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Chapter 4582: Family

“Its not bad being a child.” Li Qiye said: “Especially one who doesnt remember much.”

She turned back to stare sentimentally at the rain.

After a while, she shook her head: “I dont remember my past, families, or friends, theres no impression of them.”

Old existences naturally had friends who were ready to die with them in battle.

Perhaps they even had lovers…

These were all the most important figures in ones life.

As someone who was sealed in chronoblood amber, she was obviously not alone and should be from a great lineage.

Unfortunately, she had no memory of anyone.

If they were so important, then she should have remembered them.

Wouldnt the lack of memory imply how insignificant they were in her mind This was her current train of thought and she didnt like it.

“The dao path is long enough to make one alone with time.

The farther along in the path, the lonelier.” Li Qiye gazed at the horizon and said.

“True.” Xiao Xuan murmured.

It appeared that the only things left in her memories were traces of the grand dao.

Were these the true indelible marks of her life

Everything else vanished into smoke but not the dao - the eternal companion.

Itll be there in the past, present, and future for as long as she was still alive.

She sighed disappointedly after giving up, unable to remember anyone important.

She was alone; nothing else in the world was connected to her.

This was a rare circumstance only experienced by a few.

“Do you still have a family” After a long while, she asked Li Qiye.

“Im not sure.” He had a faint smile as he said: “Its too long ago.”

“Too long ago You might be even lonelier than me.” She nodded in response, aware that Li Qiye had lived even longer than her.

Perhaps when she was born, he was already an ancient existence.

“No, at least you still remember.” She thought about a different perspective and continued: “I am different from you.

Now, I agree that I must have experienced reincarnation and no longer remember my past.

You havent done so, right So you still have memories of your loved ones and friends.”

She didnt purposely forget them or hide them in the deepest crevices of her mind.

Its just that something must have happened, an external factor.

This wasnt the case for Li Qiye because he still remembered her.

The worst part about this was due to the dao experiences retained, she could still remember various scenes of her interacting with others.

However, she simply couldnt recall who they were.

This feeling was only bitter, not sweet.

Thus, she sympathized with Li Qiyes loneliness.

He had no one as a companion on this path.

There were those who walked together with him but in the grand scheme of things, they were only there for the blink of an eye.

He spent the majority of his time alone and would continue to do so in the future.

“Have you thought of finding companions” She asked.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Cultivation is a personal journey.

No one will be able to walk alongside you forever.

Millions or billions of years can pass, just one step behind means being millions of years behind.

How can they keep up”

She agreed with this logic.

Someone at just one lower level wouldnt be able to tag along.

“If you must linger behind because your companion is one step slower, then youll be waiting.

This will continue countless times along the way, then how can you cultivate the supreme grand dao Waiting erodes your lifespan and determination.

Eventually, the grand dao wont be as long and the journey will be over.” He smiled and said.

“I suppose, there are many things in the world that can make one stop.” She thought about it carefully.

Ones best friend, most trusted comrade, lovers - all of them could make a cultivator stop and wait.

If this was the case, the cultivator might just vanish along with them by stopping.

Therefore, one shouldnt worry about being alone on the dao path.

This was inevitable and worrying was unnecessary.

“The grand dao…” She sighed and said with disappointment.

The dao was the only thing left in her mind.

She thought that if she had forgotten about her loved ones, then so be it.

There was no need to search for these memories again.

“Oh, I was just kidding before, youre not a reincarnated individual.” Li Qiye smiled and revealed.

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