to the capital.

Yet, why was there no joy in the mistress’s face 

If Mu Xi Ting received the message a few days earlier, she would be ecstatic.

But now, no matter what, she just couldn’t make herself to be happy.

Originally, she thought that his Highness has finally come to care a bit for her.

The tenderness in these past few days made her wallow in it.

What an irony that it was all due to someone else…


“Mother!” As soon as Mu Xi Yao was helped down from the carriage, she immediately went to throw herself at lady Yu. 

When lady Yu saw her lift the hanging screen and come out, her eyes couldn’t help from tearing up.

Who would have thought that as soon as that girl set foot on the ground she would scare her so much she was thrown in panic, “Aiyo, slow down a bit.

Slow down a bit.

How come you’re still this impatient!” Lady Yu quickly went over to grab her arm and reprimand her. 

Mu Xi Yao took her reprimand as a wind that passed her ear3.

She hugged lady Yu and then turned her head to pay respect to sir Mu, “Greetings to daddy.” When she finished, her brows frowned, “Is daddy exhausted How come daddy got so much thinner” Her little head twisted from one side to another, watching attentively sir Mu as she sized him up. 

“*Cough*” Mu Jing Zheng awkwardly looked at the sixth Highness.

This younger daughter of his was still as unpredictable as ever.

Even in front of his Highness, she showed no manners.

Zhong Zheng Lin was protecting Mu Xi Yao indistinctly behind her back.

He was already prepared for her reckless behavior.

When he saw Mu Jing Zhen use his gaze to hint Mu Xi Yao to conduct herself properly, Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t help but find it funny.

If she could do what she’s been told to, Shengjing wouldn’t be in constant twists and turns these days and the matter of consort Liu wouldn’t provoke so much discussion. 

Under the fury, Yuancheng Emperor has put everyone in the palace under the house arrest.

Consort Shu’s palace was no exception.

Just, her situation was a bit better compared to other palace consorts as no interrogations were involved at her place.

For instance, in the palaces of the noble consort and consort De, servants were summoned for interrogation already for the second time.

It was truly a scene of wind sighing and crane calling4.

This time, even Empress Dowager has paid attention to this matter.

From time to time, she would summon imperial concubines and scorn their actions.

Under such circumstances, people in the palace were overcome with anxiety.

Even as they were walking, they were afraid it would provoke a trouble.  

Mu Xi Yao wrapped her arm around lady Yu’s and followed behind Zhong Zheng and sir Mu’s back.

A bright smile engaged her face.

Right now, she was boasting wildly to lady Yu.  

“Mother, just look at how well is your daughter faring nowadays.

And here you were groundlessly worrying about daughter.” After saying that, she raised her face smugly, “The little chubby and big mansion daughter has promised you, all the commitments are honoured now.” She then patted the bulge on her belly.

However, her misbehaved hands were slapped away by lady Yu.

Mu Xi Yao continued to cuddle with her, “As a matter of fact, there’s an additional one.

He will pop out soon to court favor with you.

As for elder brother taking a wife, daughter constantly thinks of that, too.

It certainly won’t be forgotten.” Mu Xi Yao hugged lady Yu’s arm and spoke with ample confidence. 

Gui momo defended her.

She smiled and made fun of Mu Xi Yao, “Mistress, your big mansion is given by his Highness.

It cannot be considered as yours.” 

Mu Xi Yao glared at Gui momo.

She won’t have it.

She pouted her lips and retorted, “If it wasn’t for your mistress’s, mine, solicitous services, would his Highness bestow it” It was simply impossible to describe how difficult it was to deal with Zhong Zheng Lin that man! She had made such a great sacrifice.

Why couldn’t it be counted as her credit 

“*Cough, cough, cough.*” Sir Mu was unable to listen to her words any further.

His old face was filled with shame.

Her words simply had no boundaries.

In presence of his Highness, she dared to babble nonsense.

He needed to properly discipline this daughter.

