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“Boom!” The spear thrust and the Buddhist seal struck each other, resulting in a shockwave strong enough to blow both the war god and the Buddha flying.

Meanwhile, the five dao of the masters have been twisted like a fried dough by Li Qiye.

This chaos ruined the harmony of the five elements.

“Boom!” The power of these dao exploded, creating a terrible black hole in the sky.

This five-element dao should have been unstoppable but their mutual antagonization resulted in a terrible consequence.

The five masters were blown flying by their own technique; some slammed and destroyed mountains along the way.

All seven experts were defeated in the blink of an eye by their own attacks, not Li Qiye.

In this process, Li Qiye simply used negligible movements, nothing more.

Jaws rightfully dropped to the ground.

People couldnt believe their eyes at all, thinking that this was just a dream or some devilish arts.

How could he easily defeat the seven masters by just waving his hand or taking a few steps No one would believe this story without seeing it in person.

“Are we in a fairy tale Or is it some kind of magic” An ancestor said in a daze.

The powerful ancestors were just as lost as the others.

They witnessed the act in person but couldnt understand it.

An old Everlasting shook his head: “Its neither.

This is a force called Apogee.

He can do whatever he wants on a whim, exerting the tiniest effort to perform world-destruction.

Its absolute control.”

This Everlasting was strong enough to recognize Li Qiyes technique.

He knew that this was a profound dao existing at the apex.

One needed to learn this force in order to stand at the peak.

Of course, the ones who could see this became astounded.

They knew that only an exceedingly powerful progenitor would have this power.

However, Immortal Lineage didnt have a third progenitor.

No one has heard of this before yet Li Qiye possessed the power of one.

This made the Everlastings very afraid.

No wonder why he stood on the same level as Orchid Sage earlier.

He had enough power to do so.

They realized that there was a third progenitor now in Immortal Lineage - Fiercest.

“Boom!” The seven rushed up again and assumed their initial position.

They didnt suffer serious injuries, only looking to be in a sorry state.

Moreover, they became the top dogs of this generation after numerous battles.

This wasnt their first time losing in this manner.

“So strong.” One of the five masters from cloud peak praised.

He realized that this was the most powerful foe he has ever faced.

They sincerely admired their mortal foes power.

“Its too late to know that now.

Theres no medicine for regrets.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The five masters took a deep breath after hearing this.

The casual words seemed to be the heaviest things in the world pressing down on their chest.

Resistance seemed futile in this situation.

Alas, the seven knew that they had no other choice.

The only thing that could happen right now was either them dying or Li Qiye.

“Im still going to take a bite out of you even if youre stronger!” The war god remained ferocious; his battle intent was still as sharp as a divine spear.

Like he said, he knew that he might die today but still didnt give a damn, only wanting to take a bite out of Li Qiye.

“A bite out of me First, survive this one move then talk.” Li Qiye chuckled before posing with both hands.

Dragon raising its head.

An extremely simple technique known by everyone.

The majority of beginners in many systems would start by learning this move.

People didnt expect this at all.

They assumed that an invincible character like Li Qiye would use a peerless technique or forbidden art.

Who would have thought that he would use such an elementary form

Holyfrost Emperor felt the same way.

She had witnessed his unbeatable punch before.

It left an indelible impression with its sure-kill property.

She wanted to see another technique on the same level, not this elementary move.

In fact, even a junior would laugh at their foe for attempting this move in actual combat, let alone the seven masters.

However, these seven immediately put on their toughest defensive lines after seeing Li Qiyes movements.

“Amitabha.” Brightking Buddhas kasaya exuded boundless light along with hymns.

A kingdom appeared with 30,000,000 chanting monks.

Buddhas were forming seals and chanting scriptures on this holy land.

He seemingly disappeared, replaced by this holy kingdom - virtually impossible to penetrate.

“Clank.” The war gods progenitorial armor also exuded a flood-like aura.

His whole form consolidated and roots seemed to be connecting him to the ground.

Divine walls started erecting in front of him, serving as the strongest barriers.

Meanwhile, the five masters became ethereal, no longer existing in this domain.

However, the strongest Everlastings could see that they were building multiple dimensions on top of each other.

This was a defensive technique utilizing the fabrics of space and time, turning these two affinities into the strongest fortress.

One must break through these barriers before reaching them.

This incorporeal defense was far stronger than physical ones.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye began and the world trembled as a result.

This simplest technique under his display became profound and unstoppable.

Each minute transformation turned into a supreme dao chapter.

“Raa!” One could hear a true dragon roaring.

How could this still be an elementary move

Heaven and earth became slaves to its movements.

The stars must circle around this beast.

The dragon was only raising its head yet everyone saw an illusion of a new world being given birth in the primordial chaos.

This head raise allowed for all things to exist.

Without this movement, no living beings would be alive.

There would be no flow of time, no boundless space, and no dao power.

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