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The mass consisting of mainly young cultivators followed Bai Jianchan into the park.

Female cultivators were crazy, wanting to make it to the front in order to be as close to him as possible.

The park was large enough but it seemed crowded now due to the sudden influx.

Bai Jianchan did indeed come for a divine stone.

He patiently strolled the area in search of a suitable one.

The mass followed him with loving eyes.

The girls found each of his actions to be so beautiful and immaculate.

“Young Lord Bai will definitely be able to comprehend one.” Many had complete confidence in him.

“Yes, no one else among the young generation can do better.” A noble daughter stared at Jianchans handsome face with nothing but adoration.

“Well, Li Qiye comprehended a divine stone not long ago.” A bitter male cultivator quietly said.

“Bah!” The noble daughter instantly retorted: “He was just a lucky bastard, that doesnt count.”

“Yes, a blind cat coming across a dead mouse, thats all.

Young Lord Bai will actually comprehend one.” A saintess from an ancient ground said with disdain.

“Stop comparing that nobody to Young Lord Bai, his crappy stone is nothing.” Another girl immediately denounced Li Qiye.

The male cultivator earlier got saliva all over him so he knew better than to speak again.

His bitter peers felt the same way.

If they dared to say anything offensive regarding Bai Jianchan, these girls would immediately jump on them.

Eventually, Bai Jianchan found a suitable stone and sat down in front of it to meditate.

“Quiet down, lets not bother Young Lord Bai.” The girls became orderly and stopped others from disturbing him.

The jealous guys didnt say anything either despite their surging jealousy.

To go against Bai Jianchan right now was awfully unwise.

Just his fans alone could drown them with saliva from all the insults.

A few experts and ancestors from the previous generation became curious as well regarding his ability to comprehend a divine stone here.

“Theres a big chance given his talents.” One high elder said: “No one else has a dual inborn talents like him, maybe once every million years.

Moreover, hes an erudite learner with powerful cultivation.”

His friends agreed with this assessment.

It was impossible to find another youth superior to Bai Jianchan in the north.

“Its not shameful at all to fail.” One ancestor smiled: “In history, geniuses at the same level as him have come and failed.

This applied to the ancestors in Ancestral City too.

Very few managed to do it.”

“True.” An old cultivator added: “Everyone loses eventually, its perfectly acceptable.

It might be a good thing too, bolstering the dao heart.”

The older cultivators stated their opinion, resulting in a rather neutral stance.

Success would be understandable and the same with defeat.

Days passed by during the enlightenment process.

People grew restless but Jianchan maintained a calm expression.

“Buzz.” One day, the stone finally had a reaction.

A beam shot to the sky, visible to most in Ancestral.

“Yes!” The girls cheered loudly, forgetting about their maiden image.

“What a god Young Lord Bai is.

He understood it.” A girl spoke with a flushed complexion, unable to contain her emotion.

“Who do you think he is Only the most perfect husband in our heart, this isnt a big deal at all.” One of them was fully infatuated with him.

“Young Lord Bai, that Li Qiye is finished with you as his opponent!” Another girl cheered, causing a huge uproar that could reach the firmament like a heatwave.

The jealous men had no choice but to accept Jianchans superiority in silence.

“Hes really the best in our generation.

So many tried and failed, not him.” One male youth had to admit.

No one in this generation has been able to do so with the exception of Li Qiye.

However, they didnt accept his achievement due to his method of a blood ceremony.

This could be attributed to luck.

As for Bai Jianchan, he relied purely on his abilities and power - something worthy of admiration.

He didnt linger around the park and returned to the city to meet with the ancestors.

Though the saintess had bluntly removed the engagement, the city still gave Jianchan a fair reception and took him in.

Not just anyone could see the ancestors of Ancestral.

Thus, the conversation between them remained private.

Powerful sects waited quietly; this created a somber atmosphere filled with unrest.

These big sects didnt want to see peace since it meant the war wouldnt start.

There would be no chance for them to take advantage of the situation and capture Li Qiye.

Nonetheless, they also didnt dare to incite trouble because that would be unwise.

“Wheres Li Qiye” This question came up because Li Qiye hasnt shown up recently.

“From what I know, he hasnt left the room after being treated as an honored guest.” A cultivator close with Ancestral divulged.

“I think hes afraid, definitely.

I would be scared too if Young Lord Bai was my enemy.” A female cultivator said.


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