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Chapter 542: Tian Lunhui

At this moment, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child, the Ghost Insect Evil Child, and the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden were all stunned on the spot.

Earlier, the three of them were bragging with great pride, but now, Li Qiye’s achievement was a violent slap to their faces.

The two descendants could no longer smile; only an ugly expression remained.

The Phoenix Maiden had a countenance as cold as ice.

She thought differently than the two descendants.

With Li Qiye easily taking sixty steps, she was even more certain that he would be a powerful enemy of her husband.

No matter what, she must destroy Li Qiye and remove this huge threat to her beloved.

“How did you do it” Lan Yunzhu emotionally asked.

She was no stranger to the miracle creator, but these casual sixty steps still amazed her.

“One step for one world.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I can create three thousand worlds, so one step for one world can’t trouble me.”

Lan Yunzhu was speechless after hearing this.

Li Qiye’s twelfth palace had already taken shape, meaning that he would have access to the heavens created from the palaces.

Once it reached grand completion, he would have his own firmament, so one could only imagine the possibilites from it.

Meanwhile, the Jadewater Queen recovered her senses after seeing Li Qiye’s result and gently sighed: “It is not the cultivation but rather the insight.” She was quite moved after this spectacle.

As a Charming Spirit with strong a cultivation as well as a divine reflection, taking thirty steps without the help of an external item was a big challenge to her.

However, even if her divine reflection could help her gain more insights, she still wouldn’t be able to take sixty leisurely steps like Li Qiye did.

At this point, Li Qiye gave the two descendant an uncaring look and said: “I initially wanted to go further, but since you guys only took thirty steps, it would be a waste if I took eighty or ninety, so nevermind, sixty is enough for now.”

Of course, this was met with an ugly expression from the two descendants.

The two initially wanted to use this opportunity to build their fame and — once again — become respected; they would use Li Qiye as a stepping stone.

Who would have thought that even with the help of the emperor’s weapons, they would still lose to Li Qiye completely

Li Qiye then ignored these two and looked towards the Phoenix Maiden: “Maiden, is it your turn to challenge me”

The Phoenix Maiden’s eyes narrowed as they suddenly flashed cold glimmers.

She did not answer.

Long Zuntian came out to speak instead: “How about I challenge you in her stead”

Long Zuntian making a move was not without reason.

He was an unparalleled genius and had been watching for a while, so he knew that the maiden was absolutely not a match for Li Qiye.

Even with an assisting treasure, she still wouldn’t be able to take sixty steps, so he had to take her place.

Li Qiye looked at him and smilingly said: “As long as she doesn’t mind, I don’t either.

Take sixty steps first, then you can come challenge me.”

Long Zuntian looked at the Phoenix Maiden for a response.

At this moment, she felt a sense of dread and uncertainty since Li Qiye’s devilishness was far beyond her expectations.

Even a supreme genius like Long Zuntian couldn’t say for sure that he could beat Li Qiye: “Mistress, let me give it a try.

Maybe there is a chance.” He said this to remind her that if she went, there would be no hope at all.

The maiden sighed and told Long Zuntian: “Then I would have to impose on Senior Long.

The pride of the ghost race is now on your shoulders.”

Long Zuntian shook his head without saying anything while lamenting his situation in his mind.

The maiden was too calculating; she said that to force him to use all of his strength.

In his eyes, someone with so many schemes and such frightening calculation abilities like the maiden was not fit for cultivation.

It would become a chain slowing one’s cultivation down.

But at this time, a mysterious voice suddenly appeared: “If it relates to the prestige of the ghost race, then how could I be missing” A person flew forward, creating wonderful images that spanned for miles as a mysterious aura covered the world.

It was as if the stars were flying with him as he exuded an inexplicable mysterious aura, causing others to feel that he had many eternal and unfathomable secrets.

“Tian Lunhui!” The ghost race cheerfully shouted after seeing this new arrival.

One of the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World and the descendant of the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom, Tian Lunhui, has arrived.

Rumor has it that he went inside the Fire God’s Palace so no one expected him to come out so quickly.

A great character saw him and emotionally uttered: “It seems that he obtained quite a great fortune inside the palace.

