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Chapter 2875: Three-eyed Prodigy

“Let’s go kill that evil thing for you.

I’m waiting to see why Desolate Saint left something like this behind.” Li Qiye told the bull after they left the valley.

“Perfect, I’ll lead the way.” The bull excitedly said.

“Looks like Desolate Saint didn’t like you back then.” Li Qiye said.

“Hmph, he stole my Sacred Mountain and racked his brains to leave so many schemes and seals.

Otherwise, I would have killed that evil thing long ago and take it back.” The bull forced a smile.

“Sacred Mountain is probably not yours.” Li Qiye replied.

“It’s not his either.” The bull responded: “Why should he alone monopolize such a great mountain and bring it here It belongs to us too.”

“Because his fist is larger, that’s all.” Li Qiye said.

This logic shut the bull up only for a split moment.

It remained indignant: “Isn’t he a saint Always bragging about saving people and spewing crap about virtues.

His virtue didn’t win me over, pah, he’s just a hypocrite!”

“If it was me, I would just take you down with one punch.

I’m stronger, what are you going to do about it” Li Qiye said.

The bull gave up this time, lowering its head while murmuring: “Sir, you don’t self-proclaim to be virtuous, unlike that faker who said one thing and did another.”

“Perhaps.” Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head: “However, the world is the one praising him, not himself.

Desolate Saint doesn’t care about their views and opinions of him at all.” 

He paused for a bit while gazing towards the horizon: “What he’s trying to save is not the world, just himself.

He’s proving to himself the conviction in his dao heart, that’s all.”

“He didn’t need to prove anything to himself.

Only time and perseverance can.” The bull eventually said.

“You’re right.” Li Qiye replied: “Though you’re just a charcoal bull, you have understood this point.

Yes, persevering is the best and only way, it’s not about protecting anyone else, only oneself.

It’s not about proving anything either.

A determined dao heart is just that, there’s no point trying to prove it.”

“Remember, I’m a handsome bull.” The bull remained unhappy with this terrible nickname.

“Let’s forget about the past and see what Desolate Saint was like when he was immersed in the light.” Li Qiye looked towards the distance and smiled.

The bull pondered and nodded.

It was a very heaven-defying creature that has been stuck here for a long time.

It usually slumbered but still had a pretty good grasp of what was going on.

Unfortunately, trouble came and interrupted them from killing the evil entity.

“Boom!” The entire sky trembled once, seemingly crushed.

A foot crushed the myriad laws and suppressed the grand dao.

One person appeared above Li Qiye and the bull.

It felt as if a divine mountain was blocking their path.

No one could get through him.

He looked to be in high spirits.

His temperament was peerless and dominating.

Everyone else seemed weak in comparison.

The third eye on his forehead was still close yet golden strings of light still escaped.

They could see through and penetrate all else to the horror of his foes.

Three-eyed Prodigy was his title.

“Why is this brat here” The bull found this strange.

A half-step Everlasting was mighty, just not to the bull.

“You’re Li Qiye!” The youth aggressively shouted.

“Do you know anyone else with that name around If not, then you got the right guy.” Li Qiye looked around and joked.

“Good, I’ve been looking for you so that I can teach you a lesson!” The youth uttered coldly with an air of superiority.

His haughtiness was understandable, being so strong at a young age.

His talents and potential were virtually unmatched in this generation.

The most brilliant in this generation was no one other than Luminous Master.

However, Luminous Master was probably not much stronger than him at the same age.

It was impossible for this youth to not be arrogant after accomplishing so much.

“Teach me a lesson, huh We have a feud between us” Li Qiye smiled.

“I don’t need a reason to teach you a lesson.” The youth claimed.

“You doing this on someone else’s behalf” Li Qiye said: “Then you’re being used as cannon fodder.

How interesting, a half-step Everlasting being taken advantage of.”

“Utter rubbish!” The prodigy shouted first but he found this improper.

He calmed down and snorted: “You have no idea what you’re saying.

I am peerless in this generation, no one dares to make me their pawn!”

The youth lacked the maturity and steadiness of a half-step due to his age, answering like a naive child.

“Then why are you here to look for me I’m sure you have only heard of my name recently.” Li Qiye chuckled.


I heard you were disrespectful towards Spiritheart True Emperor.

I am here to teach you a lesson on her behalf.” The youth scowled.

“Spiritheart” Li Qiye looked closely at the youth.

“What are you looking at! Speak! Is it true” The youth didn’t like the invasive stare.

“Young one, early love is not good.

In my opinion, it looks like you have an older-sister fetish.

I guess little boys like mature women, especially the gentle ones… this seems…” 

“What the hell are you talking about!” The youth’s divinity exploded.

Even some of the behemoths nearby ran from fear.

“I will cut your tongue if you spout nonsense again.” His relatively childish face changed into annoyance.

“I’m just saying.” Li Qiye shrugged: “Why are you rushing to deny it so fast Very suspicious.” He smirked after finishing.

“Shut up!” The prodigy’s expression became stern: “A true emperor stands at the apex of the dao and is respected by all.

You are being disrespectful towards one, this is something scorn by everyone else in the world.

I will have to teach you how to respect others then!”

“That’s the real reason you’re here” Li Qiye acted surprised.

“Yes, I will do it in your seniors’ stead.” The prodigy coldly uttered.

“Okay, then next time when I see Spiritheart True Emperor, I will apologize to her.” Li Qiye waved his hands and acquiesced.

The prodigy didn’t expect this response from Li Qiye.

He heard that this guy was very fierce.

He flirted with the emperor and looked down on everyone else.

Now, the guy recognized his mistakes and chose to listen, catching the prodigy completely off guard.


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