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Chapter 591: Killing Till True Treasures Have To Escape

At this moment, the Titanic Crescent Ancestor and Insect King Ancestor couldn’t run away.

They conjured all of their blood energy and used their true treasures to protect their bodies.

However, this was not enough.

The treasures were awakened by the threat of the Heavenly Annihilation; their imperial power erupted as laws turned into boundless immortal chapters to stop the annihilation.

“Boom!” No one dared to get close.

Even the void was shattered, resulting in chaotic temporal fluctuations.

The stars exploded like fireworks in the sky.

The two true treasures were blocking the annihilation while the two ancestors’ bodies were mangled and bloodied.

Although the weapons were protecting them, the residual force still heavily injured and ruined their figures.

The awakened true treasures released two supreme shadows as if two emperors were there, causing spectators to prostrate.

Li Qiye replenished his blood energy then stood in the sky while looking at the two awakened treasures before he smilingly said: “I am not afraid even if your imperial souls come out.

You are not as strong as your masters.

Want to give me a try I have several weapons at the same level as you two, and I can unleash all of their Heavenly Annihilations at the same time.

“Even if you two can unleash your own annihilations, just wait and see which treasure will break first.

It has been a while since an Immortal Emperor True Treasure has been destroyed, so breaking one today would be quite pleasing to the eyes.”

Legend states that true treasures of emperors had intelligence and their own consciousness.

After being refined and strengthened by the emperors, these weapons had their own spirit and were called imperial souls.

At this point, the Thousand Hands technique appeared behind Li Qiye.

One hand wielded the Mortal Sword, another the Declivity Mountain Bell, one more with the Yin Yang Mirror, and a fourth with the Heaven Sealing Pentagate.

He carried a world-destroying momentum as if even a True Immortal would not be able to halt his will to annihilate all things.

Two invincible shadows flashed from the two true treasures then disappeared.

Li Qiye then continued on coldly: “If you want to die protecting them, I don’t mind since I do want to see the majestic spectacle of two true treasures being destroyed!”

Throughout history, who would dare threaten to break Immortal Emperor True Treasures Only Immortal Emperors would do so! Li Qiye’s arrogant and haughty attitude caused everyone to shiver.

“Whoosh!” The two supreme shadows completely disappeared as the treasures flew away, leaving behind the Titanic Crescent Ancestor and the Insect King Ancestor.

Although they had awakened, they didn’t want to face several Heavenly Annihilations all at once.

Unless their masters came back to life and unleashed their own annihilations, they wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed from such an exchange.

“No!” The two ancestors screamed unwillingly after seeing the two treasures abandoning them.

“Like I said, I will kill until your two imperial lineages know their place!” Li Qiye then cried out and unleashed his Heavenly Annihilations.

“Ahh!” After cries of anguish, the annihilations turned the two ancestors into ashes!

Everyone was shocked.

The experts from the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground and the Insect King Lineage were quivering with chills.

Their true treasures had abandoned them, leading to the ancestors’ deaths, destroying any semblance of morale or confidence left!

“We have to work together!” The Divine Guard Captain’s expression became quite ugly as he commanded the Ancestral City Lord: “Tell all the ancestors to work together.

Don’t hide anything anymore and take out emperor’s weapons!”

He then continued to ask an ancestor on the continent that belonged to the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom with a sincere tone: “If Senior helps us this time, then His Excellency Heavenly God will not mistreat the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom!”

There was an eternal existence presiding over the events on the mysterious landmass, an existence even stronger than legendary masters, so the captain asked for his help.

Rumor has it that the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom and the Ancestral Realm had a great relationship since the ancient kingdom’s two emperors had close ties to the realm.

“Very well.” At this time, the eternal existence replied with gravity: “This child cannot exist any longer or else he will be a great threat to the ghost race!”

Meanwhile on the battlefield, all voices were squelched.

The experts and dozens of ancestors present held fear in their hearts.

They all knew that unleashing Imperial Massacres and Heavenly Annihilations was prohibitively difficult and would require the acceptance of these emperor’s weapon.

Today, Li Qiye was unleashing annihilations as easily as eating meals — was this the symphonic prelude to the destruction of the nine worlds

At this time, Li Qiye went back to Lan Yunzhu’s group then gazed at the four altars and the other experts before nonchalantly declaring: “If you all want to sacrifice millions of mortals, then I won’t hold back any longer.

I will massacre all of you! This is called an eye for an eye and blood being repaid with blood!”

The Divine Guard Captain cried out in response: “Little animal, you are too insane and can’t be spared!” The captain also unleashed an unbeatable aura; clearly, he also had a great weapon.

The Ancestral City Lord emitted an imperial aura with his weapon as well.

“Rumble!” Several other imperial auras appeared as the other ancestors had to take out their weapons under the captain’s command.

In this second, boundless blood energies erupted.

All of these ancestors channeled the power of their strongest state in preparation to use their mightiest attack to kill Li Qiye.

This was especially obvious for the mysterious continent of the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom.

An eternal blood energy shot up high, allowing a true treasure to float in the sky.

It emitted a terrifying imperial aura as if an emperor was controlling it himself.

The Blood Ancestor inside the defensive perimeter was completely aghast as the blood drained from his face: “A supreme eternal existence! Outside of Immortal Emperors or other giants throughout time, no one could stop an ancestor of the eternal existence level…”

“A bit interesting.

It seems like a bloody battle can’t be avoided today.” Li Qiye was still relaxed against all of his enemies.

“Little animal, it is not too late to surrender!” The captain, along with all the ancestors, had an oppressive momentum as if they could kill all in their path.

They were getting ready for a heaven-shaking blow.

Although Li Qiye could unleash Heavenly Annihilations, the captain’s group still held a great advantage, especially with the eternal existence of the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom.

“Whoosh!” However, as the ghost side was preparing for their attack, space suddenly shook and a person appeared from the void.

It was a headless man that first appeared in the pond at the end of the path of death.

Only Li Qiye knew this man.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and became serious when this headless man came out.

The captain was startled to see this headless man and shouted: “Who might you be, acting all mysterious here”

He got no response.

The captain became furious since he was a high and above existence and wasn’t afraid of the headless man’s background.

“Wait until I catch you!” The captain shouted as a gigantic palm swooped forward towards the headless man.

“Pluff!” It was a very faint sound.

The captain, who was attacking the headless man, suddenly turned into a bloody mist.

This happened so suddenly that no one knew what was going on.

The captain was an existence that even ancestors were wary of, someone completely comparable to legendary masters, but now he had been turned into nothingness.

No one clearly saw what happened.

Everyone was startled and instinctively took a step back.

The Ancestral City Lord and all the ancestors felt a fear as if they had just seen a ghost.

“Honored Sir, from where do you hail” The speaker was the eternal existence above the mysterious landmass.

This was an existence that had opened the tablet of the deities, an extremely heaven-defying and terrifying existence. 1

The moment the eternal existence finished speaking, the headless man stretched out his hand.

“Rumble!” The All-Eras Ancient Kingdom’s mysterious continent suddenly collapsed and instantly detonated.

“Die!” The eternal existence rushed out and unleashed his true treasure.

However, with another wave of his hand, the headless man extinguished the Immortal Emperor True Treasure’s radiance as if it was a flickering candle.

Something even more horrifying came next.

The eternal existence was being gripped by the headless man like a powerless chicken.

The true treasure, on the other hand, was defeated and quickly escaped with its light dimmed.

All were frozen and scared silly, including Lan Yunzhu’s group.

Everyone felt that this development couldn’t be reality!



This goes back to the Investiture of the Gods; people who have their names on this tablet would eventually become deities and gods. 


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