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People couldnt help singing praises whenever Bai Jianchan was brought up.

Even the most prideful genius admitted inferiority.

He was the young lord of Yin Yang Gate but some believed that he had taken over several years ago.

However, dealing with administration wasnt his thing since he focused solely on comprehending the dao.

Nonetheless, he was no different than their sect master.

All the disciples listened to him; he also made decisions on important matters.

The only thing lacking was an official title.

Not only was he talented, but his cultivation was also considered the best among the young generation.

He has traveled the world recently and competed against other rivals.

At the start, many geniuses thought that he was too arrogant.

They came to challenge him and eventually became convinced by his skills after losing.

Losing was something foreign to him.

In fact, even some ancestors have competed against him before with regard to the dao.

They also thought highly of his comprehension and talents.

Theres no doubt that Young Lord Bai will become a dao lord in the future given his talents. People often heard this about Bai Jianchan, especially from those who have lost to him.

He had two innate gifts - true fate and dao physique.

Everyone in the north knew this.

Moreover, there was a rumor that his talents allowed him to meet the slumbering Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang.

For millions of years, Yin Yang had produced plenty of geniuses but only a selected few were lucky enough to see the sovereign.

One of them was the young Ancient Zen Dao Lord.

Now, it was Bai Jianchans turn.

Most importantly, the sovereign thought highly of him and taught him a physique art from the ancient era, allowing him to obtain an “immortal physique”.

This caused a huge wave across the northern West King.

Though the sovereign didnt personally train Bai Jianchan, just giving him that art carried plenty of significance.

Thus, most believed that he would be the second dao lord under the tutelage and protection of the sovereign.

This greatly increased his probability of becoming a dao lord.

He didnt let people down nor did he waste the precious resources of Yin Yang.

He reached the sacred level at such an early age, the youngest in the north.

“Bai Jianchan is here in person” Ancestral City was in a furor.

This was indicative of Bai Jianchans charisma and fame.

“This has to be a call for peace, right Yin Yang Gate is keeping such a low profile.” People noticed that Yin Yang was acting differently than Skylight and Firmaments with their ancient ancestors.

“It has to be about the engagement.” This became the next speculation.

“What drug did the saintess take to like someone so average like Li Qiye.

He doesnt deserve to carry Young Lord Bais shoes.” His fan scowled and said.

“True, I rather become the young lords concubine than marry that Li guy.” Many beauties shared this thought.

Being Jianchans concubine was more than enough for many of them.

“Buzz.” During sunrise today, chaos and yin yang opened the way for a portal right outside of Ancestral.

Images of deities making mudras and chanting mantras could be seen.

This paved a golden path capable of reaching the firmaments.

It looked supreme after being blessed by the deities.

Finishing this road could lead to the ultimate ascension.

A youth walked on this path, enjoying the blessings and empowerments of the deities.

He exuded immense divinity and a unique aura, seemingly the one chosen by heaven.

Handsome, bright eyes, sharp brows, heroic.

Each of his actions appeared transcending, above anyone else in Eight Desolaces.

He garnered attention wherever he went regardless of what he was doing - always the one in the spotlight.

“Young Lord Bai!” The spectators shouted.

The girls were affected the most.

Their background no longer mattered; all were mesmerized by him.

“I love you!” One noble daughter actually screamed in public.

“Hes so handsome, I cant believe it!” Most got closer in order to win his attention, shooting him gazes of love.

“Chosen by the heaven! Chosen by the heaven!” The crowd consisting of mostly women loudly cheered.

“Im so happy to see him.

As handsome as the rumors.” A girl from a big sect had hearts in her eyes.

The men were annoyed but they still came to greet him.

He took his time entering the city and smiled at the crowd, nodding at various people.

His style was charismatic and elegant, especially due to the divine blessings earlier.

People felt that he was peerless and supreme.

“He smiled at me, he actually smiled at me!” The girls started screaming more; their soul nearly left their body.

“He smiled at me too! Im about to faint, hold me!” A noble lady couldnt stop shouting in excitement.

His path was completely filled with people since they wanted to see him in person.

The girls were pushing and taking big risks in order to get closer to him.

He didnt meet the ancestors right away and chose to go to the stone park instead.

“Why is the young lord going there” Some were surprised to hear this.

“Maybe to comprehend the stones there He might be able to, given his talents.” One speculator said.

People agreed with this because Bai Jianchan should have the best chance out of anyone to win some stones.

“Dont forget, Li Qiye got a divine stone not long ago.

Bai Jianchan is clearly here with a competitive mindset.” An older cultivator took it further.

“A challenge, I see.” Others agreed with him.


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