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Chapter 510: Realm’s Defining Treasure

It was clearly wounded as the flames on its body had been extinguished.

If it didn’t drink a drop of star water beforehand, it would have died in the lake even if it had ten lives.

Lan Yunzhu and the daoist were quite shocked.

It wasn’t because that the turtle was wounded, but because of the hand-like tree trunk.

At this time, the withered trunk exuded boundless immortal lights with waves of immortal laws descending upon on.

Each immortal law derived the most profound grand dao in this world; it was as if they could collapse the heavens and cause chaos to the Yin and Yang.

It was as if these immortal laws came from the body of a supreme immortal.

Even geniuses like Lan Yunzhu couldn’t handle looking at these lights.

Her legs even became weak.

These laws instilled awe and fear to those in its presence; when these laws approached, Lan Yunzhu and the daoist could feel that the laws were suppressing their own grand dao while their grand dao was screaming and struggling under the might of this new law.

Lan Yunzhu cultivated a Heaven’s Will Secret Law, but it could not oppose this immortal law.

How frightening was it for even a secret law to fail to oppose it

Inside these endless immortal lights was an indiscernible “something.” The lights were simply too bright, so Lan Yunzhu had to activate her heavenly gaze — powered by her secret law — just to see the thing inside.

It was a book, a very old book.

It seemed to have been created in a natural process, so it was more of an item crafted by the heaven and earth than a book.

This book harmonized with the world as if it was one with everything.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t imagine the power this book would exude once the pages were flipped.

Once the pages of this book were turned, maybe the heaven and earth would shake, or maybe myriad worlds would lose their music.

The sky could cry tears of blood while the earth could tremble!

Li Qiye looked at this book and emotionally murmured: “Yes… So it was true.

Just like how my theory states, it really does exist!”

In the past, Li Qiye — as the Dark Crow — became friends with the Ancestral Flow Master and experienced many things together.

The master said that the Prime Ominous Grave’s Secret Realm hid a book, so Li Qiye had always been searching for it.

A unique book, a book coveted by Immortal Emperors, a book so precious that they would pay any price to obtain it.

Later on, he didn’t only come to the Prime Ominous Grave once or twice.

Sometimes, he wouldn’t get any treasures.

It that was the case, he would only research the stopping points of the Corpseblood Clouds.

In the end, hard work paid off and Li Qiye found this Secret Realm.

Another time, Li Qiye brought Immortal Emperor Qian Li here, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to obtain the book.

This book had always lingered in his mind, so he began to study even more and read countless ancient books and tablets.

Finally, he had stumbled upon a method.

In this generation, he found the dried trunk so he finally had the chance to try out his theory.

He wasn’t very certain because the book’s existence itself was merely speculation; the Ancestral Flow Master wasn’t sure either.

Moreover, there were most likely several Secret Realms in the Prime Ominous Grave and not just this one.

In summary, Li Qiye didn’t have much confidence, but this book was worth the gamble.

And it was not in vain; just like his speculation, this Secret Realm indeed had this book.

The legends were real, and the secrets in this book must be real as well.

The turtle climbed onto the shore where Li Qiye quickly grabbed the book.

The always-nonchalant Li Qiye was unable to contain his emotions as he caressed the book and exclaimed: “It really is this book! The heavens didn’t let me down!”

The daoist asked while being visibly moved: “What kind of precious book is this” He didn’t know what it was outside of the fact that it must be very amazing and terrifying at the same time.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and put the book away as one of his Fate Palaces sucked in the dried trunk.

Seeing the cracked body of the turtle, Li Qiye took out the bottle and fed it another drop of Myriad Star Water.

After taking in this drop, the turtle became lively again.

The water’s medicinal effect started to close its wounds.

Lan Yunzhu glared at him once more and exclaimed: “You are too lavish.

One drop alone is enough to scare others to death, but another drop! Do you want everyone in this world to drop dead from horror!”

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t be blamed for this overreaction.

