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Chapter 4542: The Improper Four

A’han was twice as tall as a normal adult and had bulging muscles.

His skin seemed to be made from golden rocks and brimmed with power.

Most important, his arms were actually rocks, unlike the rest of his body which was made of flesh and blood.

Upon closer inspection, these rocks looked more like yellow jade stones.

The color was similar to his regular complexion.

It would be hard to tell that they were rocks without being close enough.

The arms had a faint glow just like jades that have been polished by a gentle flow for many years.

“A sacred spirit…” The daoist finally took note of this.

His eyes narrowed as he said: “How rare, especially after the great calamity.”

Eight Desolaces had numerous races and tribes.

Sacred spirits were exceedingly few in numbers.

According to the legend, they were born with the will of the high heaven and the flesh of the earth.

Because of this, it was difficult for them to have offspring.

Therefore, being in the presence of one was quite surprising.

“Nah, I just have the bloodline, not a pureblood sacred spirit.

My ancestor was one though.” A’han laughed.

His voice was gentle, a stark contrast to his huge frame.

Both Jian Ming and the daoist could tell that he was special and definitely came from a prestigious clan.

“Woodman.” Another member of the four was a man of few words.

Sure enough, he was a treant from top to bottom.

He had green leaves and vines growing around him, looking like a mobile tree.

He was even taller than A’han.

Alas, when he stood still, one might actually mistake him for a tree.

“Call me Xiao Yan.” The final member was a beautiful girl in a silky dress.

She seemed to be accompanied by the wind, going wherever this affinity blows.

Perhaps she was the wind itself, coming and going at a moment’s notice.

She could be as gentle and pleasant as a breeze or as tough as a tornado.

Eyes naturally lit up after seeing her; people couldn’t help wanting to get close.

She seemed to be the most “normal” out of the four.

However, there was something illusory about her.

The other three were obviously living and walking beings.

Alas, her existence didn’t seem as tangible.

“Improper indeed, even forgetting your real names.” Jian Ming smiled.

“Names are just names, nothing more.

Friendship comes from the heart, everything else doesn’t matter.” Puresword replied.

“Is that right” Jian Ming said: “A silly youth, a muscular man, a treant, and a ghost-like girl.

That is indeed a strange group.”

Since they didn’t use their real names, he didn’t need to be overly polite or care about their feelings.

“Are you from Eastern Desolace” Wise Ancestor could tell given their dialect and manners.

“We are from a small place surrounded by the wilderness.

Our family members don’t talk much so we don’t really know where we are.

Of course, we have been heading westward since we snuck out and came across this place by accident.” Puresword said.

“Yeah, I totally believe you.” Jian Ming chuckled.

The group didn’t seem to mind his antagonistic attitude because they weren’t completely honest in the first place.

Li Qiye glanced at Puresword and said: “You’re biting off more than you can chew.

The sword and the physique, you can only pick one unless you think you are superior to your ancestor or that your dao heart is indomitable.”

Puresword’s expression changed.

Jian Ming’s contempt didn’t affect them but Li Qiye was talking about his secrets.

The guy caught on after a single glance, hence Puresword’s astonishment.

“May I ask for your name, Fellow Daoist” He bowed toward Li Qiye.

“Fellow Daoist is not something you can say.

Address him as Young Noble.

Remember, his advice is an honor, a fortune accumulated by your ancestors.” Jian Ming interjected.

“Young Noble, may I ask who you are” Puresword listened and bowed again.

Li Qiye ignored him this time and stared somewhere else.

“How interesting.” The daoist said: “A youth with two grand arts capable of catching the young noble’s attention.

Few lineages in the present day can do this.”

“Haha, swindler, why don’t you calculate who they are then” Jian Ming asked.

The daoist rubbed his chin, clearly interested.

Puresword bowed with a smile and said: “We are only unknown juniors, unworthy of your time and energy, Daoist.”

“Smart.” The daoist said, clearly happy with the praise.

“Don’t start floating after a single praise.” Jian Ming sneered.

The daoist ignored him and still basked in the moment.

As for Li Qiye, he has been staring at the girl.

She took note of this and stared back at him.

“May I come closer” She asked.

This sudden request caught the group by surprise.

“Yes.” He didn’t seem to mind.

After receiving permission, she came close enough that their shoulder nearly touched.

The duo’s eyes were on the girl.

She couldn’t be described as kingdom-toppling.

However, her features were distinct - small face, long hair, jet black eyes like two stones from an abyss.

She appeared to be around twenty years of age and wore a light-blue dress.

Her aura seemed rather profound and calm.

“My name is Lin Mo.” She told him.

“Li Qiye.” He smiled and started touching her soft hair.

She, surprisingly, didn’t stop him.

Jian Ming and the daoist stared at this scene in a daze, speechless.


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