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One would be hard-pressed to find a more wasteful event than treating magical gem fruits as something for regular consumption.

“Chomp.” Li Qiye bit the last fruit before the astonished spectators.

“No, please stop!” The ancestor screamed while the rest became slack-jawed.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye was a quick eater and the fruit disappeared from sight.

Everyone felt their heart bleeding a little bit.

“Magical gem fruits…” One expert wanted to send Li Qiye flying since he had successfully enraged every cultivator present.

“Do you know how much wealth you had just eaten” The ancestor glared with indignation.

“Wealth The purpose of this fruit is for eating.” Li Qiye replied.

The ancestor tapped his forehead in exasperation, thinking that he was playing music to an ox.

This brat had no idea how precious the fruits were, truly an idiot.

However, one smart elder realized something; his eyes shifted back and forth.

He told Li Qiye: “Go get a few more fruits and my sect will make you our first disciple.

Well give you 300,000 primal stones and teach you our best arts…”

The ape showed zero aggression towards Li Qiye even though he had consumed its precious fruits.

Because of this, it seemed like obtaining more fruit was still possible.

The other experts eyes lit up after hearing this good idea, especially the ancestors.

If Li Qiye were to join their sect, this meant that all the fruits would be theirs as well.

“Not interested.” Li Qiye refused with a smile, stopping everyone else from offering.

They didnt expect him to say no to such a tempting offer without a second thought.

“Why not” An ancestor from a big sect couldnt help but say: “If you join my sect as the first disciple, youll certainly become famous and soar.

All you need to do is to pluck some fruits.”

“Do you sell your neighbors items” Li Qiye glanced dismissively at him: “Sounds like youre a thief.”

“You!” The ancestor had no response.

“What a strange response.” Teacher Du found Li Qiyes perspective to be bizarre.

“Its because Young Noble Li considers the beasts here to be his neighbors since he grew up here.

Thats why he has a deep relationship with them.

They live peacefully together so I guess the beasts share their things with him too.” Yang Ling said.

“Such a strange thing does happen.” Teacher Du stroked his chin and murmured.

He actually didnt believe this too much because chaos primal beasts werent that nice.

Weaker existences were nothing more than food in their eyes.

How could a weak woodchopper be friends with the beasts here Because they were neighbors

“Hes being foolish in my opinion.” Another student commented: “Even a fool knows what to do here.

He wont ever have a chance like this again.” 

Becoming a first disciple was a godsend opportunity, especially for those with weak cultivation or humble background.

However, Li Qiye actually refused this.

Thus, the majority of the crowd thought that he was stupid beyond cure.

His head must be different from everyone else, rending communication impossible.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye walked to Zhui Xueyuns front and said: “Kneel and bow three times.”

“You!” Xueyun turned red with rage.

All eyes were on him now.

Everyone nearly forgot about the bet earlier.

Xueyun said that he would bow three times if he were to lose.

This should have been impossible and Li Qiye should have been killed by the ape.

Xueyun needed to carry out his promise now.

He was in a tough predicament since people were staring at him.

His anger was unbearable for two reasons.

First, Li Qiye did what he couldnt so easily.

Second, the guy wanted him to kneel and bow Truly humiliating.

“It was just a joke, no need to take it seriously.” An elder from the Nightwalker Tribe tried to mediate.

“I dont treat my words frivolously.

Kneel now, dont waste my time.” Li Qiye responded.

Xueyuns expression became unsightly and red like a pigs liver.

He was a famous prodigy.

How could he kneel to a woodchopper in public 

“Dont push it, take one step back and everything will be fine.” Xueyun took a deep breath and said.

“Its your loss.

A man can handle losing instead of reneging.” Yang Ling interjected.

“Thats right, dont renege.” Other cultivators wanted to stir the pot.

This made it impossible for Xueyun to stop this.

Of course, the crowd knew that there was no way Xueyun would actually kneel in public.

“And if I dont Dont overestimate yourself, theres nothing you can do to me.

The weak are prey to the strong, be smart now.” Xueyun glared at Li Qiye.

This was a blatant threat.

Not only would he refuse to carry out the bet, but he might also kill Li Qiye.

Most found this contemptible but he was right - this world really belonged to the strong.

What could Li Qiye do His cultivation was too weak to do anything.

Further provoking the guy might end with death.

It was smarter to just let it end and leave this place as soon as possible.

“So shameless!” Yang Ling naturally took Li Qiyes side.

Unfortunately, she wasnt as strong as Xueyun either.

“Raa!” Suddenly, the dichromatic ape stood up and roared while loudly beating its chest.

When people regained their wits, they saw the ape standing near the Nightwalker experts.

The other beasts also surrounded this group.

Their bestial auras engulfed the area like a terrible storm, rendering others breathless.

“Shit, the ape is going crazy.” The spectators ran far away, not wanting to be crushed to pieces by the great ape.

Those trapped inside were naturally scared out of their mind.


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