If others witnessed such a thing, they would pray that they could turn into a turtle to enjoy the Myriad Star Water.

On the other hand, the daoist could only wryly smile.

No cultivators in this world were comparable to this turtle; they never had the chance to taste one drop, let alone two.

“This is for its contribution.

It’s very worthy.” Li Qiye smiled and said as he tapped the bottle of water: “You are now free.

When the time is right, I will tell someone to drop you off at Nightsea.”

It was as if the turtle understood Li Qiye’s words since it happily rubbed against him.

Li Qiye’s brows relaxed as he withdrew the universal divine chains that were latched on the turtle’s body.

A while after he obtained the book, a buzzing sound suddenly appeared.

From the lake rose a dao platform where a portal slowly opened.

It was time for them to leave.

Li Qiye looked at the opening portal and told the other two: “Come, it is time for us to enter the five Grave Realms.”

Lan Yunzhu and Daoist Heaven Calculating decisively followed Li Qiye into the portal.

It suddenly turned dark as they were teleported out of the Secret Realm to another location.

Lan Yunzhu opened her eyes and saw a majestic scenery with mountain ranges.

The taller mountains were mainly formed from numerous smaller stones and boulders, but a few were also a single unified rock formation.

Because of this, the shapes of these mountains were quite strange.

Some appeared to be an egg while others looked like pillars.

Two or three of them placed next to each other formed a giant gate.

Standing here gave the illusion that there was nothing else but rocks, as if this was a world of stone.

“The fluctuation of minerals here is quite strong.” Lan Yunzhu felt a strange aura and startlingly exclaimed: “Could this place be specialized in giving birth to treasure metals and divine stones”

“You are correct.” Li Qiye smiled in response: “There are five Grave Realms in the Prime Ominous Grave, and each of them is different.

Later on, some people divided the five into five Great Realms: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

You are standing in the place others refer to as the Metal Realm.

“Five elemental realms…” The daoist thought to himself.

This was different from his imagination.

“You can also put it this way: each of the five realms has their own special characteristic.

For example, this Metal Realm specializes in giving birth to treasure metals and divine stones.

If one wants to find grand dao treasure metals or destiny true stones, then this is the right place to be.

There are minerals and ores in this realm.” Li Qiye paused for a moment before continuing: “If you want to find spirit medicines and grasses, or even the legendary King Medicine, then you should go to the Wood Realm because it has them in great quantities; it has the best ingredients in this world.”

“Is this place not the Prime Ominous Grave” The puzzled Lan Yunzhu asked: “There is no grave here, so why is it called the Prime Ominous Grave”

“You want to see graves” Li Qiye smirked and said: “Then go to the Earth Realm.

The graves that you want to see will be at that location, and all of them are beyond your imagination.

One has to prepare well before going, and this realm would be best saved for last.”

“Why is that” The daoist curiously asked.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and explained: “The Earth Realm is also called the Prime Grave, or the Center Realm.

Although the five realms are not directly adjacent to each other, the other four circles the Earth Realm.

The Prime Grave is the most dangerous out of all of them, so if you want to test your fortune in that place, you have to be mentally prepare to die.

If you can make it out alive, then you will surely obtain a great creation; of course, the majority of people die inside.

One out of ten coming out alive is putting it nicely, it’s more like one out of ten thousand.”

Lan Yunzhu inquired: “Why is it so dangerous Are there ghosts there”

“Hahaha, ghosts” Li Qiye smiled and answered: “If they were ghosts like the members of the ghost race, then it would not be scary at all.

Once you enter the Prime Grave, you will find out just what the scariest ghosts in this world are.”

“There really are ghosts” The daoist asked again.

Although people called the Ghost Immortal Race ghosts, these ghost immortals had never accepted this title.

The truth was that they weren’t ghosts, they were existences with flesh and blood.

Some other existences were also called ghosts, such as the sentiments, but they were also not real ghosts.

They were only lingering sentiments, different from the ghosts the mortal world thought of.


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