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Chapter 498: Yin Yang Master

When Chan Yang first entered the Ancestral Realm, his fame, talents, and accomplishments had already rivaled Di Zuo’s and Tian Lunhui’s.

Now, with his minor completion Immortal Physique, how many people would be filled with dread after knowing this

If his Immortal Physique reached grand completion, then even if he couldn’t become an Immortal Emperor, he would still be a terrifying existence capable of competing with one.

After hearing this, the ghost tribes recognized the Yin Yang Gate’s potential.

The Yin Yang Master’s son was too excellent.

Not only would he be the descendant of the Ancestral Realm, but he would also have a grand completion Immortal Physique in the future.

The master and his sect’s position rose higher once again.

“Minor completion Immortal Physique!” In fact, after this news came out, many people shuddered.

Both ghosts and people from the other races were clamoring nonstop.

“May-Maybe Chan Yang will overshadow Tian Lunhui and Di Zuo.

Will he be the leader of the three heroes” Someone couldn’t help but murmur.

Ever since Chan Yang entered the Ancestral Realm, he faded away out of the sight of the world.

At that time, Di Zuo was sweeping through his enemies with prestigious battles, so he became more famous than Chan Yang and Tian Lunhui.

And now, after the news about the minor completion Immortal Physique spread, people recognized that although he went to the Ancestral Realm, it didn’t mean that he had become weaker than Di Zuo or Tian Lunhui.

Maybe his minor completion Immortal Physique would even widen the gap between him and the other two!

This news then came to the ancestral mountain right outside of the Prime Ominous Grave.

Having heard this, an ancient voice only laughed and commented: “It’s only at minor completion.

Wait until it becomes grand completion, then talk.

It is not like the Myriad Bones Throne never had a grand completion Immortal Physique.”

It would sound arrogant and foolish if this came from others, but not when it came from a grand character that hailed from the throne of bones.

They didn’t only produce Immortal Emperors, they also had a grand completion Immortal Physique.

It was one of the rare sects who had a complete Immortal Physique Merit Law.

As for Tian Lunhui who was right outside of the grave, he simply smiled in an unreadable manner after hearing about Chan Yang’s minor completion.

This enigmatic smile alone already proved his confidence despite Chan Yang’s accomplishment.

The Yin Yang Master provided some more news that shocked others: “The elders of the Ancestral City will visit.

This time, the grave’s opening is different from the past.”

The Ancestral City was a stronghold built by the Ancestral Realm in the Sacred Nether World.

It was the stopping point for this power and normally represented their ideologies and intentions.

The Ancestral City rarely cared for mundane matters or conflicts between ghost tribes.

They rarely came to the previous Prime Ominous Grave’s openings, but this time was different, which garnered a lot of surprise.

Many had a foreboding sensation with this news since they felt that it wasn’t so simple.

The Yin Yang Master and his sect camped right outside of the grave.

After settling in, the first group he visited was not the Myriad Bones Throne or other ghost tribes, but the Thousand Carp River.

The river sect put on a very grand ceremony to meet his visit.

The master sat in a comfortable palanquin as he was being carried into the sect’s camp.

He didn’t even get off when Daoist Bao Gui met him, he only nodded his head for the greeting.

The river sect’s elders were quite dissatisfied with the Yin Yang Master’s attitude, but Daoist Bao Gui was quite magnanimous and still cheerfully smiled at his guest.

The master was then invited into a room.

While still seated on his palanquin, he looked down at Daoist Bao Gui with his chin held up high.

The master then spoke: “Fellow Daoist Bao Gui, I want to see Li Qiye, your Guardian.”

The elders were very unhappy.

They would have already thrown him out if he wasn’t a guest.

The Yin Yang Gate was an emperor’s lineage, but so was the river sect.

It had absolute confidence that it was only stronger and not weaker than the Yin Yang Gate.

The Yin Yang Master had a great son that became the descendant of the Ancestral Realm, but the river sect was not afraid of this.

The Ancestral Realm was only dominant over the ghost race, and since the Thousand Carp River was a lineage of humans and demons, it didn’t give the Ancestral Realm any face! This was why the elders were unhappy with the master while other ghosts would find this attitude as a matter of course.

Nevertheless, Daoist Bao Gui had a good temper and shook his head before replying with a smile: “I’m sorry, Gate Master Yin Yang, our Guardian is in isolated cultivation and will not see any guests.”