A supreme genius is indeed extraordinary.”

The ghost race became jubilated after seeing him.

One person happily stated: “Since Tian Lunhui can enter the Fire God’s Palace, this pond shouldn’t be an issue for him.

If this pond doesn’t care for cultivation, then with his aptitude, Tian Lunhui will definitely be able to see through it and enter!”

In just a second, many ghost members placed high expectations on Tian Lunhui since he gave them a glimmer of hope.

Even the ancestors didn’t want to bet with Li Qiye, which elevated his current momentum.

The fury of the ghost race couldn’t be quelled until they defeated Li Qiye.

The Saint Child and Evil Child had already lost and no one else in the younger generation could challenge him until now with Tian Lunhui’s appearance.

“Sir Tian Lunhui, you must beat him and teach this human ant a lesson.

Let him learn that we of the ghost race have plenty of geniuses capable of suppressing the human race!” A ghost exclaimed.

“That’s right! Push him down to see if he will still act so arrogantly!” Countless ghost cultivators added.

Even a few great characters were screaming.

The ghost race had been oppressed too hard recently.

After the humiliating massacre and the events that played out here… Even imperial descendants had lost miserably to him.

The ghosts couldn’t handle this anger since countless ghost geniuses were produced, yet none were able to beat an insignificant human.

However, Tian Lunhui was a cause for revival and his prestige instilled absolute confidence into the ghosts.

Tian Lunhui came forward while carrying a boundless mysterious aura and spoke: “Forgive my presumptuousness and allow me to learn from Fellow Daoist Li before Senior Long” His words carried a strange rhythm.

In terms of fame, Tian Lunhui was a bit less known compared to Di Zuo, but when it came to style and momentum, he was not lacking in any way.

He was on the same level as Di Zuo and not just in title.

Long Zuntian looked at Tian Lunhui and said with emotions: “The new waves will overturn the old waves.

I am old and will not compete with you youngins.

This is your stage.” He then slowly went back to the maiden’s side.

The maiden then heaved a sigh of relief.

Facing Li Qiye was giving her significant pressure.

She was always confident, but she was not certain of victory at this moment.

However, Tian Lunhui was pushing this board game towards a better position.

She became much more spirited to see Tian Lunhui challenging Li Qiye since she wanted to use this chance to see Tian Lunhui’s abilities for her husband.

Tian Lunhui looked at Li Qiye and calmly spoke: “Fellow Daoist Li’s fame is like thunder next to one’s ear.

Today, seeing your great style has left me convinced.”

Li Qiye looked at him and lazily spoke: “I’m afraid this is not our first meeting.”

This was true since the two had met each other prior without a formal greeting.

Tian Lunhui was not angry.

He only smiled with an unparalleled style and mysteriously unfathomable aura.

“Indeed, but that was just a glance without an opportunity to meet Fellow Daoist Li.” Tian Lunhui spoke: “Today’s meeting and competition is my honor.”

Li Qiye didn’t care for the formalities and calmly said: “Begin.

If you want to challenge me, then walk sixty steps first.”

“Then excuse me.” Tian Lunhui didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent.

He took a deep breath next to the pond with his eyes shooting out divine glimmers while staring at it. 1

At this time, all the ghost cultivators couldn’t help but hold their breaths; all their eyes were on Tian Lunhui.

They pinned all their hopes of defeating Li Qiye and regaining the ghosts’ glory on Tian Lunhui.

Tian Lunhui’s eyes were flashing wisps of light.

At times, they were as bright as the sun yet sometimes, they were as dark as a black hole.

Waves of universal law chains inside his eyes wove together to form a supreme article.

He was using this supreme article to communicate with the profound grand dao inside the pond, wishing to understand it.

The Jadewater Queen exclaimed with surprise when she saw what was unraveling inside his eyes: “Amazing, truly worthy of being one of the three heroes.

He has reached this level of understanding in such a short amount of time.

This puts my divine reflection to shame.”

Even Li Qiye nodded his head and said after seeing this: “A supreme genius is indeed different; he knows how to communicate with the strange dao and reached the strangest peaks.

Treading the pond is not simply about power unless it is an existence at the top, like a True God or an Immortal Emperor!”


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