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“Is there a mistake” One crowd member regained his wits and wondered.

The auctioneer put on a solemn expression before she responded: “Esteemed guest, do not worry.

Our enterprise has maintained a golden reputation for millions of years.

The elders of the branch have carefully deliberated before coming up with a winner for the final auction.

There is no mistake here.”

People pondered quietly after hearing this.

She was right - Arrogance Enterprises reputation was immaculate, to say the least, leaving no room for doubts.

Just think about it, people even left ancestral weapons here for auctions.

Plus, countless emperors and progenitors have dealt with Arrogance Enterprise before.

This trust and reputation have been solidly cemented with time.

They wouldnt throw their legacy away over one treasure.

Its not like they needed to do so.

“Then what did Billionaire Li bid” One person finally cracked, unable to contain their curiosity.

The enterprise certainly had reasons for picking him as the winner.

“Right, what is it” People began asking.

Creek Kings offer was emptying and virtually priceless.

However, Li Qiye won out in the end.

What could actually beat the promise of a progenitor No one could come up with an answer.

“As Young Noble Li had said, the world shouldnt know but it is definitely unmatched.

No one else can beat it.” The auctioneer smiled.

People exchanged glances.

This statement sounded arrogant but it had to be the truth.

The result proved everything.

Of course, they still wanted to know the answer.

Unfortunately, Arrogance Enterprise was responsible for keeping this a secret so they stopped asking, knowing the futility.

Right now, they turned towards Li Qiye with curious eyes.

They felt that he was too heaven-defying, to actually be able to beat Luminous Master.

His background must be unfathomable.

The top emperors such as Supreme felt that they wouldnt have been able to do it despite their strong backing.

Just who was this man then

“Fellow Daoist Li, you are a hidden master indeed.

When you have time in the future, please visit Immortal Bronze Mountain.

My husband and I welcome you.” Creek Kings pleasant voice sounded.

Some praised her for being benevolent and special.

Though they were competitors, she still remained polite and welcoming.

Everyone just needed a woman like her as their wife and wouldnt ask for anything else in life.

At the same time, a few were shaken.

To be received by Luminous Master and Creek King Not many were qualified to have this honor.

“I will if I have time.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

“Ill be waiting.” Creek King said before leaving.

Her maids by the palace entrance left as well.

“Thank you, everyone, for participating and making this a great auction.” The auctioneer thanked the guests.

This was definitely a successful auction, partly because of big spenders like Li Qiye and Tang Ben.

Arrogance Enterprises profit far exceeded its initial calculation.

Most left happier than when they came in.

They managed to see the invincible emperors and Everlastings - masters whom they would never see otherwise.

Moreover, they also saw plenty of incredible treasures, broadening their horizon as a result.

They witnessed the world of the rich as well, such as Tang Ben.

The sect masters here felt they were impoverished in comparison.

Then, when taking into account Billionaire Li, Tang Ben was but a country pumpkin.

They realized that their wealth was nothing in comparison, just enough for food and clothes.

The majority left empty-handed but they were perfectly fine with it.

They could tell their family or juniors about the event, the characters and treasures they have seen, and most importantly, a billionaire who threw money away…

As the crowd dispersed, certain people came to see Li Qiye.

“Fellow Daoist Li, come visit us when you have time.” Supreme True Emperor bowed towards Li Qiye and smiled.

Some of the experts became envious.

They werent qualified to see emperors yet these fellas were coming down to invite Li Qiye.

“To High Sun I heard it has some good items, well think about it.” The black bull answered instead.

Supreme nodded in response: “Its not mine alone, I only have a tiny straw house next to the pavilion.

It would be my pleasure, Fellow Daoist Li and Sir Bull.”

“If we have time, sure.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The emperor nodded again before leaving in a cool manner.

“Hehee, Boss, nice to meet you.” Tang Ben ran over and looked very enthusiastic.

“And” Li Qiye said.

“Your wealth is something else.

How about we become sworn brothers and use our money to sweep through Immortal Lineage Well be unstoppable, the two richest men in the world.” Tang Ben smiled.

“Not interested.” Li Qiye responded.

“An alliance is fine but brat, you have to hand all of your possessions over to me.

I will carefully watch over them for you.” The black bull stared intensely at Tang Ben.

“Well…” Tang Ben didnt feel safe under this gaze.

This prodigal son could tell who was good or bad.

This bull was definitely up to no good.

“You dare to say no to me” The bull became aggressive.


Sir, I just spent all of my money earlier, wait until I get more, okay” Tang Ben instantly fled after saying this.

“Little bastard thinks hes so rich.

As if I would rob him.” The bull became awfully unhappy.

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