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Chapter 4579: Unbeatable Girl

The trio became calm enough to try and get up.

Alas, they were still within her vision and an invisible force suddenly descended.

“Bam!” This forced them back to the ground.

“Shit…” Jian Ming cursed again.

All three felt like insects, unable to resist her power.

“Where is this place” She finally spoke with a voice as pleasant as the chirping of a golden oriole.

However, the voice had a commanding presence not seen in someone her age - mature and dignified.

It was as if she wasnt a girl but a god that has lived for countless years.

All living beings needed to prostrate before her.

“The four clans.” Jian Ming answered right away.

“The four clans Which four clans” Her eyes flashed in an intimidating manner.

Just one thought of her could destroy the sun and moon.

The power disparity became abundantly clear.

“Who is your strongest ancestor Bring them here.” The girl ordered, leaving no room for refusal.

“He, hes our ancestor.” Jian Ming pointed at Wise Ancestor.

The girl gazed at him.

He felt as if countless hurricanes were pushing down on his chest.

He channeled his vitality and merit law, only to learn that this was futile against her divine aura.

“You” The girl wasnt trying to be disdainful.

Alas, her expression said that this strongest ancestor from the four clans was too weak.

“I am indeed an ancestor from our clan, please excuse my meager cultivation.” Wise Ancestor smiled wryly, feeling a bit embarrassed.

He was considered a big shot in the outside world but in this case, he wouldnt be able to stop one move from this little girl.

“What is the strongest sect now” She asked, clearly not interested in this ancestor.

“True Immortal and Three Thousand Dao.” The daoist answered.

“Never heard of them.” She pondered before answering.

“Timeworn, Immortal Lake, Divine Ridge, have you heard of them, Senior” The daoist immediately asked.

The girl thought for longer this time, seemingly finding these names familiar.

This gave the three enough information about her era.

These ancient sects were too old to be traced yet they sounded familiar to her.

“Which god is in charge now” She asked.

“Im afraid we do not know.” The daoist smiled wryly while exchanging glances with the other two.

They had never been to these sects before.

Even if they did, they wouldnt have been qualified to meet the top masters there, not even the slightest chance in hell.

Her eyes narrowed, seemingly unhappy.

This caused the pressure on the trio to double, making it unbearable.

“Okay, dont pick on the juniors.” Li Qiyes voice came from behind.

She immediately turned around after hearing him.

The three felt as if the world was spinning alongside her.

They became dizzy and fell head first to the ground.

“Not again…” They regained their balance.

They felt as if she was the center axle so her movement also affected all the realms.

This was truly a suffocating feeling.

Her expression was one of caution because she didnt notice Li Qiye standing behind her.

Though her memories seemed to be a mess or that she had lost them completely, her power and awareness still remained.

She instantly gathered power and assumed a fighting stance.

However, Li Qiye was unaffected and sat back down.

“Who are you” Her eyes fixated on him.

She was ready to attack if he dared to move.

She became a primordial beast bearing its fangs in the eyes of the trio.

This horrified them because this little girl had the aura of an immemorial god.

“Li Qiye.” He smiled and said.

The name caused her to pause for a bit in confusion.

It sounded rather familiar.

Though her memories have disappeared, some still remained and couldnt be removed.

“Ive heard of it before.” She said with certainty and observed Li Qiye closely.

She felt as if they have met before but couldnt come up with a relationship.

“Do we know each other” She asked.

The trio took a deep breath after hearing this.

They became curious about Li Qiyes identity as well.

“If you believe in the existence of a previous life, then yes, you knew me then.” Li Qiye answered.

“Previous life” She concentrated but images of the past just flashed too quickly.

She couldnt make head or tail out of them.

Despite her overwhelming power, she didnt obtain any clue by staring at him either.

“Who am I” She looked confused.

The trio exchanged glances - an existence encapsulated in chronoblood amber with her memories gone.

It sounded like a case of reincarnation.

“Who do you think you are” He asked.

She tilted her head and took her time thinking.

Once again, the flashing images in her mind were too fast for her to grasp.

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