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TBIC Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Counterattack


When Zhou Tong woke up, she was lying on the silky bed.

The gentle light of candles that has passed through the bed curtain was warm and tranquil.

As far as one’s eyes could stretch, everything seemed alien.

The furniture and its arrangement were all in the ancient style.

Gradually, a ridiculous idea crossed her mind.

Just when she attempted to get up, her surroundings unexpectedly started to spin.

An intense urge to throw up hit her.

Zhou Tong experienced a splitting headache.

She had to firmly grasp the silky bedding, stiffening her body and endure.

When discomfort passed, she has once again opened her eyes.

Outside the room, a girl’s voice could be heard.

It appeared she was instructing something.

The sound of footsteps was approaching, there was more than one person.

Zhou Tong instinctively closed her eyes.

She relaxed her body and eased the breath, lying there quietly.

After some time, she felt soft touch on her forehead.

The girl with a rejoice muttered: ”Great.

The fever is gone.

According to the physician, miss should be alright.

We just have to wait till tomorrow and then report it to master and mistress.

They’ll surely be happy.” She tucked her up and stayed for a while.

Afterwards, she instructed people to check up door and windows.

Leaving only one candle lit, she and the others exited room.

Only now could be Zhou Tong at ease.

After sorting out all the miscellaneous thoughts, she immediately got angry: “Damn the bad luck! I’m thousands of miles away from home, with only a small possibility of return!”

This time – traveling was bizarre.

Not only was her soul forcibly taken away, but it has also gained an enormous benefit.

The original owner of this body was called Mu Xi Yao, eleven years old.

Just a cup of tea’s time[1] ago she was suffering from a fever.

Too bad for her as her body was accidentally snatched by time-traveling demoness Zhou Tong.

Mu Xi Yao was supposed to pass away in twenty-three years’ time, experiencing a tragic end.

At the death bed, while being grievously ill and vomiting blood, a deep bud of hatred sprouted inside her.

Coincidentally, this triggered the precious jade she had always carried with herself to awaken.

This jade pendant had spiritual power to save its owner from the misfortune.

In order to fulfill Mu Xi Yao’s wish and pacify her malevolent spirit,  the jade decided to protect its owner and let her reborn, thus it forcibly tore space-time.

Zhou Tong’s body couldn’t withstand time-traveling, so it was crushed in the process and dissipated.

Subsequently, Mu Xi Yao’s body also suffered a damage, leaving behind just a broken soul.

The spiritual jade pendant decided to merge the soul of its owner at the juncture, when it still had time to accomplish her wish.

It picked the seriously ill eleven years old little Xi Yao to fulfill the task.

However, an unforeseen event happened.

The visitor from another world, Zhou Tong, was one step ahead of them and had seized the decisive moment.

She successfully PK little Xi Yao.

With little spiritual power left, the jade had no other option than to acknowledge Zhou Tong as its owner.

Only by this way it could save its original owner.

So far, Zhou Tong had acquired all the advantages at the home ground.

She possessed Mu Xi Yao’s memories and also partially her personality.

Thanks to this stroke of luck, she was able to accept her fate.

Alright, Zhou Tong absolutely wasn’t aware that she was the strongest time-traveling woman ever.

She was the only one able to immediately discard the reborn original owner, who was protected by a deity.

A true ferocious girl. Lass, how capable must you be

Zhou Tong was fuming with rage after learning that her previous discomfort and splitting headache was caused by the spiritual jade pendant.

She even more disliked troubles it brought with itself.

She felt deeply wronged and was also disappointed by this jade.

It couldn’t protect its owner nor could it kick her out of the owner’s body, so that she could take a return flight to her world! She was left only with a pile of troubles! It was obvious that Zhou Tong’s mood was not wonderful at all.

Of course, this woman would never admit, that she was just pretending to be mistreated after gaining such a favor.

Suddenly, a thought came to Zhou Tong’s mind: if thirty years old Mu Xi Yao carried with herself the spiritual jade, then eleven years old Mu Xi Yao must also have it.

While searching her body, she didn’t find any accessories that would resemble jade.

She then went to look inside the jewelry box on a dressing table.

As expected.

One glance was enough for her to recognize it.

Among the pile of jewelries, only it was emitting a faint light.

The jade pendant was of a small size, beautifully carved and smooth, warm on hands.

One could clearly see it has been activated by a spiritual power.

She tried to call it out, but it didn’t have any response.

Even the light it was emitting earlier has vanished.

Zhou Tong contemplated, did this treasure self-destruct Currently, she could only take a good care of this pendant, that was possibly her return ticket.

Zhou Tong led a successful life in her world.

She fared well in career and even better in relationships.

Naturally, she had her own virtues.

