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Chapter 4691: Three Heads

“As if its that easy to kill Li Qiye.

Remember, hes a qualified competitor now.” A big shot shook her head.

Others agreed with this logic.

If he couldnt block this move, then how could he compete against the five conquerors who should be stronger than Wild Paragon

“Look.” Experts finally got a clear view once the dust settled.

Li Qiye stood among the rubbles in the same pose as before.

The move seemed to have missed him completely.

He patted the dust off his robe and smiled: “Thats it”

Wild Paragons expression became unsightly; his complexion turned red as a result.

His six eyes flashed with murderous intent that hurt spectators.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye suddenly teleported in front of the paragon.

“Ha!” The paragon shouted and caused a spatial ripple.

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Three gigantic heads appeared and surrounded Li Qiye in a triangular formation.

They looked as big as stars and filled up the entire airspace; Li Qiye was smaller than an ant in comparison.

Spectators looked up and only saw the heads.

Wild was fast enough to attack before Li Qiye could after his teleportation.

“So this is the technique of the scripture!” One spectator shouted.

He finally activated the technique and broadened everyones horizons.

“Break, Death, Demise!” The three heads chanted at the same time.

Three devastating sound waves rushed towards Li Qiye, capable of blowing an ocean or a desert away.

This was enough to destroy a great power.

The sound waves were accompanied by special mantras and dao power.

They coiled around Li Qiye and tried to refine him.

Essentially, the three heads became a mobile cauldron.

“Three-headed Mantra Cauldron.” A big shot murmured.

This technique could instantly seal and refine the enemy down to liquid.

Its speed and effectiveness made dodging rather difficult, usually managing to catch combatants off guard.

The sound waves aimed to crush Li Qiye first before reducing him to nothingness.

However, once they struck him, it seemed as if they were hitting the toughest yet also most elastic piece of metal in existence.

“Boom!” This resulted in the power bouncing back straight at the paragon.

He reacted quickly and chanted a mantra to stop the attack.

The two powers collided and the sky nearly exploded from the impact.

The paragon staggered backward; a drop of blood streamed down the corner of all three lips.

This naturally shocked the crowd because Li Qiye didnt need to do anything to injure his enemy.

“Break.” Li Qiye chanted and attacked.

The myriad dao caused the world to change color.

They gathered in the air and turned into a massive palm.

“Go!” The wounded paragon became alarmed and used all six of his treasures in unison.

The jewel became resplendent and sent out waves of light to stop the incoming mantra.

This blinded most weaker cultivators temporarily.

He also raised a mirror up in the air, erecting a mighty wall that separated the realm into two halves.

A sword was thrown into the air.

It slashed and released a sword dao consisting of countless energy swords flying straight at Li Qiye.

He swung the banner as well.

It contained the power of thunder and fire.

Lightning bolts descended against the incoming mantra.

At the same time, an inferno coiled around Li Qiye, wanting to incinerate him.

He utilized all six treasures and different techniques - a mix of offense and defense.

He possessed a great advantage in battle due to having three heads and six arms.

It was as if six different combatants were attacking Li Qiye at the same time.

How could two fists oppose six arms

“Boom!” However, Li Qiyes mantra blew through all the treasures.

The six mighty attacks stood no chance since it encompassed the power of the myriad dao.

It pierced through the inferno and broke the blinding radiance before penetrating the great wall…

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