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Chapter 4180: Just-once

“Boom!” The small wheel turned and forced space and time to do the same.

The princess wielded the aura of a dao lord, causing others to tremble uncontrollably.

“Void Child Wheel!” Chen Cangsheng was surprised to see this artifact.

He glanced at the ancestor and said: “Void Ancestors dao lord weapon.”

Void Mother-child Wheel belonged to Nine-wheel Citadel.

It was created by its founder and had two parts – mother and child.


Though this was only one-half of it, it still possessed immense power.

The ancestor with the title “Void” didnt respond.

He cared too much about his reputation and prestige to deal with a junior like Chen Cangsheng.

It would be improper for him to interfere in this fight.

“Im starting! Myriad Wheel Meteors!” The princess released her vitality and roared.

Her artifact shook once and created countless wheels in the air.

They had sharp teeth and destroyed the spatial fabrics, issuing sharp gales.

“Lets do this!” Cangshengs weapon of choice was a sword of the celestial affinity.

He was an expert swordsman with an orthodox style.

Each swing contained powerful momentum and sword energy.

“Rumble!” He released celestial rays to target the incoming wheels.

“Hmph!” She formed a mudra and activated her artifact.

It became resplendent and rushed to the sky before shooting downward in a dazzling manner.

“Total Suppression!” She commanded and the sky turned dark with haste.

Her mastery of this dao lord weapon was commendable.

The wheel descended with the laws of the dao lords.

“Clank!” Chen Cangsheng thrust his sword upward, ready to incinerate the azure.

“War God Art!” He was undeterred as his battle spirit surged above all else.

This was a youth ready to fight to the death.

He utilized his sects ancient sword style, boosting his battle spirit and sword energy.

The latter rampaged in an unstoppable manner.

Unfortunately, his battle spirit wasnt enough to contest against the power of a dao lord.

“Clank!” His blade broke into several pieces while he staggered backward.

The princess clearly had the upper hand.

Her weapon was far superior to his sword.

“Dao Brother Chen, give up yet” She said pridefully while looking down on him.

“Your Highness, its too early to boast.” Chen Cangshengs tone became serious.

He summoned a different sword.

This one pulsed brightly and seemed to be alive.

Its battle spirit was out of control since it desired a worthy battle.

It also had a dao lord aura but its battle spirit was the stand-out factor.

Anyone who sensed the latter would become frozen.

They would think that they were facing an unstoppable god of war.

This feeling was suffocating.

“Just-once!” Void Ancestors eyes narrowed after seeing the weapon.

“A dao lord sword.” The princess became serious as well.

Chen Cangsheng was still the successor of Daoist Sword Ground.

It wasnt surprising for him to have a dao lord weapon.

In reality, the princess status wasnt as prestigious as his.

She was only the disciple of an ancestor, not the successor of Nine-wheel Citadel.

Her ancestor gifted her the wheel while the sect decided that he had the right to keep a dao lord weapon.

“Just-once Dao Lords weapon.” An elder from Nine-wheel said.

Just-once was the third dao lord of Daoist Sword Ground.

The meaning behind the title was that one should never relent.

It was fine to fight and lose ninety-nine times before winning just once.

This was the mentality and creed of the sect; this dao lord was the perfect embodiment of this spirit.

“Come, Im ready.” Chen Cangshengs battle spirit surged like a tsunami, no longer looking gentlemanly like before.

A hint of pride and arrogance could be seen now.

It didnt matter how scholarly he appeared before.

The successor of this sect still had a wild side to him.

“Die then!” The princess roared and formed another mudra.

A circular void made of countless dao laws appeared, fully sealing Cangsheng.

Her artifact then appeared in front of his chest, on the verge of obliterating him.

“Its useless!” He shouted.

All of a sudden, his body seemed to be taken over by a war god.

He grew larger and muscular as he broke through the spatial confinement.

“Theres nothing I cant take down!” He swung his sword downward in a destructive manner.

It struck the wheel and sent it flying.

The princess caught it again but this time, it was her turn to stagger backward.

“One Against All!” Cangsheng seemed to be a different person, warlike and domineering.

His sword rays descended, aiming to pin the princess to the ground.

“Void Barrier!” The princess became alarmed after seeing this sword technique.

She used her sects secret technique and fused with space.

Meanwhile, the Void Child Wheel created layers of crystal barriers to protect her.

Nonetheless, the rays pierced through numerous layers and continued heading for her.


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