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The atmosphere became suffocating after the challenge.

The holy grounds reputation was at stake.

If no one dared to take on the scion here, the young generation of the holy ground would never be able to keep their head up high when seeing a member of Righteous Sect.

“I have already accepted your challenge and will not miss it for anything.” A pleasant voice replied.

The youths from the holy ground became excited right away after hearing this voice.

“Fairy Dugu!” Some couldnt help shouting.

Dugu Lan walked over while embracing her sword, looking like an ethereal fairy.

In reality, she was indeed a fairy in the youths eyes now, coming to save them from this mess.

The tense atmosphere was alleviated and people could breathe again.

At the very least and regardless of the outcome, at least there was someone willing to fight the scion at Minor Sacred Mountain.

The entire world wouldnt laugh at them for being cowards now.

Dugu Lan captivated all the male spectators due to her beauty and unique temperament.

She walked up the steps and faced the scion.

He looked respectfully at her and remarked: “You are worthy of the character, Fairy, a woman yet inferior to no man.

There are only one or two people who can compare to you in the entire holy ground.” 

Some felt proud to hear such a high evaluation from the scion, especially the students from Duality.

After all, she was the prized gem of their academy.

Nonetheless, others became embarrassed with a hint of bitterness within.

The holy ground had plenty of male geniuses yet ultimately, they had to let a girl face the scion alone.

They felt ashamed to let her bear the responsibility all alone.

Was there no one else who could fight the scion They thought of another - Li Qiye.

This was the only male in the young generation who could take on the scion.

However, there were mixed views on him.

Some admired his unfathomable mysteriousness.

Others looked down on him for being non-traditional.

More had no favorable impression or even hated him due to his lack of background, unlike other geniuses.

Moreover, he chose against helping the holy ground - this was the biggest reason for their distaste.

Dugu Lan showed no sign of complacency despite the praise.

She nodded and said: “Youre too kind, Scion.

Your eastward journey has been unstoppable, we have plenty of talents yet none are your opponents.

Your power is unbeatable.”

“Unbeatable Thats an overestimation.” The scion laughed and said: “Im nothing more than a famous brat.

The holy ground has numerous capable cultivators.

The existence of the young master alone shows how inadequate I am.” 

The scion clearly accepted his inferiority compared to Li Qiye.

This made people exchange glances.

On one hand, they should be happy to hear this but most remained silent.

“Hmph, so what if hes strong Its useless because he refuses to stand up for the holy ground.” One youth quietly complained.

“If that guy is so capable, he should be helping Fairy Dugu instead of letting her fight all alone, what a disgrace.” Another genius mumbled.

Some started cursing and chastising Li Qiye due to his refusal to fight the scion.

They thought that he chose disgrace instead of glory with his choice.

“The young master is a true dragon flying on the horizon, we cant reach him.” Dugu Lan smiled.

People were surprised to see her saying nice things about Li Qiye after he abandoned her.

“Fairy Dugu, youre the real pillar of the holy ground, powerful and benevolent.

Others cant compare to you.” One youth said, putting down Li Qiye in the process.

However, the scion and Dugu Lan ignored them.

There was a clear difference in level at work here.

“This will be the final day of my trip.” The scion said: “Being able to fight you will make it worthwhile, so please, lets start our duel.”

“Im sure Im not a match because you have learned four chapters out of the seven.

My merit laws cant compete.” She calmly said.

Her surrendering before the start of the battle took the crowd off guard and frustrated them.

Alas, this was understandable and they needed to accept reality.

The scion was simply too strong.

Nonetheless, Fairy Dugu spoke in a direct manner without finding it humiliating.

“Its all thanks to the wise sages.” The scion shook his head: “It doesnt mean that Im powerful.

If you had access to similar merit laws, you wouldnt be weaker than me.”


Though I know that Im not a match, I will wish to see your peerless merit laws.

Plus, a student of Duality still needs to fight before yielding.” She smiled.

“Good, I have heard great things regarding your sword dao.

I believe it is a peerless art passed down by an Immortal Emperor from the ancient era.

I would love to see it.” The scion happily responded.

“Im afraid to say that my comprehension of this peerless sword dao is at an elementary level, not enough to show its true might.

Plus, the great Immortal Emperor said that there is no strongest merit law, only strongest cultivators.”

“Wonderfully put.

Thats an Immortal Emperor for you.” The scion agreed.

Dugu Lan admitted that she had learned a legendary sword art during this conversation.

The scion was powerful and his seven chapters were magnificent.

However, he still called her sword dao “peerless”. 

“What kind of sword art is it” The experts nearby became curious.

“Can it be stronger than the seven chapters” Another wondered.


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