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Chapter 479: Imminent Catastrophe

In fact, more than just a few people wanted to seize Li Qiye’s key.

It was something full of temptation; there was a rumor stating that the one who wields the key would have a higher chance of obtaining the legendary immortal technique for everlasting life.

In the past, Immortal Emperor Di Yu had the key, which was why he was able to find the grand creation in the grave.

“Just wait, even if that human boy can leave Necropolis, he still won’t be able to enter the grave.” A person sneered: “When Di Zuo comes, he will be a dead man.”


After Li Qiye left the Ancestral Flow, Huang Jiaofu immediately came to find him.

Li Qiye said: “The Ancestral Flow Master has allowed for your departure.

When do you plan on leaving”

Huang Jiaofu scratched his head and hesitantly asked: “Umm… When does Sir think is a good time to leave”

Li Qiye contemplated while stroking his chin.

Then he took a look at Huang Jiaofu: “Are you certain you have died several times”

Huang Jiaofu wryly laughed and said: “Sir, I’m not sure of the exact number, but my urge to leave Necropolis is quite strong.”

“Then do not rush it.

Try to remember a thing or two.

If given the chance, then die one more time.

If you successfully transform, then you can leave without dying.

If you force your departure before a successful transformation, then you won’t live for long anyway and you won’t be able to amount to much.

It would be a waste of my efforts, understand”

Huang Jiaofu prostrated on the ground and said gratefully: “I will never forget your kindness.

After leaving Necropolis in the future, I am willing to follow you as your servant and contribute to your cause.”

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “You need to be grateful towards Necropolis, not me.

The reason that you were able to live till now is because of Necropolis; it is this place that feeds you.

Moreover, it is not me who made an exception for you, it was the Ancestral Flow Master whose benevolence decided to give you a chance to create a miracle.” Li Qiye solemnly continued: “Remember, in the future, no matter what you achieve or what fortunes you obtain, you must promise three things to me today.

First, never oppose Necropolis.

Second, never do anything that might harm Necropolis.

Third, you must help Necropolis if it is in trouble.

Necropolis gave birth to you and groomed you; it is your origin.

Got it”

“Sir can rest assured, this lowly one will definitely follow the three vows made today!” Huang Jiaofu swore.

“Very good.” Li Qiye nodded and said: “I trust that you will create a miracle in the future.

You being able to live through the many ages in Necropolis is already a miracle — a great creation.”

Huang Jiaofu busily kowtowed on the ground with irrepressible excitement.

He had finally obtained his wish.

He didn’t know why he wanted to leave Necropolis, but this urge had been unbearable ever since the inception of his memories.

He absolutely had to leave the city in order to see the outside world!

The inhabitants of Necropolis wanting to leave the city was an unbelievable matter.

Necropolis was their root, their paradise.

No sentiment had ever wanted to leave before, but Huang Jiaofu was different.

A long time ago, he obtained a great creation just like Immortal Emperor Ming Du, but he was different from the emperor.

Li Qiye gave the Ancestral Flow a final glance and secretly sighed.

It was time for him to go.

Li Qiye left the Ancestral Flow and went to find Qiurong Wanxue, but he was surprised to not see her at their original meeting spot.

“Sir wants to find that lady” Huang Jiaofu said: “When I came earlier, she was in a rush and quickly left Necropolis.”

Li Qiye left instantly.

He knew something had happened; otherwise, Qiurong Wanxue would not have left so easily.

There was only one reason for her quick departure.

Something must have happened to the Snow-shadow Tribe.


“Rumble!” Waves of explosions rumbled throughout the sky, causing the earth to shake.

This huge army flying in the sky alarmed numerous cultivators.

The army consisted of golden chariots, amazing flying creatures, and divine ships.

This extremely spectacular and magnificent aura showed off their might like an unstoppable flood.

Young geniuses and famous cultivators from the previous generation all avoided the path of this army.

It moved without showing any restraint in its domineering rampage.

All other people avoided their path.

A few people were unhappy, but they quickly changed their expressions after seeing the phoenix banner hung up high.

Even the most arrogant cultivator would take several steps back after seeing this insignia.

This magnificent and powerful army had an imposing aura with their vast blood energy.

All the troops had divine flames surrounding their bodies, and they all wore great suits of armor like an army from the heavens.

This army guarded a phoenix chariot that had eight mythical birds pulling it.