“He has to even if he doesn’t want to!” The Yin Yang Master sneered and ordered people by pointing his chin.

He then declared: “This is not up to him to decide!”

This attitude enraged the elders even further, especially Venerable Yang who had always been a staunch supporter of Li Qiye.

Venerable Yang smiled and said: “Gate Master Yin Yang, regarding status, our Guardian is much higher than a sect master or royal lord.

It is not difficult if you want to meet our Guardian, but tell your sect’s ancestor to personally come.

Maybe our Guardian will personally see him!”

“Perhaps your Thousand Carp River wishes to become enemies with our ghost race” The Yin Yang Master coldly said with a darkened expression: “I came while representing the Ancestral City!”

Venerable Yang’s expression also turned cold.

As a high elder of the river sect, he was one of the rare masters in the present times and was not easily perturbed.

“What about the Ancestral City” At this time, a laid-back voice slowly appeared: “I don’t put it in my sight at all, and opposing the entire ghost race is nothing crazy either.

It is not something I haven’t done before.

I’m the type that kills all those who oppose me, so even if your ghost race has billions of cultivators, I don’t mind killing billions.

What now”

At this time, Li Qiye had come out with Lan Yunzhu accompanying him.

The elders immediately stood up to greet his presence.

Daoist Bao Gui smiled and said: “Young Noble is finally done with your cultivation.”

“I’m only out to take in some fresh air, but I heard that there was a person boasting shamelessly in this place so I came to take a look.” Li Qiye then sat directly opposite of the Yin Yang Master.

The disciples who were holding up the Yin Yang Master’s palanquin shouted at Li Qiye: “Junior, cease your cocky attitude!”

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at this disciple and commanded: “A porter daring to shout in my presence Slap him.”

“Pa, Pa!” Two loud slaps clearly resounded.

Lan Yunzhu, who had been standing by Li Qiye’s side, went to slap the porter disciple twice.

The Yin Yang Master couldn’t stop it in time!

The master’s expression became extremely ugly.

Although it was only a porter disciple, it was still someone within his jurisdiction.

Now, Lan Yunzhu had slapped the porter in front of him — this was not showing him any face, thus prompting the master’s strong response: “You don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth—”

Li Qiye rudely interrupted him: “The height of the heavens cannot disturb me, and no matter how thick the earth is, I can still crush it with one stomp.” He calmly continued his declaration: “In this nine heavens and ten earths, your father can come and go wherever I please.

If you don’t have anything else to say, then scram.

Don’t act audaciously within my territory.

Quickly spew out your garbage!”

Li Qiye’s crude and dominating words caused the river sect’s elders’ jaws to drop to the ground and their eyes to open up wide.

People with their status really shouldn’t speak in such an arrogant and vulgar manner.

The Yin Yang Master angrily shivered while pointing at Li Qiye and shouted: “Junior, you…!”

Li Qiye became tired of the master, so he stood up to tell Daoist Bao Gui: “Sect Master, see our guest out.

My time is precious, don’t let this mouthful of arse waste it.”

Daoist Bao Gui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Li Qiye’s aggressive style did not befit a great power’s etiquette, but the elders were happy to see the Yin Yang Master become so angry.

They were very unhappy with the master, but because of their status, they couldn’t just mouth him off.

Li Qiye’s words relieved them of their exasperation.

“Stop!” Seeing Li Qiye leaving, the Yin Yang Master hurriedly exclaimed.

His blood energy soared as waves of bright lights condensed; it seemed that he was about to attack.

Seeing the master’s posture and how he was aiming to attack Li Qiye, Venerable Yang stood up and smiled: “Oh Gate Master Yin Yang wants to do something This old man will be happy to entertain you.

I wonder if a new talent like Gate Master Yin Yang has reached the Virtuous Paragon realm yet.”

Venerable Yang was a high elder of the river sect, so his power was quite mighty and could even be considered at an unfathomable level.

A sect master couldn’t provoke him, not even a sect master from an emperor’s lineage.

The Yin Yang Master suddenly felt quite oppressed.

This was the river sect’s territory and all of their elders and even high elders were present.

He would absolutely be at a disadvantage if a fight broke out, but he still found it difficult to swallow this anger.

“All of you listen carefully.” The Yin Yang Master dryly said: “The Ancestral Realm wants the Prime Ominous Key.

If the Thousand Carp River doesn’t hand it over, then it means war!”


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