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Chapter 481: Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden

“Be obedient and—” The junior brother laughed sinisterly.

However, before he could finish, his words were abruptly stopped!

“Pfuff!” An arrow’s shadow flashed, accompanied by a wind-breaking noise.

The disciples that were surrounding Qiurong Wanxue’s group were pierced and fell to the ground without the opportunity to even scream.

The Ghost Insect Evil Child’s junior brother had been gripped by the neck and suspended in the air.

He was already in his enemy’s grasp before he finished his sentence.

Everything happened too fast; before anyone could calm down, the disciples from the insect lineage were all shot to death while only the junior brother was alive.

The junior brother couldn’t move with his neck gripped, so he struggled to spew out these words with a pale face: “Who… Who… are you”

“Are you not currently looking for me” The young man that was gripping his neck revealed an innocent smile and said: “You were searching so I came to see you.”

“Li Qiye!” The junior brother trembled in fear.

He was only a fox exploiting the tiger’s might and didn’t expect Li Qiye to actually be nearby.

Li Qiye killed the group of the Divine Spark Prince and the other young geniuses in one breath; he was the new “Fierce” of this generation! 1

“Young Noble!” Qiurong Wanxue was both surprised and delighted to see Li Qiye arriving in the nick of time.

The junior brother became quite haggard at this moment as he screamed: “I… am a disciple of the Insect King Imperial Lineage!”

“So what” A pleasant voice appeared in a very soft manner: “My Thousand Carp Guardian killing an Insect King disciple is no different from crushing an ant.

Even if your sect master comes, the outcome would be no different!”

A transcendent lady nimbly drifted across the sky to arrive.

This was a kingdom-toppling beauty that would brighten the eyes of others.

The nearby Distant Cloud cultivators recognized the woman and emotionally shouted: “Lan Yunzhu, the Thousand Carp descendant!”

At this point, Qiurong Wanxue and the Snow-shadow disciples couldn’t help but become surprised at this peerless beauty flying closer.

Lan Yunzhu — a famed genius of the southern Distant Cloud, a beauty with dual saint talents that allowed her to show disdain to all others!

The junior brother incoherently stuttered: “I… am a disciple of the Insect King Imperial Lineage… My First Brother is….

is… the Ghost Insect Evil Child…”

“I do not know who the hell he is.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “I will still kill the sons of gods if they provoke me!” He then tightened his grip.

With a pluff, the junior brother was crushed into a mist of blood.

Li Qiye patted his palms then looked at the floating Lan Yunzhu to ask: “How come you are here instead of the Distant Cloud”

The Snow-shadow disciples were dumbfounded when they heard Li Qiye’s question.

Fairy Zhu, a character who others could only look up to — Li Qiye was talking to such a legendary character as if she was his junior.

“To help you.” Lan Yunzhu chuckled and elaborated: “I heard that there were people who wanted to mess with the Thousand Carp Guardian so I came running here.

The elders will also come later.”

“Guardian of the Thousand Carp River!” Qiurong Wanxue exclaimed in shock.

She was completely in the dark and didn’t expect her Young Noble to be a Guardian at such a young age.

The rest of the disciples were staring at Li Qiye in disbelief as well.

The Thousand Carp River was a famous emperor’s lineage, a behemoth in their eyes.

In their minds, the Guardian of such a sect should be a wise sage with gray hair.

How could they not become speechless after discovering that the young Li Qiye was the Thousand Carp Guardian

“Guardian of the Thousand Carp River!” The cultivators in hiding were flabbergasted.

Li Qiye looked at Lan Yunzhu and nodded his head to say: “Very well.

Since you are here, help me look after them.

I’m going to go kill some people.” At this point, his gaze narrowed.

“Kill” Lan Yunzhu felt a chill after hearing this.

Lan Yunzhu knew more about Li Qiye than others.

Once he decided to go all out, it would not be as simple as just “killing.”

She then happily smiled and said: “If necessary, the Thousand Carp River will solve this matter for you.”

Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “This is only a trivial matter caused by insignificant fools.

If I don’t kill some ten thousand morons, they won’t understand the logic that no good will come from opposing me.”

Elder Zhi’s group were jolted after hearing this.

Killing ten thousand morons What an aggressive and fierce attitude! They could smell the bloodlust smashing into their face.

They couldn’t help but to take a breath to ease the cold sensation in their hearts.

Before this, they would have thought that Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to do so.

But now, they found out that he was the Guardian of the Thousand Carp River.

How could he have such a role if he didn’t have some heaven-defying abilities

The news of Li Qiye’s appearance quickly spread outside of Necropolis.

Many great powers became ecstatic to find out that Li Qiye had shown his face.

A great bounty would invite reckless adventurers, not to mention that Li Qiye also had the ever-alluring Prime Ominous Key.

“Bang!” After a loud explosion, Li Qiye suddenly projected his avatar in the sky.

At this moment, he was a giant that stood above the horizon, looking down on the nine heavens with a pair of eyes as bright as torches beaming down on the world.

