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Chapter 747: Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique

Many cultivators in the distance were both nervous and scared after Young Noble Pei Yu activated his crystal physique.

“Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique, the most powerful defense in this world; it’s completely impenetrable.” An older cultivator couldn’t help but murmur with great envy.

Any sect or cultivator would covet this art.

An untouchable secret law — could anything in this world be better than this It allowed for its user to stand undefeated so that they wouldn’t be afraid of any enemy no matter how mighty they might be.

“I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to witness the crystal physique with my own eyes.

This trip was definitely not a waste!” The younger generation also became excited and was overwhelmed with greed after seeing the young noble’s crystal physique.

After activating his art, the young noble looked at Li Qiye in disdain.

He was extremely confident that the moment he used this art, he would be unstoppable, and if he wanted to leave, no one could stop him!

“Li Qiye, your turn.” With great hubris, the young noble looked down at Li Qiye from above and sneered: “Even if you cultivate the best law in this world, you still wouldn’t be able to defeat me.”

“Boom!” After the young noble finished his remark, Li Qiye unleashed another powerful fist on the young noble with extreme speed.

However, the young noble stood there motionlessly without any harm.

Even Li Qiye’s triple physiques couldn’t break the young noble’s defense!

Without any Virtuous Paragons present, even a Demon King couldn’t see Li Qiye’s attack clearly.

However, everyone could feel the power contained in his punch.

It violently shook the earth, making it clear that very few could bear such a blow!

Nevertheless, the young noble was unaffected as if he was an immovable God-Monarch.

Nothing could deter him!

“You only have this meager power” The young noble finally regained some face after being beaten so badly by Li Qiye earlier.

Now, he finally won an exchange, thus he belittled Li Qiye with an impetuous look.

Since it took so much effort, he had to do a good job at humiliating Li Qiye to wash away the shame from before!

The young noble proudly laughed and told Li Qiye: “Even if an ant like you musters all of your strength, you still wouldn’t be able to harm even a single strand of my hair.”

It was no wonder why the young noble was so arrogant.

He had complete confidence in his secret law.

He had used it to fight Ye Qingcheng before.

Although he was not Ye Qingcheng’s match, Ye Qingcheng couldn’t break through his physique and injure him.

Young Noble Pei Yu even used the physique to fight against a Virtuous Paragon! The suppression of this mighty existence still couldn’t hurt him.

In his eyes, there was no one in this world that could break the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique!

In fact, he was not the only one with this belief.

Even the Crystallized Sea Sect and all the cultivators in the Stone Medicine World held this notion!

“Boom!” Another heavy attack from Li Qiye struck his head after he finished uttering those words.

This attack was enough to destroy a star, but Pei Yu remained unharmed and unmoved.

“In this world, only the grand completion Indestructible Diamond Physique can compare to the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique.” A great character commented after seeing Li Qiye’s powerful attack that failed to move the young noble.

This left people wishing that they could also cultivate this secret law to become undefeatable!

“Is this the best you can do” The young noble sneered: “Take out your weapons, if you have any that is.

Even an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure or True Treasure is fine.

Go ahead, use them on me.

Otherwise, with your power, even if you hit me one or ten thousand times, it still wouldn’t harm a hair of mine.

If you use eggs to hit a rock, even ten thousand eggs wouldn’t be able to hurt the rock!” The young noble ignored all scruples because of his status and aggressively belittled Li Qiye.

This was his goal, after all.

“Only someone who trains the crystal physique would be able to challenge imperial weapons like this.” Someone murmured.

Everyone knew that imperial weapons were too much for the physical body to handle.

However, Pei Yu had no fear today and challenged such weaponry.

This was enough to show just how confident he was in his physique.

“It really is the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique, the real deal.” Li Qiye was not angry at all from Pei Yu’s provocation and lazily said: “So your true form is a Focused Steelgem, no wonder why you can cultivate the crystal physique to this level.

Very few can compete when you have such a natural advantage.”