Despite having a little ego and also being a little tsundere[2] and idle, she had never made a mistake on important matters.

She should behave and accept Mu Xi Yao’s identity since she wasn’t sure if she could still return back.

At the moment, the most important thing was to study those memories of twenty something years from now on.

It would be marvelous if she was able to catch the overall context.

As she was browsing through the memories, her face turned darker and darker until it was completely black.

Her mood sunk into the abyss, even sky appeared gloomy.

It was like dense vines were wrapped around her, making breathing hard.

It was currently the ninth year’s spring of Great Wei’s Zhang He*[3] Yuenchen emperor’s thirty first year of reign.

The current emperor was the son of Gaozu emperor and empress Su.

He was doted by Gaozu emperor, who also personally oversaw his upbringing.

He was said to be bright and courageous, especially filial to elders.

When the emperor was three years old, empress Su passed away.

The emperor was heartbroken, missing his birth mother.

Since then, he became even more filial to his elders.

Later, he was given to newly instated empress Jing to raise.

Empress Jing was sonless for the whole life.

She was very generous and loving toward Emperor Yuenchen.

Accomplished in early age, with great ambitions.

After Gaozu emperor died, as 12 years old he ascended to the throne.

With empress dowager Jing’s full support, he secured imperial court on inside and defended against barbarians from outside.

Comparing to Gaozu’s time, he was even more outstanding.

He first recovered three provinces in Jibei, then suppressed the chaos caused by vassal kings.

He also opened mathematical schools, elected new laws and supported agricultural businesses.

Suddenly, Great Wei appeared to be prospering.

Lady Xi Yao of Mu clan was the youngest di[4] daughter of fifth rank prefect, Mu Jing Zhen.

She was deeply favored from birth.

First, she had an elder brother Mu Jing Zhi and an elder di sister Mu Xi Cheng, who both treasured her, then a little shu[5] sister, born from concubine, who fawned over her and an especially doting parents and elders.

Thus, she was all pampered and spoilt rotten.

Sir Mu cherished his wife, lady Yu.

Over the past years, he rarely stepped into his concubine’s chambers.

Till now, there was only little shu sister’s birth mother, concubine Wu left.

She was previously lady Yu’s dowry maidservant[6].

All other childless bedchamber maidservants[7] and concubines were sent away.

Mu Xi Yao, brought up in such a harmonious environment, lived like a princess.

Even though she had a little temper, but she was all the more simple-minded and good-natured.

Xi Yao was lively and lacked patience to take lessons from tutor, who was invited into residence to teach her.

Therefore, whether it was the poetry, music, needlework or culinary skill, they were all barely presentable.

The Mu’s household was harmonious, with upright family conducts.

It accomplished a pure and warm youth of Mu Xi Yao.

It also indirectly caused her to be unable to adapt into dark and blood-reeking inner yard [8] intrigues.

She was incapable of defending herself, not to mention taking a revenge.

House of Mu wasn’t prominent nor aristocratic family.

Thus, they have never thought of clambering over the dragon and follow the phoenix[9].

The eldest daughter was already engaged, waiting to get married.

The younger daughter was very charming and loved to make mischiefs.

Yet, she lacked any talent.

Her appearance was just barely considered delicate.

Initially, they intended to pick for her a person from well-off family, after her card was turned down during the selection[10].

They wanted to find for her a husband, who would be considerate and cherish her.

They didn’t demand him to have a remarkable career, instead, they sought for steadiness and smoothness, peaceful life, children running around one’s knees and being able to enjoy family life.

It was all futile.

Heaven family[11] held one year ahead the quadrennial selection to choose concubines and secondary spouses for members of imperial family.

Yuencheng Emperor ordered all thirteen years old maidens, who weren’t yet engaged and came from sixth rank and higher officials’ household, to participate in selection process.

Mu Xi Yao was unable to escape it.

She had to hurry to Shengjing with the status of lady-in-waiting to attend the selection.

Because of her plump face and voluptuous figure, she was chosen by consort Shu to be sixth prince’s concubine.

Mu Xi Yao’s tragedy, hereby, began.

Because of her ordinary appearance, Xi Yao wasn’t favored much at first.

Sixth prince, Zhong Zheng Lin paid no heed to fairer sexes.

He was upright and serious, indifferent and silent.

Xi Yao each month attended him only two-three times.

Zhong Zheng Lin hasn’t yet performed rite of passage [12], hence, didn’t have the principal wife yet.

He still lived in the palace and had only few concubines in inner yard.

Mu Xi Yao was quick-witted and had no conflicts with others.

After half a year, she gradually gained sixth prince’s favor.

After receiving favor for three consecutive months, Mu Xi Yao was diagnosed with pregnancy.

