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Keyboard Immortal Chapter 25: A Chance For Survival

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Chapter 25: A Chance For Survival

Translator: Pika

Bao Gang burst into laughter. “Of course, that isnt a problem at all! Our Blackwind Stockade welcomes men from all walks of life. Shall we get rid of these remaining guards together first”

Despite his words, Bao Gang was thinking of something very different on the inside. Assaulting the Yu clan was a huge matter, and he couldnt risk even the slightest possibility of the news leaking out. If this intruder were to get away, it would spell trouble for them.

He hadnt yet ordered his men to move against this outsider because he was unsure of his background. Moreover, their hands were still full with the Yu clan guards. Eliminating the guards before dealing with the outsider was the best play.

In any case, this man was unlikely to be at the fifth rank or higher, or else he would have single-handedly dealt with the Yu clan guards. There would be no need to propose a partnership then.

Hidden behind the bushes, Ji Xiaoxi grew more bewildered as the scene unfolded. She couldnt figure out what Zu An was trying to pull here. If she hadnt known about Zu Ans peculiar condition, she would even have suspected him of meaning exactly what hed said.

“Sounds good to me!” Zu An drew his dagger and charged towards the nearest Yu clan guard.

The Yu clan guard barely moved, but the impact threw Zu An several meters backward.

Both the Blackwind Stockade bandits and the Yu clan guards wore wide-eyed stares.

They thought that they had encountered an expert in the wilderness, but it turned out that he wasnt even a match for a third rank guard! Not only that, the guard was almost completely exhausted by the bitter battle earlier!

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Bao Gang felt like an utter fool. He had taken so much care earlier, tiptoeing around this intruder, calculating the best way to victory and scheming to win this man over. Yet, it turned out that the intruder was merely at the second rank!

He felt incredibly tempted to end the brats life with a slash of his blade. However, he could not discount the possibility that this was all an act to get Bao Gang to let down his guard. He suppressed his murderous urge for the time being. You dare make a fool out of me Just wait till Im done with the Yu clan. Ill skin you alive!

You have successfully trolled Bao Gang for 199 Rage points!

Looking at Bao Gangs twitching cheeks, happiness bloomed in Zu Ans heart. This fellow sure is kind to provide me with so many Rage points.

As the two sides clashed again, Zu An fell back from the front lines. Instead, he wove in and out of the battlefield, striking with his blade now and then. He was trying to get a feel of the battlefield while adapting to his newfound powers. After all, he had never been in a proper battle before, even when dealing with Plum Blossom Twelve.

His actions only made those from the Blackwind Stockade grit their teeth in frustration. Not only were his antics ineffective, he was actively hindering their attacks! If not for the Third Masters orders, they would have gladly decapitated this nosey fellow by now!

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The battle was short and sharp, and all of the Yu clan guards were eventually captured. After a moment of hesitation, Bao Gang did not kill them on the spot, choosing instead to place some restrictions on their bodies.

He planned to extract critical intelligence regarding the Yu clan from them, and they could be used as pawns to blackmail Madam Yu.

Seeing that the Yu clans guards had been subdued, Zu An rubbed his hands licentiously and began making his way toward the carriage. “Finally, Im going to see Madam Yus beautiful face in person.”

“The Yu clan will never let you off!” One of the guards glared furiously at him, a sword pressed against his neck.

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Zu An chuckled softly. “Were in the wilderness. The Yu clan will never find out what I did here.”

“Bro, arent you getting ahead of yourself” Bao Gangs cold and scornful tone drifted over from behind him.

Zu Ans eyes narrowed. “What do you mean”

Bao Gang waved his hand, and his subordinates immediately surrounded Zu An. “Theres no one who wouldnt be interested in a beauty like Madam Yu, and there are so many of us, but only one of her. Sadly, there isnt enough of her to go around, so how could we share her with you”

“Youre going to cast me away after making use of me” Zu An pointed at Bao Gang, his body trembling in fury.

“Pui!” Bao Gang spat coldly. “Where did this ruffian come from With your measly second rank cultivation, I really wonder where you found the gall to negotiate with me!”

Bao Gang was certain of Zu Ans rank after observing him in battle. The latter definitely wasnt feigning weakness.

“Mince him up and feed him to the dogs!” Bao Gang yelled. He instantly felt lighter and more refreshed. He could finally vent all of his repressed anger.

“Hold it right there!”

Ji Xiaoxi had exhausted all her patience. Zu Ans situation was desperate. She had no idea what he was up to, but she had to intervene before he was killed.

“Theres actually another person here!” Bao Gang exclaimed in astonishment. He had assumed that Zu Ans was the only presence that hed sensed, especially after that brazen entrance. He had been too careless. If that woman were to flee the area and spread the news of their deed... Just the thought of it made him sweat profusely.

“Hahaha, Third Master! Its yet another beautiful lass! Lady luck sure is smiling on us today!” Seeing Ji Xiaoxis beautiful face, the black-clothed bandits let out catcalls in anticipation.

While they had said that they would have fun with Madam Yu earlier, the men of the Stockade knew their place. There was no way they would be granted someone of Madam Yus status. Someone like her would be specially reserved for the Masters use.

However, this young woman was a different matter. She was a nobody who had appeared from nowhere. If they could capture her, she would be theirs!

“My father is Brightmoon Citys Ji Dengtu! Release this man immediately. We swear we wont divulge anything that we saw today!” Ji Xiaoxi was well aware that confronting them with her current cultivation level would be futile. The only play was to invoke her fathers name.