Her speech implicated that this residence was gained in exchange of selling herself.


Mu Xi Yao aggrievedly mumbled to herself in a low voice after being glared by her own father.

Since she turned up her nose at Mu House’s old residence in Shengjing, she took care of it.

Mu Xi Yao entrusted Tian Fu Shan to look for another place to accommodate her parents.

Hence, they were right now in this big courtyard with vermilion gate.

What Zhong Zheng Lin did was help her out out financially.

It wasn’t like she asked him.

Why did this lecture from her own father fell on her 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s lips curled up as he watched Mu Xi Yao repeatedly suffering a defeat.

He’s finally found a way to control her.

This woman was very obedient in front of Mu Jing Zhen and lady Yu, poles apart from the unruly and fierce 

side she displayed in front of him.

As it turns out, this woman was accustomed to pretend an obedient daughter at home.

Zhong Zheng Lin cast a glance at her well-behaved appearance with his phoenix eyes, mindful of this fact. 

Hearing Mu Xi Yao speak disrespectfully about his Highness, lady Yu was so frightened she kept on tapping on her forehead.

She pinched Mu Xi Yao’s ear and admonished her.

The admonishments went on and on, till Mu Xi Yao’s expression turned depressed.

She miserably looked at Zhong Zheng Lin, seeking for his help.

After being with the sixth Highness for a long time, she has totally forgot about the matter of restraining oneself.

Sir Mu and lady Yu were both rule-abiding and honest people.

They couldn’t stand her unusually exaggerating temper. 

“Cefei is sincere and frank.

These traits are hard to come by.” Zhong Zheng Lin was amused by that little appearance of hers.

He executed her, though it was done against his own conscience. 

Not only Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t believe in reasons he has provided, even Mu Xi Yao’s face twitched upon hearing them.

Could it be that this man was praising her on the surface but in reality disparaging and mocking her 

Concubine Wu was sitting at the seat.

She anxiously looked outside the door, somewhat restless. 

“Yiniang needn’t worry.

People have been already sent to pick Xi Ting up….” 

“Sir, his fifth Highness brought third miss to the residence.” The gatekeeper rushed to report. 

Mu Jing Zhen was shocked.

His fifth Highness came to visit 

“Your Highness, how about going out to welcome them together and then go to the pavilion to use meal” Mu Xi Yao has been thinking of home food since beginning.

She has even made plans of where the meal would be used for lady Yu. 

Last night, Zhong Zheng Lin heard her talk about cook in Mu House on several occasions.

He naturally knew that her mouth was watering for food.

He rose up with a smile. 

As soon as everyone reached the veranda, they saw the fifth Highness attired in brocade gown coming their way together with Mu Xi Ting. 

“Sixth bother is also here.” Zhong Zheng Ming lightly spoke out.

From the corner of his eyes, he swept a glance at the big-bellied woman behind Zhong Zheng Lin. 

“Fifth brother.” Zhong Zheng Lin nodded. 

“Paying respect to your fifth Highness.” Mu Xi Yao quickly greeted together with her people. 

“It’s a family feast today.

No need for ceremonies.” Zhong Zheng Ming waved his hand.

After Mu Xi Ting also performed the greeting, he and Zhong Zheng Lin took the lead. 

Hearing the two of them talk about official matters, she and the group of womenfolk distanced themselves and followed few steps behind them.  

“Is something troubling you” Mu Xi Yao watched attentively Mu Xi Ting beside her whose face revealed a worried expression.

Her brow raised.

Was she bullied again 

Mu Xi Ting was originally recalling his Highness’s expression just now.

After being suddenly asked questions by Mu Xi Yao, she was startled into a tremble, “N-no.” 

Mu Xi Yao frowned upon seeing her struck with panic.

How come the older she got, the more she declined Although she wasn’t bright before, at least she was competent.

Nowadays, was she not even able to act steadily 

“If you face any difficulties, raise it to his fifth Highness.” Apparently, Zhong Zheng Ming treated her well. 

