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Li Qiyes insipid attitude infuriated Zhan Hu since he hated the guy acting cool the most as if nothing in this world could move him.

It exuded contempt and disdain as if all others were mere ants.

In a sense, this would be acceptable if Li Qiye was an amazing genius or a supreme character.

Unfortunately, the guy had the worst talents possible for cultivation.

He had nothing to back up his attitude.

This made Zhan Hu truly want to slap or stomp on the guy, forcing him to see reality and how insignificant he was.

The guy was courting death for acting haughty in front of Zhan Hu.

“Im under the order of the peak lord to bring them back to the hall.

Theyll stay there and train from now on.

Also, instructing without permission is now forbidden in Jade Bird.

Anyone who tries to go against this will be punished.”

The children stopped and stared at Li Qiye.

They rather stayed here with him because they could feel something different while training Tortoise Fist.

“Ask them if they want to go back with you.” Li Qiye said.

Zhan Hu stared at the children and saw them shaking their head repeatedly.

“No, we want to study Tortoise Fist with the young master.” One frightened child said.

“Yes, we rather stay here to learn Tortoise Fist.” The others claimed.

Zhan Hus expression soured.

This was akin to slapping him on the face.

“Idiots.” An outsider saw this and found it inconceivable.

“Hmph, the peak lords good intentions are viewed as malice.

So blind.” One demon uttered coldly: “Just forget about them, let them do whatever.”

“Its not up to you, the peak lord has ordered for you all to return or face severe punishment in accordance with the sects guideline.” Zhan Hu said coldly.

The children became startled and stared at Li Qiye.

“They will stay here.

Dont make me repeat myself.” Li Qiye stated his intention, ready for some suicidal dissenters.

“So haughty! Youre a nobody here in Jade Bird, its not up to you to make orders.

Youre not the young master here but even if you are, youll need to follow my order in Jade Bird!” Zhan Hus eyes turned cold.

Li Qiye got tired of wasting his breath on this guy and didnt respond.

“Take them away, punish anyone who stands in the way.” Zhan Hu glared at Li Qiye.

He was eager to teach Li Qiye a lesson and show him the cruel reality of this world.

Of course, his goal was different from Zhang Yue.

Zhang Yue simply wanted the children to not waste their time but Zhan Hu was fixated on dealing with Li Qiye.

The two had no real grievances but as the First Brother of Jade Bird, Zhan Hu couldnt tolerate his authority being challenged repeatedly by a piece of trash like Li Qiye.

The disciples from the disciplinary group surrounded the children.

One member uttered: “Dont make us force you now.”

“Stop!” A thunderous roar erupted as Fuyou entered the scene.

“Hmph!” Zhan Hu didnt like this at all.

He believed that Li Qiyes backer was Liu Fuyou. If Fuyou wasnt a senior, he would definitely challenge the guy to a fight.

“Junior Uncle Liu, youre right on time.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can say to change this.

Dont worry about the business of Jade Bird.” He said.

The listeners nearby exchanged glances.

This has become another conflict between humans and demons.

Zhan Hu was the First Brother of Jade Bird on top of being Iron Rod Demon Kings son.

On the other hand, Fuyou was a disciple of Mountainbearer King. 

Ordinary disciples wouldnt dare to get involved in this mess so some of them quietly retreated.

“Of course Senior Brother Zhang can take care of Jade Birds matters.

However, from today on, the children from Liu are no longer disciples of Jade Bird.

They have been chosen by Eight Zhang.” Fuyou said flatly.

The listeners didnt expect this.

The four other peaks would always pick members of Jade Bird since the latter served as the starting place for newcomers.

Jade Bird would have their own picks while the rest was up for grab.

The ones not chosen would continue to stay in Jade Bird.

However, the four peaks had a high standard when selecting disciples in this manner.

Normally, it would only take place after the examination.

Thats why this sudden selection took everyone by surprise.

Nonetheless, the older ones found it reasonable.

The children from Liu should be together.

Solidarity could help their future cultivation path.

Plus, Fuyou would naturally take them there in due time, being from the same village and all.

“Words alone arent enough evidence for this matter, Junior Uncle Liu.” Zhan Hu scowled, no longer showing respect to a senior, only pride.

“This is a decision from our peak lord, feel free to report it to Senior Brother Zhang.” Fuyou calmly took out a scroll and handed it to Zhang Hu.

Zhang Hu opened the scroll and sure enough, this was an order from Mountainbearer King.

He couldnt stop this any longer, not even Zhang Yue.

This was in accordance with the rules of Divine Black.

The only exception would have been if Zhang Yue had already chosen the children as official disciples of Jade Bird.

“Hmph!” Zhang Hu gestured for the disciplinary members to leave.

He glared at the children then at Li Qiye.

“So what if theyre chosen by Eight Zhang They still wont amount to anything while training this Tortoise Fist.

Trash will be trash.” He sneered.

The children naturally didnt take this public humiliation in stride.

Alas, he was the First Brother on top of being far stronger.

There was nothing they could do.

“Give them a few years and theyll be able to knock your teeth out with just Tortoise Fist.” Li Qiye finally looked at him for the first time.

“What did he just say” The listeners became astounded.

“We misheard him, right” Another murmured.

“Arrogant fool, who do you think you are to run your mouth like this!” A demon disciple immediately shouted.

Liu Fuyou himself smiled wryly, speechless.

“Hahahaha!” Zhan Hus anger turned into laughter.

This was the most hilarious thing he had ever heard: “Them using the Tortoise Fist can knock out my teeth”

How could he not be angry He might not be the most talented in Divine Black but was still among the top three.

Moreover, his bloodline was exceptional, certainly superior to these brats.

This was before mentioning his cultivation at the conqueror level.

How could these brats use Tortoise First and take him down Thus, Li Qiyes statement could only be construed as utter disrespect.


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