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Chapter 4244: Immense Power

Each resembled a heavenly pillar capable of pushing up the sky vault.

All other entities felt tiny in comparison, akin to mere insects.

They contained enough power to serve as supreme judgment.

Both regular ancestors and mighty ancestors would be eliminated by these incredible swords.

They spatially leaped and appeared in the burial ground before astonished spectators, instantly sealing the sea region.

Runes of the sword dao type appeared and created an immense momentum, eventually forming a formation.

“To position!” Sword God Jialun shouted and the members of Sea Emperor rushed towards their assigned rune. 

“Boom!” They became a part of the sword formation. 

At the same time back in Sea Emperor, a pulse made of countless sword energies shot through the realms and empowered the formation.

The strengthened formation became wide enough to contain heaven and earth with billowing flames and sword energies.

Anyone stuck inside would be instantly reduced to ashes as if they were moths.

Number no longer mattered because a billion soldiers would still be incinerated instantly by this sword formation.

“!!!” The crowd gasped after seeing how feeble they were despite years of cultivation.

“This is the foundation of Sea Emperor.

It empowers a sword dao and sends it here to form a formation capable of slaying gods.” A high elder had a serious expression.

The range of this offense frightened everyone.

This meant that Sea Emperor could eliminate any opponent regardless of the distance.

“Buzz.” A while after, a loud hum could be heard in Nine-wheel Citadel and a golden radiance took over the entire continent, adding a bright layer on top.

Archaic cities manifested into reality, looking holy and stately.

They seemed to be the home of gods.

Each city emitted three thousand halos with embedded runes; each capable of containing a massive amount of knowledge and energy.

Thus, the halo looked like the physical manifestation of the grand dao.

“Buzz.” Their light swept through the realms and reached the burial ground as well.

Spectators looked up and saw the radiance above them.

It pushed up the sky and engulfed the earth.

“To formation!” Earthslope Ancestor commanded.

The members of Nine-wheel rushed towards the light and fused with it.

Their power served as fuel.

“Boom!” This resulted in the eruption of a force capable of destroying everything.

This left the weaker cultivators on their knees.

“What are they doing!” The pressure made it hard for others to breathe.

“The two sects are using their foundation to seal this area.” An ancestor became alarmed.

Everyone had a bad feeling about this development and became nervous.

This was supposed to be a fight between Li Qiye and the two overlords.

Why did their sect get involved as well Was it strictly to deal with Li Qiye

They found themselves like fish stuck in a net right now.

The two behemoths could really capture all of them.

“A heavenly scripture is a gift from the high heaven.” Earthraiser Vajra announced: “Today, we will do everything in our power to obtain this scripture for the people.

That’s why we will require the assistance of heroes such as yourselves.”

Listeners couldn’t believe it - the vajra was asking others for help They felt quite good to be addressed in such a polite tone by an overlord.

“Yes, if the scripture belongs to the world, then all of us have the responsibility to help.” A sect master who had chosen to stand with the behemoths supported.

He then led his disciples to the bright halos.

“We will support you as well.” Another picked this side and entered the sword formation.

It didn’t take long before more cultivators joined them.

Obtaining a copy of Finality was one thing, but joining this battle might be the gloriest day of their lives.

They could tell this story for years to come - being qualified and capable enough to help the overlords.

“Rumble!” The power of the sword formation and the halos intensified after gaining more followers.

It became unbearable for everyone else and made it obvious how feeble life could be.

Some neutral spectators regretted not entering right away.

“Please excuse us for needing to do this.” Vastsea Venerable said.

Both he and the vajra heaved a sigh of relief.

They believed they had gathered enough power to crush Li Qiye’s side without a problem.


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