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Chapter 4304: Aunt

The others stared at Weiqiao.

One of them said: “That might be okay, First Brother.

You should give it a shot.”

They were definitely poor compared to members of the big sects.

Nonetheless, this sum was quite doable.

“Yes, maybe its an actual treasure.

Three hundred is not bad at all.” Another urged.

They were young and adventurous with an optimistic outlook, hoping for the best outcome.

On the other hand, Weiqiao worried about something else entirely.

He saw the intricate relationship after listening earlier.

In the end, he shook his head and told the old man: “Im sure its worth three million higher-level jades, not three hundred.

I do not wish to take advantage of you.”

Other disciples didnt expect this response at all.

Who would refuse this deal if the item was actually worth so much It seemed rather foolish to refuse.

The old man stared at Weiqiao and said: “Just consider it a touch of a fate or a favor.”

“I appreciate your kind intention.” Weiqiao smiled: “Fate can be tied but I have to say no to the favor.

I am but an insignificant cultivator.

I do not wish to owe anyone since I might not be able to repay.”

“Interesting.” The old man smiled: “Its only one item, not a big favor at all.

You dont need to repay me.”

“Its rare that someone would take a second glance at me, let alone do me a favor.

Perhaps youre doing this out of consideration for my master or some other reason, that makes it even harder for me to accept.” Weiqiao lacked cultivation but still had enough experience in life.

Why would anyone do him a favor It must be due to his master or some future plans.

All in all, he didnt wish to owe a debt that must be repaid later.

“I see.” The old man was impressed and nodded: “Nothing from luck, all from oneself.”

He then glanced over at Li Qiye and said: “Seems like Im inferior in this aspect, I didnt think like this back then.”

“None can match you in terms of knowledge and intelligence, but the more knowledge, the less humanity.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The old man wanted to respond but refrained and let out a sigh instead.

Suddenly, someone else loudly spoke behind them: “Hey, gentlemen, would you like a bowl of wonton this morning”

The disciples looked back and saw that the voice came from a wonton restaurant on the other side.

The owner was a slightly-overweight woman wearing a flowered apron, looking like a nice aunt in the neighborhood.

Her hair was dried and tied up in a bun.

However, her large and round eyes captivated them with their beauty – a stark contrast to her bulky and unfeminine appearance.

She rubbed her hands on the apron and crossed the street.

The old man ignored her and tended to his own stall.

As for the disciples, they assumed that she was just a mortal and didnt care much.

“Sirs, a bowl of wonton is the perfect early morning meal.” She ignored the lack of interest and enthusiastically advertised: “My restaurant is well known for being the most delicious on this street…”

A few young ones frowned since she was so loud.

Others looked up and saw that it was already noon.

She still ignored them and actually pulled Li Qiyes arm and said: “Lad, do you want to try the best wonton bowl in the city”

The disciples exchanged glances.

Earlier, it was the best on this street and now, the entire city

“Please dont be rude.” Elder Hu didnt appreciate her touching Li Qiye.

Though Little Diamond was a small sect, all cultivators were people of status in the eyes of mortals.

Moreover, Li Qiye was their sect master.

Li Qiye waved his hand, gesturing that it was okay to the elder.

He looked at the woman and said: “This seems more like an invitation to a brothel than a meal.”

“…” The disciples usually put up an act in front of the mortals.

However, their sect master spoke like a hoodlum.

“Oh I didnt know you were like that.” The woman laughed and said: “If thats more your taste, then I can introduce you to some brothels.”

“Forget it, cant handle the brothel right now.

A bowl of wontons will do, cant work on an empty stomach.” Li Qiye smiled back.

“Come, come, gentlemen, try our wontons.” She happily pulled Li Qiye over to her restaurant.

The rest had no choice but to tag along.

“One bowl each then.” Li Qiye ordered.

“Great, one bowl each.” The woman became happy since there were so many customers.

The members of Little Diamond exchanged glances, wondering why their sect master was listening to this aunt.

They werent interested in eating at this tiny shop even if they were hungry.

Nonetheless, they still obeyed his order.

A while later, the woman brought out enough for everyone and enthusiastically said: “Sirs, here, please have a taste.”

Li Qiye ate and slurped the noodles and wontons without holding back.

The others ate begrudgingly while wondering about Li Qiye.

Was he here because he couldnt refuse the passionate aunt

It didnt take long before Li Qiye finished.

She picked up the empty bowl and eagerly asked: “Sirs, what do you think”

“Delicious, definitely the best in this city.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Uhh..” One disciple nearly spat out the noodles in his mouth.

They thought that the dish was only okay at best.

Delicious wasnt the right word here.

Did they eat the same dish

“Young man, your taste is as excellent as your appearance.” The woman clapped and laughed heartily.

“Indeed, Im a very picky person when it comes to food.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Definitely, definitely.” She seemed pleased because he enjoyed her food: “Do you have a girlfriend yet I can introduce you to someone if you would like.”

“…” The disciples were speechless.

One youth wanted to say something but didnt want to be rude.

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