Later, she gave birth to Zhong Zheng Lin’s eldest daughter.

The inner yard was a dark place, the eldest daughter died prematurely, not even reaching one month.

Xi Yao was grief-stricken and fell ill.

During the postnatal period she had severely weakened her body.

She had no other choice than to nurse herself back to health.

She was unable to serve during this time.

Zhong Zheng Lin was busy not only with affairs in ministry of justice, but also had to assist crown prince in handling matters in ministry of appointments.

He had many matters to attend, so he rarely visited inner yard.

Following, the principal wife entered the household.

In succession, various beauties were brought into residence.

The relationship between Xi Yao and Zhong Zheng Lin was still shallow.

Before she had time to solidify her favor, it has already been divided.

Slowly, she was reduced into ordinary dispensable concubine.

After this blow, the former Mu Xi Yao, who was lively and liked to smile, drastically changed.

This person seemed to be heavily soaked in evening mist, her liveliness absent.

Subsequently, Zhong Zheng Lin established his official residence outside palace.

Together with other women, Mu Xi Yao entered sixth prince’s residence.

Four years later, she finally gave birth to another daughter.

Even though this time she was extremely careful, yet, without any trusted people, who could assist her, after suffering a cold, the second daughter also died.

Two years passed.

While Xiyao was in her seventh month pregnancy, under Jiang cefei’s[13] vicious tricks, she miscarried an already formed male fetus.

Following this miscarriage, Xi Yao was never again pregnant.

As the struggle over the throne intensified, Zhong Zheng Lin, who has been hiding his great ambitions, was engrossed in work.

He disregarded his inner yard.

Those concubines, that were with no favor, all alone and childless, thoroughly fell into the mud, with no one paying an attention to them.

Even though sixth prince eventually ascended to the throne, it wasn’t to be for Mu Xi Yao to receive a high rank in imperial harem.

She was bestowed fourth rank title of chonghua, her palace dwelled in some secluded corner.

Bed-ridden all year round, residing in a remote palace, it was no different than living in a cold palace[14].

Before dying, she was attended by only a little maidservant.

Twenty years have passed since she had entered palace.

Mu Xi Yao wasn’t able to see her family even once. If it wasn’t for the blessing of the jade, her vengeful spirit and growing resentment would made it unable for her to reincarnate.

In this lifetime, little Xi Yao was early on possessed by Zhou Tong.

There was no pain.

She didn’t know she had such a miserable and desperate previous life.

This could also be considered as a kind of relief.

The current ‘Mu Xi Yao’ was fuming with rage between her gritted teeth, the fire inside her heart was hard to quench.

Her eyes were piercing cold: ‘Very well.

I mysteriously got here and am supposed to end up all lonely and bitter’ Subjected to the special training with overwhelming palace struggle novels and TV dramas, no matter if it was the fight over favor or raising children, she has long been a theoretical expert in this field.

So, it was impossible for her to go this road till the end, without second thoughts.

In her understanding, there was no such thing as tragedy.

As someone ruthless, who goes by ‘if a man stabs me once, I will pay man with hundred of thousand stabs’, Mu Xi Yao fiercely bit down several names, then closed her eyes to contemplate.

Thinking about how to start reversing her position of second female lead……………..




[1] 5 min.

[2] 傲嬌 (ao jiao) – there’s no convenient equivalent of this word in English.

It was originally adopted by Chinese netizens, after the boom of mangas and anime.

Its interpretation is “seemingly arrogant and standoffish but kind and tender inside.”

[3] Era name

[4] Children born to principal wives

[5] Children born to concubines

#this content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!!!!! May karma hunt down these content stealing jerks.

Amen and Peace!

[6]Maidservants, that comes along with bride (as a form of dowry) to her husband’s household, they can later become husband’s concubines, either on husbands request or if wife wants to

[7] Bedchamber maidservants were considered to be concubines with low status (lower than actual concubines) as their role was only to satisfy physical needs of their master

[8] Inner yard is a place where womenfolk resided

[9] Seek connections with the highers – ups and rise to power

[10] The selection is held every three-four years, it’s the event during which the young women were chosen as spouses or concubines to members of imperial family

[11] Imperial family

[12] Rite of passage or coming of age ceremony is held when man reach age of maturity, it means he is matured and ready to marry, that he is adult now and can participate in certain activities

[13] Cefei is a title held by secondary wife of imperial princes (one rank below the official wife), even though cefei’s position is higher than those of ordinary concubines (as her name is recognized by imperial lineage) she is still considered as concubine

[14] Cold palace is a place where imperial concubines, that have fallen out of favor or committed a serious offense were confined and kept under a watch


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