“Hmph, so what.” Pei Yu scowled and proudly exclaimed: “Kneel and beg right now, or else I will tear you to pieces!”

It turned out that Pei Yu’s original form was a Focused Steelgem.

His original form was very close to Immortal Emperor Jing Yu’s since the emperor was an extremely rare Crystallized Jade that became enlightened in the dao.

The original forms of these two minerals were very similar.

The gem was a very rare mineral.

Moreover, a gem demon was even rarer.

Because of this, the young noble was able to last six days and six nights with the crystal physique.

Li Qiye smiled and asked: “You really think I will kneel and beg It’s just a Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique, do you really think you are unbeatable with it”

“Give it a try and find out if it is true or not.” The young noble smirked and unleashed a finger strike that was akin to a meteor crossing the sky.

It was extremely dazzling and overbearing.

The crystal physique was unbeatable.

The moment he used the power of the physique to attack, even a Life King at the same level wouldn’t be able to withstand the force.

Li Qiye didn’t bother dodging.

He powerfully swung his fist with an astonishing speed to meet the young noble’s overbearing finger.

“Bang!” The void shattered and created a hole after experiencing their heaven-defying exchange.

It was very easy to understand the power of the two sides.

Despite the powerful finger strike from the young noble, it couldn’t move Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye couldn’t deter the young noble either.

“Just what is the background of this Li Qiye Why is he also so powerful!” A big character from the previous generation was dumbfounded at this display.

From beginning to end, no one knew Li Qiye’s status and background since his attacks did not carry laws or any semblance of techniques.

“You are only relying on the virtue of your crystal physique.” Li Qiye shook his head and smilingly said: “It’s unfortunate that you have met me.

The crystal physique is nothing to me.”

“Such big words.” The young noble scowled: “Although my crystal physique might be nothing, it is enough to hold the world in disdain.

It is unbreakable across the eons!”

The young noble’s pride was overflowing after saying this.

His words were indeed true, no one could break this physique across the ages! This was his power that allowed him to be fearless no matter who his opponent was.

Even when many geniuses bowed their heads before Ye Qingcheng, the young noble remained fearless.

Even if he couldn’t compete for the Heaven’s Will against Ye Qingcheng, he was still confident that Ye Qingcheng wouldn’t be able to defeat his crystal physique!

“Unbreakable across the eons” Li Qiye couldn’t help but burst out in laughter after hearing this and proclaimed: “Very well, since you are so confident, I will break your confidence today.

Let me break this legend as I shatter your Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique!”

“With just you” The young noble pointed at Li Qiye and also laughed uncontrollably, almost to the point of tears.

“Breaking the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique HAHAHA!” The young noble did not hold back and laughed unabashedly as if this was the best joke he had ever heard.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye did not become angry and remained leisurely standing there, waiting for the young noble to finish laughing.

“I don’t find it funny at all.

It seems that my standards for comedy are too high.” After the young noble finished laughing, Li Qiye leisurely commented.

In fact, upon hearing this, not only did the young noble laugh, many cultivators in the distance joined in as well.

An older cultivator shook his head and smilingly said: “A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger.

Maybe Li Qiye still doesn’t know the true meaning of the crystal physique.”

Some among the laughing crowd were shaking their heads because this was the funniest joke they had heard.

In their opinion, Li Qiye didn’t know his own limits.

For millions of years, no one had been able to break the crystal physique.

A junior like Li Qiye declaring this was just wishful daydreaming.

The young noble put away his smile and pointed at Li Qiye with disdain before shouting: “You overestimate yourself, ignorant brat!” The young noble smirked and leisurely continued: “Li Qiye, do you not know how many people wanted to break the crystal physiques for generations Do you know what kind of characters they were”

“I’m listening, which Immortal Emperors wanted to break the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique”

The young noble proudly replied: “For tens of millions of years, no less than ten Immortal Emperors wanted to break my Crystallized Sea’s Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique.

I won’t bring up older emperors, but in recent times, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and Immortal Emperor Yin Tian didn’t manage to break it!”


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