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Chapter 4203: Peace Ocean Sword King

He was the current leader of Sea Emperor, meaning that he was one of the most influential beings on the continent. As the youngest member of the Six Kings, he enjoyed the fame of being a great genius.

In fact, he was only half a generation older than members of the Ten Sword Prodigies.

The only other top master who was close to him in age was Void Saint Child.

In spite of his age, he made a name for himself and made it clear that he was a formidable leader.

Though most were annoyed at Sea Emperor right now, they still found his appearance and aura impressive.

“No one from the young generation can match him.” An ancestor commented upon their first meeting.

A few princesses and saintesses were instantly charmed by his charisma and handsome appearance.

“He is the perfect husband, a woman can’t ask for more.” One of them said as she felt spring was coming.

Rumor has it that Peace Ocean cultivated two different dao at the same time - Abyss and Vastsea.

“Young Noble Dong Ling, we have lost this round, please show mercy.” His rhythmic words were polite yet commanding.

All eyes were on Dong Ling.

Peace Ocean has given the guy enough respect so far.

This should be enough for Dong Ling to spare the scion.

He was the victor anyway and there was no need to push this issue.

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid it’s a duel to the death.” Dong Ling laughed.

This answer caught the crowd off guard.

This was a great honor for Dong Ling since Peace Ocean Sword King had no need to act in this manner, whether it be in terms of status or seniority.

“Blood has been drawn, that should be enough.” Peace Ocean continued: “I will accept defeat in the scion’s stead and will repay any damages.”

Others nodded approvingly since the king spoke with sincerity.

Anyone else would take this opportunity and drop the issue; Dong Ling had gained enough anyway.

“Yes, just be benevolent here.” A crowd member found the king persuasive.

“Would you have said the same thing if I had lost, Your Majesty” Dong Ling chuckled.

The crowd became silent right away, so did Peace Ocean.

They exchanged glances and thought that the answer was obvious.

He would naturally not speak up on Dong Ling’s behalf.

“Young Noble, you will gain a friend instead of an enemy.

Why not do so” Peace Ocean eventually responded.

“Unfortunately, I do not fight to the death with a friend.” Dong Ling replied: “Of course, if you wish to renege this duel and ruin your sect’s reputation, that’s a different issue.” 

“Young Noble, you are pushing this.” Peace Ocean became unhappy.

It became apparent that Dong Ling’s attitude was vexing the king.

He wasn’t used to being refused, especially in public.

Moreover, his sect was being blatantly insulted too.

“So what, if you claim to be righteous, then hand the scion over so we can finish our duel.” Dong Ling continued.

The king’s expression became slightly awkward.

He was in a tough position because both choices would affect his reputation and prestige. 

Protecting the scion meant acting biased and improperly.

Handing the scion over showed weakness; other disciples in the sect would question him then.

“Since you are purposely provoking our sect, I will hand the scion over if you can withstand three hundred moves from me.” Peace Ocean became serious.

Each word was resonant and imposing.

This duel would be quite unfair.

Only the Six Kings and Six Sect Masters would be able to put up a good fight.

There was no way Dong Ling would last three hundred moves against him.

Some spectators actually signaled for Dong Ling to stop.

It would be suicidal to fight the king.

“I don’t think there are that many in the last generation who can take him on, let alone a youth.” One expert said.

“Sword King, there’s no need for you to bully a junior.” Ling Jian who has been watching said: “No one in the young generation can be your opponent but if you wish to fight, I will take those three hundred moves instead of Dong Ling.” 

The crowd was shocked once more.

Of course, Ling Jian was qualified to do so since he was one of the Six Sect Masters.

In fact, he was a senior to Peace Ocean.

Nonetheless, the latter had caught up or even surpassed him in terms of fame.

Spectators stared at both Ling Jian and Peace Ocean while chatting among themselves.

“Those from Daoist Sword Ground are always ready for a fight even though their sect is no longer in its prime.

Their courage is second to none.” A last-gen master said.

People needed to think twice before challenging Peace Ocean Sword King.

Alas, Ling Jian was willing to step up for Dong Ling.

This had to do with his courage and love for battle.

Though the sect has been less haughty than previously, their bone-deep love for battle couldn’t be contained.


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