There was a moment of silence, then the bandits burst into hearty laughter. “Hah, Ji Dengtu is just a mere physician! Who do you think you are trying to scare”

“Shut your traps!” Bao Gang frowned upon hearing those words. His big brother had laid out the few people in Brightmoon City who were not to be messed with, and Ji Dengtu was one of them.

After a moment, he slowly shook his head. “I have heard of Ji Dengtus reputation, but Im afraid that we cant risk news of this matter getting out. Brothers, capture her! The first one to bring her to me will get the first taste of her!”

There was a collective roar of excitement, and the bandits rushed towards the lone woman.

“Watch my Finger Flick Secret Art!”

A cry came from behind Bao Gang, and he heard something whizz toward him. Without hesitation, he spun and slashed his sword at the object, shattering it into pieces.

“Hahaha! Is this your Finger Flick Secret Art” Bao Gang sneered coldly. His malicious laughter lasted but a moment, then blood drained from his face in horror. “Y-you...”

He fell face-first in the dirt, along with the few companions around him.

“Third Master, whats wrong” The black-clothed bandits abandoned their attempt to reach Ji Xiaoxi, and rushed back to help their fallen leader. As they reached him, they too collapsed to the ground.

Zu An heaved a sigh of relief. Hed been waiting patiently for the bandits to gather close together so he could make use of his Poison Bottle. Just as the opportunity had presented itself, Ji Xiaoxis sudden appearance had nearly foiled his plan.

Hed been prepared to fight the remaining bandits who had strayed out of the area of effect in their attempt to reach Ji Xiaoxi. Fortunately, these bandits were dumber than hed thought. Too anxious to save their Third Master, they ran into range of the Poison Bottles effects and were knocked out, sparing him a great deal of effort.

“You brat! What kind of sorcery did you cast on us!” Bao Gang bellowed furiously as he lay on the ground. The ki in his body had been completely sealed, and he couldnt move a single muscle. His entire body felt numb, as if it wasnt his own anymore.

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“Ive already told you. This is my Finger Flick Secret Art. This technique drains the ki from everything within a thirty-meter radius. You looked down on me, and this is the price for that.” Despite his brave words, Zu An dared not approach Bao Gang. He wasnt sure whether there were still traces of the poison lingering in the area. If he were to get poisoned as well, that would spell disaster.

“I-I understand it now! We were blind for daring to snub you.” Bao Gang quickly changed his tone after realizing the situation he was in. This intruder was really feigning weakness all this while! “Madam Yu is right in there, and shes all yours. We wont compete with you for her anymore!”

The Yu clan guards were still in a daze. Everything had happened so quickly, they were unsure what to make of the situation.

“Pui!” Figuring that the poison had had enough time to fully disperse, Zu An finally walked up to Bao Gangs side and slapped his face with his knife. “Heh, do you think that youre in any state to compete with me right now Who was the one who wanted to mince me up and feed me to the dogs earlier on Who were the ones who wanted to take advantage of our Xiaoxi”

As she rushed over, Ji Xiaoxi overheard Zu Ans intimate way of addressing her, and her face reddened.

You have successfully trolled Bao Gang for 147 Rage points!

As the Third Master of the Blackwind Stockade, Bao Gang had lived like a king the past few years. When had anyone dared to slap his face with a knife

“I have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. Please have mercy on me. Our Blackwind Stockade will surely remember your mercy!” As infuriated as Bao Gang was, he found the composure to invoke the name of the Blackwind Stockade, hoping that it could instill some fear in Zu An.

Zu An was amused by his use of the idiom. “Oh You have Mount Tai here too Alright then. Since you have used such a flowery turn of phrase, Ill give you a chance. As long as you can answer my question well, Ill spare you.”

The leader of the Yu clans guards was appalled by Zu Ans words. “You mustnt let them go! They are vile criminals who have slaughtered many innocent people.”

Zu An rolled his eyes at him. “Who gave you permission to speak here If you want to decide on how to deal with them, why didnt you capture them earlier”

The guard captains face reddened, but he was powerless to do anything. The restrictions placed on their bodies prevented them from acting, no matter what Zu An did.

You have successfully trolled Yu Bin for 111 Rage points!

Zu An approached one of the black-clad bandits and said, “Ill start with you. What instruments can you play”

The bandit was stunned. “I cant play any instruments.” Why in the world would bandits like them, who lived a life of violence and plunder, learn how to play instruments

“Whats the point of living in the world when you cant even play good music” Zu An sneered. He ended the mans life with a swift stroke of his knife.

You have successfully trolled the bandits of the Blackwind Stockade for 666 Rage points!

Zu An moved on to the person beside him and asked, “What about you What instruments can you play”

That man swallowed hard. He couldnt play any instruments either, but the corpse of his companion was still fresh beside him. There was no way he could admit that out loud. A flash of inspiration came to him, and he replied, “I can whistle!”

“In what bloody world do you consider whistling to be playing an instrument” Zu An slit his throat as well. The bandit died with a fawning smile on his face.

You have successfully trolled the bandits of the Blackwind Stockade for 666 Rage points!

The soft-hearted Ji Xiaoxi couldnt stand to watch anymore. She walked over to him and quietly tugged on his sleeves. “Big brother Zu, isnt this a little too cruel”

Zu An sighed deeply. “Xiaoxi, you are too kind. If we had fallen into their hands, they would have shown you what true cruelty is. Besides, didnt I give them a chance to live As long as they can give me a satisfactory answer to my question, I would spare their lives.”

The bandits from the Blackwind Stockade were all on the verge of crying. How does this count as giving us a chance for survival


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