The chariot was cast from an extremely rare sacred metal and had scintillating lights along with floating universal laws.

A woman who wore a phoenix robe sat inside the chariot.

Her phoenix eyes carried a prestige just like a noble empress.

Her beauty shamed the flowers and the moon, causing the birds and fish to hide for they were not worthy to be in her presence.

The woman sat upright on the chariot with an atmosphere as if she was the queen of this world.

Not only was she beautiful, she even had multiple divine rings that bloomed from her body.

They were extremely blinding and gorgeous, like a golden phoenix in the sky.

Many people were shocked to see this woman from afar.

Sect masters who were camped right outside Necropolis all had different thoughts upon her arrival.

A person whispered with a changed expression: “The Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden!”

Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden — an extremely famous name.

Young geniuses were sad to hear this name due to fear, and even predecessors were not spared from this fate.

The Divine Spark Country was a big nation in the southern Distant Cloud, a country of the first rank.

Nevertheless, it was still much weaker than emperor’s lineages.

However, its king was very talented since he gave birth to a great daughter like the Phoenix Maiden.

At a young age, she was betrothed to Di Zuo from the Myriad Bones Throne.

Since then, the Divine Spark Country soared up high and turned into a phoenix after obtaining its new backing!

The Phoenix Maiden was very famous in the Distant Cloud.

Some even considered her to be the prettiest, even after taking the entire Sacred Nether World into account.

This was mainly to flatter Di Zuo, but it could not be denied that the Phoenix Maiden was indeed a beauty.

However, beauty alone was not enough to become Di Zuo’s fiancee.

Rumor has it that, at the moment of her birth, she had a Yin Phoenix as her friend.

This was considered a miracle and many predecessors believed that this was the affection of the heavens.

And of course, she did not disappoint.

She reached the Heavenly Sovereign realm at a young age and was called the youngest sovereign in the southern Distant Cloud.

Many people believed that her talents were equal to Lan Yunzhu’s, the descendant of the Thousand Carp River.

Lan Yunzhu had dual saint talents so she was quite amazing.

Being on the same level as Lan Yunzhu was enough to tell the Phoenix Maiden’s worth.

She was indeed an amazing woman.

She took charge of the country in her father’s stead and it prospered under her rule.

She trained many disciples, and they were on the path to catching up to emperor’s lineages.

“Is the Phoenix Maiden not going to see Sir Di Zuo Could this mean that Sir Di Zuo has already tamed the Scarletflame Qilin” Many people gasped at her arrival.

One informed cultivator said: “Not yet, Sir Di Zuo still isn’t here yet.

The Phoenix Maiden came here first to take revenge for her brother.”

“That human named Li Qiye” After hearing this, many glanced at each other.

However, this made sense because the prince was indeed her own flesh and blood.

A no-name human killed her little brother, so of course she could not swallow this indignation.

She didn’t go to Necropolis or the Prime Ominous Grave; instead, she commanded an army straight towards the Snow-shadow Tribe.

The small Snow-shadow Tribe was dozens of thousands of miles from the Prime Ominous Grave.

“Rumble!” The army traveled quite quickly, causing the world to tremble.

The moment it arrived, the entire tribe was frightened out of their minds.

An elder noticed the army and said with a blanched complexion: “The Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden!” The entire tribe was overshadowed with fear.

The scared elder recovered and quickly shouted: “Go, go inform the chief and Elder Zhi’s group!”

The army quickly surrounded the Snow-shadow Tribe completely.

The Phoenix Maiden sat on her phoenix chariot up in the sky, forcing others to look upward.

She coldly looked down at the entire tribe.

In her eyes, they were mere ants.

Wiping them off the planet was as easy as flipping her palm.

“Snow-shadow members, listen well.

From now on, no one is allowed to take a single step outside lest they be killed without mercy!” She spoke majestically in a tyrannical manner.

This caused all of the Snow-shadow members to become pale.

479 Teaser

In fact, more than just a few people wanted to seize Li Qiye’s key.

It was something full of temptation; there was a rumor stating that the one who wields the key would have a higher chance of obtaining the legendary immortal technique for everlasting life.

In the past, Immortal Emperor Di Yu had the key, which was why he was able to find the grand creation in the grave.

“Just wait, even if that human boy can leave Necropolis, he still wouldn’t be able to enter the grave.” A person sneered: “When Di Zuo comes, he will be a dead man.”


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