Mu Xi Ting’s heart was filled with agony, “Yes.

Little sister remembers.” 

Seeing her have something on the mind yet unwilling to say, Mu Xi Yao did not force her.

Who did not have a secret She drop off the matter. 

Mu Xi Ting’s heart was thrown into disarray as she looked at Mu Xi Yao’s back.

Last night, his Highness has specially rested at her chamber and inquired her about the matter of their father arriving to the capital.

He has explained to her that this morning he will be accompaying her here.

If it was not for another reason, she would have been probably so happy she won’t be able to sleep. 

That woman was right.

She was merely a consolation for the unattainable. 

On one side was her di sister who has taken care of her from a young age.

On the other hand was her husband and lord whom she revered.

Mu Xi Ting felt dismayed and agonized.

If it was someone else, she wouldn’t be feeling so miserable.

If it were other women in the residence who have snatched the favor, she would be still able to be indifferent about it.

However, why had it to be Mu Xi Yao 

A human’s mind was sometimes strange.

Mu Xi Ting just happened to fall into this vicious circle.

Step by step, she was led by the other party and fell into their ploy.  

“Use soup first.” Seeing Mu Xi Yao stare unwaveringly at fish slices in ginger, he ordered people to serve her a stewed meat and bamboo shoot soup.

When this woman was gluttonous, she knew not to restrain herself.

She would lose all of her self-discipline befitting a well-bread young lady. 

Mu Xi Yao pouted her lips.

Since she was embarrassed to make a fuss in front of outsiders, she could only docilely use soup first. 

Since Zhong Zheng Ming said it was a family feast, everyone sat together before one table.

At this time, as they watched the sixth Highness skilfully send caterpillar fungus and braised duck to Mu Xi Yao’s bowl, even sir Mu couldn’t help but be shocked. 

This….wasn’t Mu Xi Yao being too spoiled Seeing the two being very comfortable about it, not a bit embarrassed, lady Yu knew that the two were evidently used to this kind of interaction.

Inwardly, she was very happy.

As a mother, she can only feel relieved that his Highness pampered dearly her younger daughter. 

After finishing the meal, Mu Xi Yao felt perfectly satisfied.

The whole family was surrounded in a harmonious and happy atmosphere too. 

After rinsing mouth and using tea, Mu Xi Yao began to get sleepy. 

“We’re not in a hurry to return.

Go to the rear room for afternoon nap.” Seeing her holding a teacup without many words, sitting there docilely while making him company, Zhong Zheng Lin knew that this woman was sleepy.

When Mu Xi Yao was sober, she wasn’t idle for even a second, except for when reading a book. 

Having received Zhong Zheng Lin’s words, Mu Xi Yao cheered up and executed herself.

She took Mo Lan’s hand.

However, after taking only two steps, she suddenly exclaimed and took a fall to a side. 

Mo Lan was so frightened she grabbed her arm.

However, Mu Xi Yao’s weight caused her to lost the balance. 

Amid the frenzy, Mu Xi Yao’s waist was supported by someone from the right side.

From the corner of her eyes, she glimpsed a familiar thumb ring.

Unable to be concerned with anything else, she grabbed the other party’s front lapels and barely managed to steady herself. 

Still not yet recovered from a recent shock, she suddenly discovered that her whole left shoulder was also firmly supported, making her incapable of any movement. 

Huh What was going on 

“Are you fine” 

When she heard the gentle male voice coming from the top of her head, Mu Xi Yao instantly froze.

Her heart only contained these words: She threw herself at a wrong wolf!

Translation notes:

[1] House of Si means 9-11 AM

[2] Yiniang means concubine, it is also used to address the father’s concubine  

[3] A wind that passes one’s ear is a Chinese idiom that means to not pay much attention to/ in one ear and out the other

[4] Wind sighing and crane calling is a Chinese idiom that means to panic at the slightest move


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