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At 8pm, the musical officially started.

The entire studio was filled with people who came to see Gu Shengsheng’s performance.


Gu Shengsheng has been a famous musical actress for the past two years.

Her performances were vivid and imaginative.

She was good at interpreting all kinds of life with rich body language, and her audience was vast; both men and women, young and old, enjoyed watching her performances.


And the two tickets in Zou Cheng’s hands took a lot of effort to get them.


The auditorium suddenly fell into darkness, and then the lights on the stage came on.

In front of the audience was a scene of a family eating together:

The musical was a very classic “Pride and Prejudice.” It focused on Elizabeth, the second daughter of Mr.


She met Darcy at a ball but heard that he was arrogant, so she became repulsive.

After many twists and turns, Elizabeth was freed from her prejudice against Darcy.

Darcy also let go of his arrogance, and they finally got married.


Gu Shengsheng played the second daughter, Elizabeth.


The musical had gradually reached its climax, and the surrounding audiences were fascinated by it.

Next was the most classic scene of dialogue in the rain.

The stage performance of the male and female protagonists began to get so good, especially the rain scene.

The audience exclaimed that it was a pity.

Su Yunluo did not realize how sorry she sounded, but Zou Cheng watched her without blinking.  From time to time, as the play progressed, the woman frowned and laughed.

But no matter what Su Yunluo’s expression, the man found it cute and was unconsciously entranced.


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