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Chapter 4273: Sword Grinding

The grinding process was awfully slow but the man remained meticulous and patient.

Grind then observe, grind then observe…

The spectator, Li Qiye, exercised patience as well.

He seemed to be enjoying watching the man at work as if he was viewing gorgeous scenery.

In fact, those with sufficient cultivation and strength would find that each of the mans actions was in harmony with the grand dao.

The thing he grinding wasnt the sword but rather, his grand dao.

“Im already dead, you dont need to wait.” The man suddenly said.

This would frighten listeners because there was nothing odd going on with him, simply another middle-aged man – alive.

In fact, outsiders had seen him back at the abyss.

“Dead” didnt come up in their mind at all, only that he was mysterious.

He wasnt the only one no longer living.

The rest of the avatars were the same way, the reason being that the true body had died long ago.

Nonetheless, they seemed to still be surviving here in a manner no different from other living people.

People would only believe this after witnessing with their own eyes.

Alas, despite the lack of any discernible difference, his true body was indeed dead.

His monstrous power simply prevented time from erasing his existence.

This didnt surprise Li Qiye because he already knew beforehand.

“Theres nothing bad about being dead.” He said.

“True.” The man actually took the time to nod his head this time around: “Still far better than your position, on the verge of death.”

“Youre not wrong, but I must struggle beforehand, maybe Ill actually survive.

Thats what life is, an unending struggle.” Li Qiye calmly responded with a smile.

The man didnt answer and kept on creating his blade, taking the time perfecting even the smallest line.

After a long while, he checked the edge again then the flames before asking: “To what do you entrust in”

“You entrust the sword not because of its sharpness or because you need it.

Rather, its very existence is significant for you.”

The man had reached a frightening level beyond imagination when he was alive.

He didnt need the sword because he himself was the strongest sword.

Nonetheless, he still tried to create numerous divine swords.

Blacksmithing and the sword served as his symbol of hope instead of being weapons.

“And you” The man asked again.

Li Qiye didnt respond and only stared at the sword in the mans hand.

“Ive forgotten.” He eventually answered.

“You cant let go.” The man said something that didnt pertain to the conversation.

However, Li Qiye still understood.

“That is your weakness.” The man continued.

“Is the sword your weakness” Li Qiye responded.

The man didnt reply.

“Hope can make one stronger and more determined.” Li Qiye said: “The lack of hope means the lack of shackles, this can destroy a person.

In the beginning, all the dark existences certainly never thought that they would have to live in the shadows later on.

They eventually lost themselves.”

“Well said.” The man pondered for a bit before agreeing.

Both of them had transcended the limitation of an epoch, capable of changing the course of the entire world, breaking and creating a new order.

Power gave them untethered freedom.

The only thing capable of holding them back was hope and entrustment.

This kept them grounded and sane.

“Thus, my unwillingness to give up is not a weakness.

It will make me stronger, strong enough to overcome the monsters and even the villainous heaven.”

“It may not be possible.” The man observed the white-snow sword near completion and was happy with the brilliant product.

“Itll be done because Ive set my mind on it.” Li Qiye uttered with conviction and confidence.

“Someones looking for you.” The man changed the topic.

“Im aware, Im looking for him as well.” Li Qiye didnt feel pressured.

“And thats why youre here to find me.” The man said.

“If my intelligence is correct, youve fought him during the distant chaotic years.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Indeed, and thats why I am dead.” The man revealed.

“Sword Immortal might be dead but the sword lives on.” Li Qiye replied.

The world has never heard of this being referred to as Sword Immortal before.

After all, there were no immortals in this world.

Nonetheless, those who knew him wouldnt find this title inappropriate.

This was a testament to his power.

Alas, he still fell to that person.

“Im afraid he knows more about you than vice versa.” The man said.

“Not too surprising, Im sure he has been researching for a long time now.

Therefore, Im here to ask you some questions.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What I know might not be useful to you, things have changed throughout the years.” The man paused for a bit before speaking.

“Still better than lacking knowledge.” Li Qiye replied.

“What do you want to know” The man nodded and agreed.

“I want to know the details of the battle.” Li Qiye became serious.

“Mmm.” The mans eyes erupted with sword rays.

Just this slight hint of his sword intent could crush top cultivators in history.

This was the true manifestation of invincibility with the sword.

He was recalling the battle back then – the most brilliant out of them all.

He had no regrets despite meeting his end.

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