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Chapter 4365: Scorched Earth

Divine Luan was the second dao lord of Dragon, debuting after Myriad Eyes Dao Lord.

“She is the dao lord of Dragon, not just our clan alone.

She is from Phoenix Ground, however.” Goldbird explained.

The dao lord wasnt a member of the Jian but still had strong ties with them from a bloodline perspective.

“I see, thank you.” Elder Hu cupped his fist.

Being able to speak with the monarch was an honor for the members of Little Diamond.

This would have been impossible in the past; they wouldnt have been able to get close.

The new change was all because of Li Qiye.

Li Qiye crouched down and scooped up a handful of soil.

There was an outline of a feather, looking vivid and quite animated.

He thought about it for a moment before letting it go down the gaps between his fingers.

‘Still a way to go. He thought to himself after sensing the nearly-indiscernible power.

Others couldnt sense it but he could read its profundities and beats.

He shook his head, realizing that it was only one step away.

Alas, it fell at the last hurdle.

“Is there a problem, Young Noble” Goldbird became curious: “Our ancestors said that there was a great battle here.

Unbeatable immortal flames reduced the land into this state.”

“It wasnt an inferno, only a few feathers burning the entire thing.” Li Qiye revealed.

“A few feathers” Elder Hu found this astonishing.

This applied to the monarch as well.

He took a deep breath and asked: “Really”

The wise sages including Divine Luan Dao Lord and Nine-tailed God had talked about this issue before.

They wrote down that a top flame incinerated the area.

Because of this flames incredible power, the land couldnt heal after many eras.

Not a single blade of grass could grow.

Now, Li Qiye said that it was only because of a few feathers.

This was even more astounding.

“You disagree” Li Qiye stared at him.

For some reason, the monarch actually believed Li Qiye because there were random outlines of feathers.

It would make sense if these feathers fell down and started burning, leaving their mark behind afterward.

He was a powerful demon with a prestigious bloodline.

Alas, his feathers couldnt have done the same damage.

The owner must have been insanely mighty.

“So they fell during the great battle” He murmured.

There werent that many details regarding the fight between Feng Qi and Jiu Bian.

Phoenix Ground itself lacked information.

Nonetheless, they still believed that they inherited these bloodlines.

“So whom do these feathers belong to” Elder Hu became curious.

“Hmm…” The monarch couldnt answer.

Feng Qi was the youngest dao lord.

She was mysterious and the world knew very little about her.

This was doubly the case for Jiu Bian.

“Feng Qi.” Li Qiye responded.

“Feng Qi” The monarch said softly.

Rumor has it that their bloodline came from Feng Qi but verification remained impossible.

“What about Jiu Bian A demon as well” Elder Hu asked again.

“No one can answer this question.” The monarch said this because it has been an everlasting mystery.

“Legend points towards the tiger demon species or some other immortal beasts.

Could be a human too, but our city believes that Tiger Pond has inherited Jiu Bians bloodline.” The monarch smiled wryly.

There was no solid proof of Tiger Pond inheriting this bloodline.

However, they believed it and this was a widespread notion at the time.

Either way, they werent descendants from these two entities and had only been affected by the remnant blood.

“I see, both are potentially demons.” Elder Hu murmured.

Regardless of the truth, the group has learned a lot so far.

“You have a nest here.” Li Qiye suddenly brought this up.

“… Youre aware of it, Young Noble” The monarch hesitated for a bit before admitting.

Although this wasnt a heavily-guarded secret, not that many knew about it.

The sect master of Little Diamond, in particular, shouldnt be privy to this level of information.

“Obviously.” Li Qiye said: “Since were here already, I want to see it.”

“I see…” The monarch didnt know how to respond.

The nest or roost of their Phoenix Ground was rather important.

Only those recognized by their ancestors could enter.

Alas, Li Qiye was an outsider so this was an unreasonable request.

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