The moment he locked onto the location of the Snow-shadow Tribe, the Phoenix Maiden also felt it and immediately stood up.

“Very well, if you are looking for me, then it is time to finish this.” Li Qiye’s roar reverberated throughout the world in an overbearing manner: “Regardless of how many people the Divine Spark Country brought, I alone shall slaughter all of them! But heed my warning, do not touch a hair of the Snow-shadow Tribe, or else I will slay your entire country tomorrow!”

This tyrannical declaration echoed in the sky for a long time.

Many people looked at each other after hearing this.

Someone couldn’t help but sneer and say: “Ignorant fool, does he not know who he is offending”

“Slay my Divine Spark Country” The Phoenix Maiden’s image also appeared under the nine heavens.

She had a pair of sharp and majestic gaze, making her seem like the queen of this world.

She coldly spoke: “Just because of these words, I shall annihilate the Snow-shadow Tribe, then I’ll exterminate your nine clans!”

The fury of the Phoenix Maiden startled many people, especially the group of Qiurong Wanxue.

No one doubted her resolve or strength to carry out her threat.

“Exterminate his nine clans” At this time, a pleasant voice — as clear as a bell or an elf — emanated throughout the sky along with a shadow.

Lan Yunzhu’s unparalleled smile reached across the spatial planes as she spoke: “Phoenix Maiden, I wonder what your Divine Spark Country will do to kill my Thousand Carp River’s nine clans With the Myriad Bones Throne as your backing, I really want to see what trump cards you will use to slay our Thousand Carp Guardian’s nine clans!”

“Thousand Carp Guardian!” At this time, countless eyes fell upon Li Qiye.

They gasped at the thought of him being the Thousand Carp Guardian.

The Thousand Carp River was incredibly prestigious; naturally, it was not weak since it was an emperor’s lineage.

Moreover, it was also extremely mysterious.

In the past, Immortal Emperor Qian Li swept through the nine heavens.

There was a rumor stating that he even quashed the Ancestral Realm.

Even a high and above existence like the Sacred Nether World’s Ancestral Realm had to retreat before the might of Immortal Emperor Qian Li!

Immortal Emperor Qian Li was also the most recent emperor from the Emperors Era in the Sacred Nether World, so his influence was still greater than any other emperor.

Because of this, the mysterious and dreadful Thousand Carp River was coveted by many lineages, but none of them dared to make a move.

“Phoenix Maiden, the rules are very simple.” Lan Yunzhu’s pleasant voice continued: “My Thousand Carp Guardian will challenge your Divine Spark Country alone, regardless of how people you have or how many helpers you can get.

However, you cannot touch the Snow-shadow Tribe, or else my Thousand Carp River will guarantee that tomorrow will be the demise of your Divine Spark Country; even the Myriad Bones Throne will not be able to protect you!”

Lan Yunzhu’s words reverberated throughout the world.

Everyone held their breaths in anticipation after hearing these words.

Many great powers knew that this was not an empty threat.

The Divine Spark Country was indeed powerful, but there was still a big gap compared to the Thousand Carp River in the southern Distant Cloud.

The river sect had the power to destroy the Divine Spark Country, and the Myriad Bones Throne was too far away to help.

“So be it!” The Phoenix Maiden spoke with a cold attitude: “Tell him to come alone, I shall wait right outside the Snow-shadow Tribe.” Having said that, her image in the sky disappeared.

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu’s avatars also disappeared from the horizon.

The messages across the sky from the two sides created a tense atmosphere.

Everyone knew that a storm was coming.

This battle would surely shake the heavens.

This also resulted in a group of indecisive people.

Before, many were eyeing Li Qiye not only for the Prime Ominous Key, but also for the tempting bounty from the Phoenix Maiden.

However, the situation was now different since they all knew that Li Qiye was the Guardian of the Thousand Carp River.

This meant that he had its backing! Anyone who wanted to deal with Li Qiye had to think it over carefully, including other emperor’s lineages.


Believe it or not, I contemplated about this particular title for a long time even back when I was reading the raw several months ago.

There were other words that I could have used for this particular title, but I ultimately chose Fierce.

Some of the other candidates were monster, brute, barbarian, murderer.

The word is a combination of two characters — “Xiong” “Ren”.

Xiong meaning vicious, fierce, terrible, fearful, violence, murder, criminal, murderer (I use ominous for this word at times too) and Ren meaning man.

I did not want to use “man” as part of the title since that would sound strange.

Why did I pick fierce even though it is an adjective instead of a noun The other ones have too strong of a negative connotation.

It is a title spoken with fear and respect for a powerful cultivator.

The other words such as monster, murderer, criminal, brute, and barbarian lacked the respectful factor.

Also, this title will be compounded upon in the future as well, and “fierce” is perfect because I can modify it in English to something that will match the future title while the other titles would require two additional words.

But strictly speaking in terms of the meaning, I would pick ruthless man/vicious man to translate this term when it is not a title. 


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