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Chapter 789: Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor

After knowing Li Qiye’s real identity, the two old ancestors were distressed.

They secretly prayed and hoped that Li Qiye would forgive the Alchemy Kingdom out of consideration for their forefather.

Otherwise, the kingdom would have to face an existential crisis…

The old man and Li Qiye continued to appreciate the ancestral ground in tranquility.

Only the two of them were slowly strolling across this land.

In the Alchemy Kingdom, this old man was the strongest existence, and only Ancestor Wushuang was older than him.

No one knew his real name, but the title Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor absolutely reverberated across the entire Stone Medicine World and even all nine worlds.

In that era, the Hundred Life Alchemy Emperor was considered an existence that could become the second Immortal Emperor Yao Zu, a person who was both an Immortal Emperor and an Alchemy Emperor!

Alas, he was born in the same generation as Empress Hong Tian.

The tragedy was predestined, so he ultimately couldn’t become the Immortal Emperor.

Back in that era, many viewed him with high chances of becoming the emperor.

However, in the battle for the Heaven’s Will, he was utterly defeated by Empress Hong Tian and lost his chance from then on.

Of course, the world did not know that at an even earlier time when he was a very young teen, he had met Li Qiye in his Dark Crow form!

The Dark Crow at that time truly valued the alchemy emperor.

He had the highest aptitude regarding the dao of alchemy, as if he was born for this path.

Li Qiye gifted him a cauldron and taught him some alchemy as well.

Later on, for a plethora of reasons, Li Qiye left the Stone Medicine World.

By chance, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor joined the Alchemy Kingdom and became its disciple.

His cultivation soared after this, and he eventually became its main descendant.

During this period, he enjoyed illustrious fame as a genius.

Later on, he became an Emperor Candidate and fought against Hong Tian.

The rest of the story was already told.

This defeat perhaps was not a bad thing for the alchemy emperor.

After leaving the battle for the Heaven’s Will, he focused on the dao of alchemy to eventually become an extraordinary alchemy emperor.

Some even said that in the dao of alchemy, he was definitely comparable to the Alchemy Kingdom’s progenitor, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu.

He created many miracles for the dao of alchemy as an emperor and was praised by the nine worlds as its supreme alchemist.

A very long time later, he disappeared from the world.

Future generations all thought that he had died, but a very few knew that he was still alive and was buried in the deepest parts of the kingdom, never to show himself again.

Even the kingdom’s disciples didn’t know that they still had a living alchemy emperor.

Only ancestor-level characters knew that they still had an Alchemy Emperor who was also an Emperor Candidate!

An Emperor Candidate was an existence recognized by the Heaven’s Will.

The path of the grand era had Godkings while the equivalent of this on the path of the heavens were Emperor Candidates!

Eventually, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor and Li Qiye climbed to the highest peak of the ancestral ground to gaze at a distant location.

However, that area was engulfed in worldly essence and endless laws, so no one could see through it.

After a looking at it for a while, Li Qiye emotionally uttered: “The three vein sources… Numerous invincible existences had wanted to understand their origins and mysteries throughout the years, but how many were successful”

“My lord knows more about the three sources than anyone else in this world.” The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor replied.

This was not mere flattery but the simple truth.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t deny this claim: “I will definitely take a trip there in this generation!” His eyes narrowed after saying this.

“My lord has regained your body in this generation, so you will be able to create an eternal legend.” The alchemy emperor sighed disappointedly: “Alas, I am old and won’t be able to go, or else I would follow you by your side.”

Someone as capable as the emperor had used all kinds of means to increase his lifespan, including immortal medicines.

To increase the longevity of someone of his level was harder than reaching for the heavens.

Li Qiye continued to gaze at the farthest area and was lost in silence as if immersed in old memories.

After a while, the alchemy emperor softly said: “My lord, you will definitely go to that place in the future.”

“Yes, I will go there again!” Li Qiye spoke solemnly: “The Black Dragon King paid a huge price for me to regain this bag of skin.

If I don’t go to that place, then it would all be for naught.

I will sweep through that place in this generation and suppress the heavens!”

The alchemy emperor dejectedly sighed once more: “The Black Dragon King suddenly headed for battle and invaded the Immortal Demon Grotto back then.

The battle came too suddenly.

Once I found out about it, it was already over so I couldn’t lend him a hand.”

“After going to that place, I will personally visit the grotto.

