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The saber master displayed fear despite being the focus of attention.

He truly wanted to start begging because this was human nature during a perilous crossroad.

However, he was famous and held a prestigious position.

His status and personal pride prevented him from doing so.

He eventually chose to unsheath his saber, albeit slowly and without confidence.

“Clank!” The blade and the sheath scraped on each other and released a long sound.

During this process, he felt his time and life passing away in an ephemeral manner.

“I have no choice but to risk it all since you have pushed me to the edge, Young Noble.” The saber master did everything he could to enunciate clearly and without any shakiness.

His hands grasping the hilt naturally trembled, hence the need for him to clench tighter.

All eyes were on him.

Of course, the spectators knew that it didnt matter whether he fought or not.

Struggling wouldnt change anything.

Nonetheless, no one would just sit idly by before death without attempting to resist.

“Go for it.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Die!” The saber master roared as loud as humanly possible in order to chase away his fear while letting out his rage.

The roar chased the clouds away, revealing a blue sky.

“Clank!” The saber slash poured down like a river of stars and immediately permeated across the area.

It had an effect chilling enough to reach the bones.

This pain resembled having a knife scraping on ones bones.

This was Xu Nans apex attack, quite formidable.

Most would sigh in awe after seeing it.

He was mighty indeed, hence his position at Yin Yang Gate.

Li Qiye also made his move in the next second, casually thrusting forward and aiming for the masters neck.

This move of his seemed weaker compared to the ferocious slash, whether it be in terms of profundity and momentum.

However, the flash also stopped everything again.

The saber masters gigantic slash and the river of stars pouring down disappeared.

Xu Nans eyes suddenly widened; muffled noises came from his mouth as if he was trying to scream but nothing would come out.

One drop of blood seeped out of his throat, looking gorgeous like a ruby reflecting the sunlight.

“Clank!” His saber fell to the ground.

“Bam!” He was next, causing dust to scatter everywhere. 

Blood finally streamed out of the wound after the dust settled.

His eyes were still wide open since he didnt accept this death.

Everyone became nervous despite expecting this result.

A hush fell upon the scene since Xu Nan couldnt stop a single sword thrust from Li Qiye.

He had ample time to use his strongest slash but this wasnt enough.

Then who else could actually stop Li Qiye Definitely not anyone here.

They would die just like ants before Li Qiye.

The atmosphere took a while to loosen.

The only survivor was Three Truths Sect Master who was still stuck beneath the golden dragon.

This cultivator was renowned and prestigious with few peers in the region.

 He was ashen by this point, having lost all hope.

The only desire he had left was dying - this was obvious to all spectators.

Death was salvation.

Surviving like this meant reliving the nightmares over and over again, truly a torturous fate.

Ping Suoweng himself sighed emotionally after seeing the teary old man.

They have been enemies for so long and fought numerous times.

Through this, they gained a deep understanding of each other. 

Of course, he wouldnt beseech Li Qiye on the guys behalf because he knew that his sect wouldnt have been shown mercy.

“Kill me so I can go keep them company.” Three Truths Sect Master murmured.

There was no way for him to make up for his mistakes.

He could only accompany the rest of his sect down in the Yellow River now.

“As you wish.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his hand.

“Pop!” The golden dragon stomped down and reduced the sect master to a bloody mist scattering to the wind.

A sect master had just ended without a grave - a rather sad fate.

Meanwhile, the audience had a hard time taking in the events today.

Three Truths came prepared and lived up to their power, determined to take down Divine Black.

Many thought that they would have succeeded too.

No one expected Li Qiye to handle the problems alone and massacred the enemies.

The whole thing seemed like a legend.

“Young Master, youre forever invincible!” The members of Divine Black regained their wits and immediately showed their respect by getting on their knees.

Their chants echoed across the area.

Many had tears streaming down as they bowed.

They were ready to die earlier but Li Qiye managed to save them.

“Even the return of their patriarch or dao lord wont be more than this.” One spectator said.

Some realized that Li Qiyes status in Divine Black has become comparable to the sects founder and South Conch Dao Lord.

Li Qiye only glanced briefly at them before returning to his room.

The rest maintained their pose for a long time before standing up.

“The suns back.” One of them happily shouted.

“Were still alive!” The anxiety was finally gone since nothing was left of their enemies.

They would never forget about today.

“These territories will need to be redrawn soon.” Meanwhile, a spectator concluded with a sigh.

They were sure that more areas would be under the jurisdiction of Divine Black.

They needed to prepare for it.

“Watch what youre saying.” His friend said, still afraid of Li Qiyes power.


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