All things should come to an end.” Li Qiye awe-inspiringly spoke.

“On the day of my lord’s assault on the grotto, just send the command and I shall answer your call!” The emperor spoke sonorously.

He always kept his debt to Li Qiye in his mind.

He was never given the chance to repay it, so he was determined to do so in this generation.

“If necessary, I will let you know.” Li Qiye gently nodded.

After a long silence, the emperor asked: “Back then when you two went your separate ways, the empress once came back to the Stone Medicine World.

My lord should know as well; although the empress is very proud, she still never forgot about you.”

Only the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor would dare to say something like this in front of Li Qiye.

Ordinary people wouldn’t have the courage, but of course, ordinary people wouldn’t have the opportunity to know this inside story either.

“I know, I didn’t come back to the Stone Medicine World later on because I didn’t want to see her.” Sadness filled his heart as Li Qiye gently sighed: “Hong Tian wanted to see me before departing, but she…”

He couldn’t help but become melancholic.

This memory had been covered in dust for many years now: “She is a stubborn child.

She didn’t give up even at the very end…”

“My lord has laboriously worked for the nine worlds.” The emperor became wistful as well.

Others didn’t know about Li Qiye’s tales, but he knew quite a few things.

“This is still a world under my protection.” Li Qiye said with a hint of forlorn in his voice: “Hong Tian was not going to give in, and I would never nod my head either.

A meeting would just result in another fight, so what’s the point For me, Min Ren, Hong Tian, and even Qian Li and Lil’ Blacky, they were all disciples personally groomed by me.

They were talented with unique personalities and emotions.

I trained them for my sake, but I also hoped that they could grow up to become invincible…”

“If I was there by his side, I wouldn’t want Lil’ Blacky to do as he did.” Li Qiye’s expression dimmed.

“Those in this world who know about my lord all think that you are the dark hand across the eons, but who actually knows about your sacrifices and what you’ve abandoned after millions of years” The emperor lamented.

“The world’s view of me is not important.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “I want those by my side to walk on an extraordinary path.

The world thinks that becoming an Immortal Emperor is the final destination, but in my eyes, it is only the beginning of the journey.”

“My lord must have considered this issue when you didn’t meet the Empress back then as well.” The emperor responded.

“Hong Tian had always been stubborn, so I hope that she has given up on that idea.” Li Qiye smiled bitterly: “Although I didn’t see her journey with my own eyes, I know that she will keep on being amazing.

She’s an incomparable girl!”

The emperor didn’t say anything back and only stood there by Li Qiye’s side.

Li Qiye glanced over the land that so many coveted and dismissively said: “Your Alchemy Kingdom occupies such a good place.

It is understandable that pride and arrogance eventually surfaced.”

The emperor wryly smiled in response: “The younger generation does not know the immensity of the heaven and earth.

They think that the moment they show themselves, they would be able to sweep through the nine worlds.

Regarding our kingdom violating the oath of past, I will give my lord an acceptable answer.”

“Hundred-Life.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “To be blunt, do I really care about their mischief At best, it is only a pebble in the river of time that continues to flow.

For me, those who block my path shall be killed without mercy!

“If your kingdom continues to choose not to comply with the oath of past, then how long do you think it can last Bing Yu, Ming Du, Qian Li and the others… The moment your kingdom tried to do anything back then, it would have met one of them! At that point, it would be completely annihilated! Even if you continue to live, Hundred-Life, how many more times can you plead to me, and how many more times will I choose to forgive your Alchemy Kingdom”

Li Qiye looked at the Alchemy Emperor at his side before continuing: “This land has made many people drool in greed for countless years now! These words might be difficult to hear right now, but I did want to let my people build an eternal foundation on this land.

However, I didn’t carry this thought out.

The first reason is back then, your group of old geezers was a bit sensible.

The other was out of consideration for you, so I didn’t attack your kingdom.”

“My lord, I understand.” The emperor smiled bitterly: “After a long period of reclusion, the juniors felt that they had accumulated sufficient strength to sweep through the nine worlds.

They have never seen your hallowed aura engulfing the nine worlds or your god-slaying miracles.”

“Hundred-Life.” Li Qiye wistfully responded: “I won’t bother with dealing the punishment this time.

You don’t have much time left, so use it wisely to reform your kingdom.

Otherwise, I won’t be so considerate the next time the kingdom gets in my way.”


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